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  1. Someone ported P.O.W.? neat! So i heard. Hmm... I wonder what douchebag did that?
  2. Now if we can just get a new release of Chankast and UltraHLE (with the original author), I'd be having a field day. lol
  3. lol! So I went ahead and killed everyone that's posted in this thread so far: iq_132 -0 -1 - kenshiro - -30 -0 0h 55m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 XxHellsFuryxX -30 -0 0h 55m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 Cospefogo -30 -0 0h 55m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 + T + -30 -0 0h 55m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 fumanchu -30 -0 0h 55m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 gavin19 -75 -0 0h 56m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 fosamax -30 -0 0h 56m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 Bonus JZ -30 -0 0h 57m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 bulge2 -30 -0 0h 57m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 BritneysPAIRS -33 -0 0h 57m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 Knocks -30 -0 0h 58m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 BritneysPAIRSisaGOD -30 -0 0h 59m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 Garcimak -30 -0 0h 59m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 Wugy -30 -0 0h 59m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 dr99 -30 -0 0h 59m Frag (0) iq_132 -0 -1 RMM -30 -0 0h 59m Frag (0) However, I think Kenshiro and I are going to make it up to you soon.
  4. This forum has a game called the "attack system." You can attack other users and kill them.
  5. When did sreetfighter become emulated on xbox? it dosent even play on mameox128plus without the 128mb ram upgrade. yes iq do tell. We would like to get in on this goodnes. I have capcom classics 2 but i want to play as it was meant to be played with virtual quarters baby! HF- I donno.
  6. San Diego? I'd guess again. It's either S.D. or London. I didn't figure you would have made a trip all the way to the U.K. since you can't seem to take a break from work for even a day.
  7. Wearing a coat in San Diego. What a douche.
  8. I really hope so. A Chicago-style dog isn't sh*t without, at least, some chili.
  9. Nope, but I did hear hot dog. Doesn't that look tasty? A pepper and a pickle. Interesting. That thing needs some chili, Sauerkraut, and sweet relish.
  10. That second picture is ridiculously hot. ^^
  11. Next time please don't send me nude pictures of you lol. Hey! You know you liked them!
  12. Someone's already posted a binary on in the comments on Barry's site.
  13. http://www.barryharris.me.uk/article_view.php?id=98
  14. Dodonpachi 2, maybe, but atm it's not working correctly... even in MAME. Kov2, no way. Unless someone's got a decently fast arm7 cpu core, it would run like ass on xbox (not that some amazing programmer couldn't prove me wrong in the future -- stranger things have happened...).
  15. It'd be worth a try and you'd definitely have to make use of fba-xxx's VMM code to do it. The only thing that would worry me is that the PGM is twice as powerful as the Neo-Geo --I'm not entirely sure that the hdd can stream data fast enough to keep up with what's being put on the screen. btw, check your PM box on NeoSource,
  16. Hmm. I hadn't thought of that. ^^ I'll have to scrounge around to see if I can find anything that's the right size/voltage/etc.
  17. So... I just bought a Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and more than a dozen games for $10 from a friend. The only problem I've run into is that the Genesis doesn't work! The red power LED does come on, and the screen goes black (from static). I'm using a standard RF adapter (I know, it's crap, but it's what I've got ATM), and have tried checking to see if the games are actually running and it's just not outputting video (by checking the sound via the headphone jack). It's a standard USA Model 1 Genesis: Model No. 1601, I'm using the proper power supply for it -- MK-1602. I've tried multiple cartridges, checked the cartridge connector on the PCB, and traced a few of the lines. The only questionable thing I've seen is a discoloration on the lines around IC4. I know an e-bay/amazon/whatever one is cheap, but I really hate to see old hardware get scrapped (I cobbled two Atari 2600s together for this reason). Anyway, I guess my question is -- any advice on what to try and get this little beastie running?
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