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  1. well I beat it yesterday.. all I can say is.. can't wait til the next ep is out. Ok I'll share my moments:
  2. glad you took my idea not only that.. we got the same aftermarket cooler hehe.. btw.. just be sure to have some artic silver 5 handy
  3. so 4 episodes.. of 4-6 hours of gameplay x $19.99 hmmm thats around 16-24 hours for $80? lol.. what a strategic way Valve made money off of us hehe.. well w/e.. if it's good, it's worth my money.
  4. " A State of Trance episode 233 " by Armin Van Buuren (126:12)
  5. Haven't you seen the South Park where Kenny tries to do that, and the flames go up his butt? That's dangerous, man! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was thinking the reaction would occur the way Beavis's dad did it (from the Beavis and Butthead movie).
  6. or gmail (name@gmail.com).. it always works for me since they dont accept only yahoo, hotmail
  7. I aim for a rather futuristic, techno like musik.. take Deus Ex soundtrack for example. Really works great and I enjoy taking my time through the level.
  8. man.. you know I was just at K-mart today early morning, and no one seems to be around at one of the iles so I released it there, then I circle around the ile to another then come back and I can still smell it.. wtf
  9. Anime! Love Hina (teh BEST) Shingetsutan Tsukihime FLCL (how can you not like Teh Pillows?) GITS:SAC/2nd GiG Da Capo 1st/2nd season Honey and Clover Fullmetal Alchemist Bleach game: Katamari Damashiii / we love katamari (cheaaaah) GTA:VC Tekken tag tourney Soul calibur series FFVII / X Super smash bros melee chrono trigger/chrono cross Suikoden series Silent Hill series SamHo series Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Beatmania series DDR series DanceMania series Bust-A-Groove 1/2 Legend of Zelda OOT/MM Love Hina: Smile Again Marvel Super Heroes MSH vs. SF SF Alpha/Zero series I still left out alot btw.. can a mod please move this to the anime sexction or CA
  10. how can you not have an ISP email anymore? see you are only if you are freeloading broadband or if yer on free dial-up, and even that, you should get an account. Call yer ISP and confirm that yer a customer, should able you to get a new account even if yer old is still there left forgotten or w/e.
  11. describe your natural habits on how you release yer phumes! well I know I did it many times, but I prefer doing it when no one's around me. but hey, it's reasonable to fart when you have to because it's bad for yer health if you hold it in. so yeah I like doin it quietly in the crowd of people if I had to.. and you?
  12. and soon they find out I have telekenesis power...
  13. I would suggest just pry out the stock heatsink/fan and replace it with an aftermarket cooler. You will see great results.
  14. so the game is avaliable both retail and on steam. consider it's only $19.99, for around more than 10 hours of solo campaign, this is worth it.
  15. I don't care if you disagree with me.. but anything that utilize the HL2 engine is a must play. and fyi, I finished it and this game deserve a better higher score. If it's bug free, longer solo campaign, multiplayer, others.. would definitley deserve a perfect score or near perfect like HL/HL2. oh and I agree with most of you above. I had alot more fun than HL2 for one thing.. the fire fights are just bloody fun, exploding gore, blood splashing, etc. especially during over 5 enemies at once (love it when they come in groups). The level design never gets boring, it's always different no redundancy, and damn good level design as mentioned. Yes it maybe a short game (I felt like I finished it in 4 hours), and leave us hanging for more. But the next ep isn't long until's out. And best of all, this helps keep me busy until the new HL2 expansion is out.
  16. a god's gift! however, I just sent $10 to shoryuken by paypal.. and twiggy.. I suggest you do the same! and the rest who downloaded it. It's fair (still.. it's a steal) at least, and the money goes toward this year upcoming evo.
  17. oh man.. just count! 14 mins of making of the silent hill movie: http://media.putfile.com/On-The-Set-Of-Silent-Hill
  18. http://www.hedonistica.com/flash.php?path=...swf&h=400&w=550 this thing defies my patience.. just wait til you get to level 11 hehe
  19. anyone pick up this game yet? been trolling the elder scroll community, hardforums, etc..so far most claim this to be the best rpg ever O_O someone who has it and played it for an hour or two... please post your impressions of your play so far, what config/spec did you play it on, and what fps did you get on what settings, etc is appreciable. *sigh* I'll have to upgrade very damn soon, I really wanted all the whistles and bells, not to mention HDR enable.. this 6800gt (256) I have now won't prolly do good at 1024x768 high setting without any stutter... well.. this blows! *whipe tears and go back to playin call of cthulhu*
  20. http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-ouch17.html flocking nuts
  21. damn.. they need to make this movie a long one..and I mean really, taking bits by bits from all 3 massive stories ain't a good thing. They should develope a good plot, by means able to take good detail elements from all 3 games to make this movie worthwhile.
  22. More goodness - http://game41.web.infoseek.co.jp/movie/gam...060205sf3_5.wmv nice.. just love that motoko cross ups, it's very tense.. and great use of overhead attacks.. all in all, good motoko! http://game41.web.infoseek.co.jp/movie/gam...060205sf3_6.wmv It's like a chain.. hugo was way pressured by yun then yun was pressured by urien.. there was a nice ground cross up during the first urien fight. More over... someone finally in a long damn while make damn good use of the urien taught at an attack. Oh.. and at the end of the video.. It's too good... just too good.
  23. YOU ARE TRAASH.. YOU ARE TRAAAAASHHHH! LoloLOlolol ( I just had to do it ;p) but seriously.. it would've been the worst if she lands perfect on you, tell me she didn't? more over.. did she ever parry your moves? if she scrub thats a different story.. but if she really plays fo real (play smart, knowing how to parry or use moves/super at the right time), you lost your fighting pride son O_O;
  24. this deserved a thread !! http://game41.web.infoseek.co.jp/movieroom.htm Crazy matches.. these japs are damn flocking good intense fighters, they play smart, yes very smart.. but worst of all.. they dont miss a single combo, just flocking damn. My comments on 3S: MAD props to the 12 and hugo player.. and sean as well. Did I mentioned Hugo as well?.. it's.. wow.. just wow. ooh and Dudley has become overrated! I'm telling it cuz it is NGBC: I laugh at Neo Dio and his poking, oh and K' was nice KOFXI: video #7 - that is.. something unexpected, never thought Oswald would rape like that.. has that dudley feeling when he clip in the corner.
  25. the hell, if this doesn't earn a huge " wtf " award, nothing will. Hmm or maybe the baby was just born badly iono. discuss..
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