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  1. Wow just wow: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/02/13/dwave_quantum/
  2. " Creeper " by Schwarz Stein Album: Artificial Hallucination Genre: jap ebm / darkwave the name Schwarz Stein is german means Black Stones
  3. I like to welcome everyone our newest moderator, Mooney. He will be leading the PSP and DS forums. If any if you need some help, discussing, or just wanted to drop your two cents anything related to PSP/DS, be sure to post in the PSP/DS or PM Mooney personally but remember to follow our rules. Again! Congratulation Mooney, you deserve it. other breaking news... I like to inform everyone our former super moderator, James has left the staff. We really appreciated everything he done . He served us for about 3 years in the community from providing us the latest news from the emulation scene to helping out anything related to MAME (the guy even has his own build). James, thanks for everything - UPDATED EMULATION/GAMING NEWS WILL BE POSTED BELOW -
  4. BLEAAAAAAAAAAACH for now. Arc 2 of Bleach is awsome so far (hell that's only around 5 episodes so far), it's gonna get even better. also count in Naruto because Part 2 has finally arrived. the rest I still watch even though I finished them: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya King of Fighters: Another Day Great Onizuka Teacher Honey and Clover 1/2 School Rumble / School Rumble Second Semester.
  5. ffs, it's about DAMN TIME btw drake, Hurricane Chronicles? where did you heard that or you made that up?
  6. I'm still using it. Even after hearing stores from http://www.paypalsucks.com/ I never really had problems so far. I only force to use paypal when I shop on ebay, otherwise, it's always been credit/checking.
  7. "Void" by "Blood Stain Child Album: Idolator Genre: Japanese Melodic Death Metal
  8. wear warmer clothes dammit! see this is what I get for wearing t-shirt and short all day back in the days.. it's not funny anymore.
  9. "Whisper In The Red Sky" by Galneryus Album: Advanced to the Fall Genre:Japanese Melodic Metal / Power Metal japan's sonata artica yeaahh they sing only in good english too When the night meets the day, I will watchin' the red sky Heart the whisper of wind Take a power that never end History tells a lie We don't believe the Darkest Age Change the time of the gloom We just fight for the freedom From the past i'm hearing There is a voice that's calling me Just feel the fire it's never end On through the night, we are striding on and on Hear voices in the heat Spreading your wings and fly away I just feel your power of the steel So I'll never die In the heat Spreading your wings and fly away I just feel your power of the steel So I'll never die No one can stop the force The assault must go on and on Change the world with the power of steel We are alive From the past I'm hearing There is a voice that's calling me Just feel the fire it's never end On through the night, we are striding on and on Hear voices in the heat Spreading your wings and fly away I just feel your power of the steel So I'll never die From the past I'm hearing There is a voice that's calling me Just feel the fire it's never end On through the night, we are striding on and on Hear voices in the heat Spreading your wings and fly away I just feel your power of the steel So I'll never die In the heat Spreading your wings and fly away I just feel your power of the steel So I'll never die
  10. that's because the Arrancar arc is back to it's original story at last, the fillers are over. The bounto arc was fillers but they were decent fillers. Unlike Naruto who has been going on with the rediculous horrible spam of bad fillers. But luckily, naruto fillers is coming to an end around Feb according to Weekly Jump so I guess it's true official announcements I'm happy that the Bleach fillers are over unlike Naruto fillers length by around 10 times longer. from now on guys, watch Bleach and understand how the story unfolds, this is where Bleach shines the most. Those who read the manga should understand how awsome the second story arc is compare to the first. The first arc is nothing compare to the second arc.
  11. I'm very late to video games cuz I was poor pffft I only tried the NES back in china. so the first console and game I owned and complete was: .. Star Fox 64 on Nintendo 64
  12. "Victoria's Secret" by Sonata Artica Album: Winterheart's Guild Genre: Finnish Melodic Metal / Power Metal
  13. - King of Fighters XI (this is mvc2 all over again for me.. the addiction never stops)
  14. If I knew ahead of time, I would of donated my Wii to this poor woman(IM DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT THAT) and fck you nintendo for breaking your promise about the amount of units avaliable and no shortage. I'm very dissapointed not only you guys made 50 dollars off per wii, you friggin had to sell the controller set (wiimote+nunchuk) for $70 total + tax* good going nin. And Yes the reason why I critise nin was because they are partially blamed for this women's death.
  15. Dreamcast lives! yes.. I still play it alot, but this past week school got me all worked up, but that doesn't keep me from playing her.
  16. This is very sad, she left behind her 3 children. guys think about it, it's not about how stupid this contest was. She risked her life so she can get the wii for her children. I just can't believe this happened. but just so you know, the DJs and a few other people that worked there got fired.
  17. more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2007020337,00.html personally this is some bizzare event but when I think about this and stockholm syndrome.. it does make some sense.
  18. OLD COMICS! RECIEVE PUNISHMENT! on a side note: you guys know they already published his comic book I believe 30 ish pages. I heard he making new ones but as of now he is force to do army work.
  19. "Downfall" by "Children of Bodom" Album: (1999) - Hatebreeder Genre: Melodic Death Metal
  20. Cheers to this glorious new year, lets hope for good things to come to all of us.
  21. flock it, I'm done with this year... first black friday now this.. well 7 hrs friday but 8 and a half hours for this baby. Last shipment, was waiting at best buy since 11:30am brrr. BB confirmed 24 units. I was lucky #15 (ad mentioned all BB has a min of 15 units). They pass out tickets at 7 and worst is.. the ticket only last for one hour (til store opens pffffft). After I went in.. things went too slow as ppl all going through long credit card check outs so uh.. before my turn to check out, quickly snatch zelda then gtfo. this one indeed worth the wait.. well maybe hehe. Right now I'm crossing my fingers hoping the vga transcoder I bought would work good with my LCD 19 widescreen, I really like to enjoy my wii 480p plz. But yes.. back to what I was saying, last shipment of 2006 and this is indeed my christmas wish. It has been fullfilled. Now I must tend to my slumber then wait aggrievedly to see how long it takes china to bring my savior (which should arrived before xmas or else..). baiii
  22. Unreal 3 engine really show some impressive visual (mostly the character models). However I find the level design is kinda meh, don't think hey aren't really unreal 3 graphics, not even close to 2.5 (hell, the level in splinter cell are breathetaking compare to this). Ok for the gameplay, I can tell you this; kinda repititve. It's always the same routine: run, hide, peek and shoot, repeat. The guns are pretty fun though, specially the gun that fire a beam from the sky down to the ground. In close quater combat it's always fun, the chainsaw gun really show some originality. I do recommend this if you like this kinda gameplay.
  23. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (xb) Rule of Rose (ps2) KOFXI (ps2) Metal slug 6 (ps2) Yakuza (ps2) Jet set radio future (xb)
  24. Shame on you SH fans (you know who you are) for posting so much on the SH thread and only one person actaully looked into this thread and gave a feedback. Well, if you guys don't, I don't care.. great work agoz, the dissection really helps those who might be confused with the whole plot and the characters. now, lets discuss a few things: I get that part about how the real world works the same way otherworld works. But you mentioned, Cybil died in the real world and which driven her into the otherworld. And from there, her death was possible in the otherworld as well. Now, I may get why the ending is a bit dull, the scene where Rose and Alyssa walked into their house which no one is there. So that means Rose actaully died at the same Cybil died right? I mean, Rose is still in the foggy world and her husband happen to be on the real world. Just like to get that ending straight.
  25. Funny, I never played the first Fatal Frame but Beaten FFrame2 and FFrame3. And let me tell you this, FFrame does give me some chills (mini spoiler: walking through dark forest paths, or being chased down by some ghost from room to room). however... nothing compare to FFrame3, that game would be the best horror game for me if it wasn't so repetitive (same ghost again and again, and the level gets a bit boring after a while). However, I don't mind. This game what I found best is that, no games so far (this including System Shock) has ever scared me this much before. Of course I play all horror games in the dark with 5.2 surround sound. Really, this game is a must play for the horror freaks, it will catch you in some other way, they do it wisely. You see, I find it very scary that this game revolves back and forth in the Ghost world and in the real world (Rei's house). Man, I thought I was safe and sound in the real world, but things happening there create strange things in the real world as well. Believe me, my skin nearly jumped out of my bones whenever I go on FPS camera mode and walk around seeking clues (of course the consequence, ghost appear or jumped at you out of somewhere in a fast pace). Some notes: I noticed I never play the first but working on it now (still near the begining, and already good). However, since I played and beat FFrame 3, I feel kind of bad that the game kinda give away FFrame for me (the entire plot, how it end, etc). However, there's enough elements and clues, relations, aftermaths of FFrame2 and I was pretty satisfied. Really, the Fatal Frame series has been great so far. Those who like horror can't miss out on it.
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