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  1. Yeah, Happee Burthday weirdy.. anyone who come to our unofficial #1emu channel, be sure to give him 18 slaps.
  2. hey there swann *wave* and what can be better for me to express my welcome by saying.. yer sig rawks! trance|techno <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  3. Game: Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit) System: Xbox, PS2, PC Unlike any other games before.. Indigo Prophecy (in Europe, it was known as "Fahrenheit") plays out as a movie, a sci-fic thriller where gameplay meets shenmue while capturing the theme of CSI and X-Files :::Note Screenshots are taken from GameSpot::: Just got the game today..and well my expectations are met.. I've been looking forward to it all week, I did however got upset earlier that the game delayed many times. But the wait is over, today I had the game, finished it and I'm happy enough to give it this a review. Unlike other games.. this is more of a movie than a game. You play this on letterbox, pretty much throughout the whole game (RE4 uses the similar concept). Now, as I mentioned this is like a movie, but you will be controlling it, by that means.. you will be making decisions as you play through the game plots, and the movie progresses differently in multi resolutions depending on the actions you made, so this game does have multiple endings. I'll explain about the decision feature that manipuates the progress of the game later, which plays a major role in the game. The game is sort of a movie epic, a sci-fic epic to be presise, It does have it's drama..but at the same time, actions (Lots of) and horror thrills. In the story, Lucas Kane, protaganist of Indigo Prophecy was in a restarunt one day as he was having a meal during the cold winter night. The scene focus on the restroom where he is sitting in the toilets, as someone was in the there as well washing his hand.. Lucas stood up as he has became controlled like a puppet as his mind felt through a state of trance. Out of control, he walk slowly toward the man, and stab him 3 times. After this moment, Lucas snap out realize what he have done, and this is where you will take control of Lucas.. as we begin the Saga of Indigo Prophecy. This is where the gameplay kicks in, you are free to make your own choices, would you rather hide the body, clean yourself up and walk out like it has never happen? or just be a little crazy and just run out of the resturant? choices that it will be leading the story one way or another, but that doesn't mean one decision from the game makes all the differences, you can actually made different decisions each time you play, and you will coincidently end up with the same resolution. This game holds a rather abstract series of plot..but they can be related off one to another, so connecting plots to tie different or same events are all possible. In the game, you will not only play as Lucas Kane but also play as two more characters, Carla and Tyler, these two are police detectives that are part of yet a second story that you will take control of back and forth corresponding to Lucas's story. Basically, you are playing Lucas story, the murderer but at the same time, you are taking control of the police's side (the ones that are after Lucas). As mentioned the gameplay somewhat similar to how you would play Shenmue, the game allows you to move anywhere in the environment with custom adjust camera control, so you can view your character or change camera angles in many perspective. You will be able to pick up items and make decisions rather you like to exam, to keep, to take with you, etc etc. So it feels like shenmue so far? well I don't consider this is rather a rip off..but it has it's own style, you'll see this is just a big difference, but what's the commotion over shenmue is that, it captures the essence of the gameplay. Now as I mentioned about the decision feature, when you have control over your character, you will be getting into sorts of conversation and events when you must chose what to do in order to advance, there are more than one choices usually happens during conversation, but you are given a small amount of time to chose which before it auto chooses a negative choice. The choices in the game want you to decide what action you would like to take, both negative and positive choices are obvious no right or wrong. You are controlling the story and the plots here, so you chose by your liking and it should carry on through the rest of the game. Another feature of the game is also similar to what I have just said, is the QTE (Quick Time Event, which is also found in shenmue), where you have to input several commands at a limited of time to progress through a event, say for example.. in the story, you about to get ran over by a car, you have to input a series of command in order to avoid them. The commands are done by using both analog triggers and L1+R1 buttons (odd but it works). And rather you fail to do the command or not, you will continue the story on a new event or require you to restart all over, but most of the time. Other than these two import aspects of the gameplay.. you won't have health bars and such, but you will have what i would call a " feelings monitor " a screen measures your current mood which can be change at anytime during the game, the monitor locates on the lower right side of the screen.. and often it can go up and down depending on the progress you are making, and what I mean by progress is how well and what choices you have made during the events, because they are responsible for increasing/decreasing the feelings monitor. So when your monitor is at it's high point (positive), your mood will be nuetral, and when it's low (negative), you are in a state of deep depression. The graphics in the is game is simply amazing, but out of the 3 versions (xbox, ps2, and PC), the PC takes the lead. Now what fascinate this game qualify as a movie, is because it it looks just looks and feels like it. Other than the letterbox to carry on that concept, the characters in the game are just simpily remarkable, character's faces shows real expressions as you would see normally if you would of look at a real person. Everything just looks what you would expect from a game that portraits realism. Both during cinemtic scenes and during gameplay, the graphic texture, models of the characters(faces), and backgrounds (buildings) are use the same. Which is it a good idea.. than having a very nice CG cinematic scene. Now the game controls feels a little akward at first, but you will get used to it. Fahrenheit is rather a simple game with simple controls. Where you control your character movement using the left analog, and the right analog serves as your camera. During events.. such as when making a decision/choices in an event, you will be using the right analog to choose. Now in QTE (Quick time events), you will be using both analog sticks as I said before, it feels rather odd.. but either way, this is all part of the game, and it's a prerequisitite to have good reflex in order to finish this game. The game soundtrack and dialogues are what made Indigo Prophecy qualify as a movie, the music is well composed. Yes, this is the type of soundtrack expected from a movie if this was actually made into a movie but not a game. Dialogues are another thing, they are well acted by professionals.. but to make this short..and again repetitive, this just feels like a movie, with real actors/actresses playing their part in the game. _________ conclusion: Hope you enjoy my review because this game has brought me the intentions that to tell you, that for those that enjoy watching movie and like to experience it on your own, this is the ride you been waiting for all your life. Why am I fascinated by this game all of a sudden after I got this game hours ago? because it has a very deep story... it pulls me in and didn't let me go til I finish it. Now, how is the intentions different than the other games I was hooked to? well.. one thing is, the experience of playing this game is different from the other games.. it makes me feel like I was actually in the game, Because I've played through out the events, and they stress me out, sounds a little too much? I'm gonna make an example, say for example.. the game starts out as I mentioned.. your character just committed a murder.. let say if I were to take my time cleaning things up, and a cop was just in the bar taking a sip of coffee.. and suddenly got up and about to use the restroom. I know that I'm done for if I were to think in the character's shoes.. so to make this less stressful, I would restart and make different decisions or a different plan in the game in order to bypass these stressful situations that my character has got into. So yeah, this game does leave me off with some nervous breakdowns and such, because of the realism and how you can have many outcomes in this movie/game. But anyway.. trying not to spoil anything.. this is indeed one game no one should miss out on. Graphics - 8 Sound - 10 Controls - 7 Gameplay - 10 Overall score: 9
  4. I recieved a message from K` in the unoffical 1emulation IRC chan, and he states he will be inactive for a unknown period of time. It is my intention to inform you that K`dash's mother has been hospitalized due to brain hemorrhage (bleeding inside the brain), and she is about to go through her 3rd surgery during the next morning. Right now... K` isn't feeling well at all due to the pressure and concerness of this whole situation. I like everyone here to give your condolences toward K`dash's mother..and hopes that she will make it through. _________ K` I hope everything's aight with your mom, and take care of yourself man.
  5. and damn proud of it too /me hug his PSP 1.50 firmware and /me hug his 1gb pro duo stick
  6. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/09/23/ip...ano_scratching/ Now my mistake, I purchased a black nano 4gb a few days ago.. Luckily, I did not open it (it's still sealed in shrink wrap), I'm planning to return this to the apple store very soon. Until then, I will wait til they made a new nano with a new improve layer that can resist to scratches (hopefully alluminum), especially resist to metal scratches. So it's hard to believe how nano can be scratch easily... quoted from a dozen of nano owners who said the nano can be scratch after just leaving in your pocket for a while.. or scratches from just wiping it with a cotton material or even soft cloth. This issue has got out of hand.. what the hell was Apple thinking? they probabbly even never heard of "field testing" or doesn't need to give it a test before shipping it out. The reason why I got myself a nano was because I was at the apple store the other day after hearing about the nano. I play around with it, and I did notice a tremendous amount of scratches which I thought it was just caused by a bad handle of care when the people were trying them out. Now what amazes me the first time I try it out is holding it.. hehe no doubt it is featherweight, this thing woulda been nice around my neck or so. Overall it just feels like an ordinary ipod except very damn smaller. But what suprise me the most is that when I was trying holding the ipod.. I was tending to grip it as hard as I can thinkin this thing might torn in half in any second despite the shape and thinness of the nano, I could of assure this thing could be broken in half.. But not at all.. the nano is different from the other ipods.. this can take more abuse than the others... and this should be an interesting 4 page read for those that wants to know what this group of people did in order to kill a nano, it has pictures of everything they did, so give it a read: http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware/nano.ars/1 http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware/nano.ars/2 http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware/nano.ars/3 http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware/nano.ars/4
  7. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!! Katamari Love <3 <3 <3 http://img299.imageshack.us/my.php?image=katamari3kk2ll.jpg
  8. a three episode filler... and ended with a lame ending.. man, could they just hurry it up and end the fillers already, because more fillers are gonna be the same as this, no matter what. I can't stand seeing fillers wasting so much time, just get to part 2 already.
  9. We did.. over the past PPV events.. one of the many wrestling fans here did post results as soon as they hear the news.
  10. I'm very sorry bob.. but currently there is no downgrader. Although, earlier ago.. WAB did released a downgrader, and when it turns out it works which loads right up..but it freeze during the update. And so forth.. WAB has discontinued the downgrader project: but maybe.. someday, a group will work and release a working downgrader.. so just hang in there. and thank you bob for helping us even though we couldn't do anything in return..
  11. some official psp games are even under 100mb.. and don't pay them to do this sorta service.. you can do it yerself you lazy sunava beetch.
  12. Indeed, this is an awsome game.. the gameplay is a little redundant, but it's still good.. I was impressed when I do a replication rendan (combo), as the clones are striking the oponent.. I have enough time to pull off a rasengan. But it's a great game.. I wouldn't compare this to Narutimate 1 and 2, but this is yet the first and best 3D naruto game ever made.
  13. " What's going on in school? " Hey everyone, just making a post here at the campus library. Hows everything going on in school for the rest of ye? I'm just waiting for my class, I got there very early just to chill with my friends. Now that they're in class, I'm just waiting for my class.
  14. Yep, I bought it from EB today.. 10 dollars brand new, the box was in good shape sealed. Anyway, I'll let you guys know how it is, lets hope this worth it.
  15. I was planning to purchase Alien vs. Predator 2: Gold edition tomorrow.. Just like to know if you guys have played it. If ye do.. share yer experience, also.. what is the expansion pack(included with gold edition) ? is it a multiplayer or a new single player campaign ? and how is that compare to AvP2 ?
  16. Give as much detail as possible from your experience after playing the demo... Ok, I just got out of shower, and right hand still feels like it's still stiff and paralyze from what I just gone through. In all my life, there has never been a close FPS game with so much intensity, the closest was System Shock 2. FEAR took that beyond comprehension, well in my perspective. I'm not gonna go through everything in the game, I'm just gonna point out a few things and tell you about my experience. It's impressive checking out the visual at first when I started the game. Just like to let you know, I play the game on Maximum Settings. It runs very smooth like silk, I lag a bit during the middle, and a few parts of the game then I lagged the most (around 10fps) right before the demo ends (where the soldier dropped from the roof) but I blame myself since I didn't tweak my PC (to maximize performance). Anyway in the game.. it's just beatiful, I spent alot of time messing in the the environment with chops, stomp, and I also play with slow mo... during the begining, but after I went down to the underground section, I started to concerntrate when I heard that girl's voice hehe. And I knew, things will get ugly as I proceed. Well the most ugly part was when I went down that latter, and I saw that girl... my heart pound so hard when I noticed. I just stopped half way and went back up to see if she is still there. Anyway.. the most ugliest part was when I proceed near the end, the environment changed into a hallway with bloody footprints.. leading to the only door. So as I go down.. it triggers the scene that shocked the hell out of me. I didn't scream but my head fell back a little, and I felt my right hand like it has been injected with numb. So I proceed to the end where my objective is, too bad the demo ended. But I would of turn it off anyway to relax before I go further.. but yeah I slowly pull myself together and took a shower, came back here and make this post
  17. Ohh..sorry for that small spoiler..but you should get bleach 41, Lunar released it late on wednesday.
  18. We made a suprising staff change today.. Due to the inactivity, we have taken several staff members down. We haven't replace them as of yet, but we are still looking for eligible candiates who can fill in their positions. If your interested, show us what you are capable of, rather as a moderator or news poster. PM either GameCop or myself in the forums. Now without further a due.. the staff welcomes the newest Moderator of 1Emu: robbbert Congrats !! hope you can do a fine job as the new mod. -Mag, co-owner of 1Emulation
  19. discuss about episode 41.. the episode was great, it's getting interesting. Because the episode after the next one should show the past in between Rukia and Kaien (ganju's bro). It was awsome when Ichigo take down one captain.. now he went against Kuchiki.. looks like this outta be interesting
  20. hey sorry guys about earlier when I mentioned the fillers was gonna ended in 140, seems like rasengan.net lies about it or just picked up falsed rumors.. but anyway. so lets discuss episode 143.. so I know it's suprising to see Mizuki back and all. I don't like seeing new characters like Fuijin and Raijin, they're just too dumb
  21. Judging from the shadowing effects and the lighting I noticed from the second image, I really have doubts about the ps2 port. Perhaps they are referring the ps3 port? I say it might be possible..but it wouldn't look too good. If the ps2 can pull off such smooth nice detail graphics like the GC own RE4, I would applaud.
  22. stick with the topic.. make a new thread if you wanna discuss about something else or in related.
  23. Reflect to the similar thread: taking a shower during the week. I tried to take a dump at least once a day, but the most I can wait is a day and a half. I know ppl might say it's bad for yer health if you hold it in for a long period of time, I kinda believe that logik. I mean, I remember a long time, I gone through 3 days without taking it. And on the fourth day, as I taking a dump, the color was ehh gross so what about you? how many times during the week?
  24. I can never sleep without a shower, believe me.. rather the season is hot or cold.. you still sweat. So I always take a shower every day, but since I'm too lazy, I only take it once a day. I know some ppl take more than 1 or perhaps 3 :S
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