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  1. HBTY just dont let yer gf/wife sees it hehe
  2. There's likely gonna be coasters... I knew the risk.
  3. Make it stop: Don't mean crap now when you have the new Conroe 2 that come out at the end of the month that CRUSH AMD now.... Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 2.93GHz 4MB $999 Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz 4MB $530 Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.40GHz 4MB $316 <-- Beats an AMD 64FX-62 Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz 2MB $224 Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz 2MB $183 Intel Pentium D 945 3.40GHz 2MBx2 $163 Intel Pentium D 915 2.80GHz 2MBx2 $133 Intel Pentium D 820 2.80GHz 1MBx2 $113 Intel Pentium D 805 2.66GHz 1MBx2 $93 If you haven't read all the reviews that came out last week then you may want to read on them if looking to upgrade. Here is a pretty even coverage report... http://www.anandtech.com/cpuchipsets/showd...?i=2795&p=1 Lots more links here to read on.... http://www.nvnews.net/cgi-bin/search_news....amp;firstform=1 Still wouldn't be that much to upgrade, another $150 maybe and to have a PC that is as fast or faster than an FX-62. Plus all thee Intels are Dual Core, which is now starting to be written in software. I mean..c'mon..look at these cpu bound games scores on the 2 high end chips... And if you are an overclocker..Andand had to say.... 67% OVERCLOCK!?!?
  4. I was hoping the price would be like around Gamecube's price when it was launched. Sure ok, improvement on visual and texture, blah blah,.but com on nintendo! you know we <3 you.. BE GENTLE with the price! ~japan's perspective
  5. think before you develope :-/ man some people in this world don't use their head.
  6. exactly, there's no such thing as "free", because someone out there is paying for it. Well I believe the words my old HS econ teacher taught me.
  7. Mag


    I just realized.. THIS AINT MYSPACE, THIS ISN'T LIVE JOURNAL, THIS AIN'T EVEN XANGA THIS MY FRIEND IS.. my plain old 1emu blog hard to believe i know.. well that was a waste of time.
  8. I might as well say it in chinese and japanese よくできました! (yoku dekimashita) 好工作 ! or simply in english.. well done
  9. GHOST YOU ***** !!!(censored in order to prevent copywrite infringement , only i can call him that) so when will ghosty expose his deepest secret? WE FIND OUT IN HIS NEXT POST
  10. Odishon (Audition) - japanese (you find out on yer own, plot is pretty twisted) made by Takahashi Miike (who also made Uchi the Killer) Tales of Two Sisters - korean (best korean cinemagraphy yet, awsome plot that you have to unravel in the end, most likely need you to watch it more than one time to get whats goin on). every stephen chow movie hehe.. but most of em are very funny. Personally.. my favorite Stephen Chow movie, I find it the most funniest yet:
  11. Ok! so I was tire one late night and I accidently bought something by mistake, then the next morning I realized I couldn't cancel it and it's now on delivery. But thing is, I have two package coming at once. I bought the wrong item but I also bought another right item at the same time. So my question is, once the carrier arrives and ask me to sign for the package, can I just refuse one of the package, and they can have it send back to newegg and I get a full refund including shippings?
  12. solid.. you should think it over, hate to see you leave man. Well, I'm not speaking from GC's view but my own. This site has been around for quite a long time. You were there from the beginning, actually we both were. When it started, things were slow and when we were enlisted as staff earlier, we didn't have much of a job as staff. But after a few years, things changed man. The site has become bigger and our community has increased rapidly thus leaving the staff more responsibility. Thing is, I know you're busy with your life and the same applies to me. However, if you can't help around during these hard busy times, then there's no reason why you should still carry that position. It's not really for a show, and everyone who's in a staff position would care less if they gain a higher respect than the other. We are who we are. Admins, mods are just comprised of our own community people who wish to help out the site to maintain a better place for ourselves. Now you see, if you can't handle it, well...your position as an administrator, isn't it fair to take on a much lower position where you don't have to worry much other than moderating? An administrator has more than just being a person behind a title; an administrator has to fulfill certain tasks, well much higher tasks than the moderators do. They are almost considered the roots of the site, without admins, the site will never be maintainable. So you see, your position as an admin is very important. I see why GC has to demote you. Just remember everyone is the same, if you're an admin, mod, user, etc. We are people who are here to waste some time and have a good fun time. The only difference in between a staff and a user is that a staff is just a user who wishes to help out with the site but also enjoy ourselves here at the same time. That’s how a forum community usually runs Really solid... think about it man. Don't take this demotion too hard, if you get demoted that doesn't mean it's permanent. It's not hard to work your way back up. And quitting is just throwing everything behind you and to forget about what it likes to have a good time here at 1emu.
  13. congrats gryph, agoz (lol I almost wrote aegis by mistake), and rob.. you guys deserve it. ok.. I did my part already, GC you promised me there would be beer lol
  14. now it all boils down rather you suceed or not (unless you found out after you finish), lets not be hasty. some people enjoy a relaxing period of time before a sheer mass of anger and despair hits after getting back the results haha im jk
  15. So I'm trying to extract well lets just say, a folder of alot of sheit.. however, I can't extract it with winrar (for example), beacause I get the "cannot extract file because of <insert jibberish of the file's name>. " crap error. So basically its a filename error (w/e the hell that is). I tried 7zip, winace, etc and they won't extract it because of this. Theres alot of jibberish files and I'm not suppose to get rid of it, therefore, I won't disect things out the way I want. I just want the whole thing extracted =/ any help is greatly appreciately. btw the file I'm trying to unzip is *.ace
  16. this game is definitley one of the best FPS I have ever play, this game is really on par or better than the current top FPS out there(HL2, farcry, FEAR,etc). I nearly pissed myself from the visual I lay my eyes out on. Yeah this game utilize the Doom3 engine. The gameplay is too unique and totally new, words can't describe it, you have to see for yourself. This game has some elements of HL, doom, farcry, well pretty much what you wanted. Btw.. did I mentioned how awsome the visual is? played it on high setting, I play this so fukkin smooth on an mid-end card (hell, I lagged when playing Q4). hmm.. you know, so far the demo is pretty long. I haven't even finish it yet. In anycase, if I ain't lazy to re-download fraps again, I'll post some screenies. kthxbai
  17. "CastleVania 2 Bloody Hell OC ReMix" by " Ailsean, Kaijin "
  18. hey twiggy.. can I rip and save mp3 up to as much as 320kbps ? cuz I only got 128 in return unless I haven't seen that option yet hmm
  19. " Positive Ways Vol. 3 " by Ronski Speed(78:52) satisfied a great morning playing loud trance on 5.2 speakers =)
  20. yeah.. uh, me and google had a fight last night so.. yeah
  21. how do you disable this stupid thing and no.. disable it through IE didn't help either. If this is one of the updates I accidently install, then plz tell me which one was it so i can remove it in CP. not only does it annnoy me when it starts window..but this thing even eats a bit of my cpu resource, no matter how many times i close it off task manage.. bloody thing comes back >_____>
  22. ok i'm not reading the above comments to avoid any spoilers THING IS ! I need help, haven't watch Naruto in a while (maybe 3 weeks top).. so I need to know which episode I'm at.. the last episode I watched was when after the Kiba/Akamaru (naruto/kiba hunting for akamaru).. so which episode should I get next ?
  23. ok i'm not reading the above comments to avoid any spoilers THING IS ! I need help, haven't watch Bleach in a while (maybe 3 weeks top).. so I need to know which episode I'm at.. the last episode I watched was when .. so which episode should I get next ?
  24. oh I would like to add.. that HDR lighting is extremely stable compare to Lost Coast. It's great.. no performance drop or anything (grr..why can't OB be like this =/ ) HDR lighting is something they shoulda done with HL2 a long time ago.. it's really purdy.
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