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  1. - trying to finish college as quick as humanly possible. - need a new job - excercise often - sleep early wake early (very very hard) ok, your turn.
  2. words cannot describe, I let the video speak for itself: http://youtube.com/watch.php?v=_O4mG4KKYug...20of%20fighters and no, I will not consider this as bad cosplay act, they did a great job performing for everyone, I laugh hard when Joe did his DM (desperation move) on shingo. And also Kim.. lol that long DM combo follow by that backflip kick was just nice.. just nice
  3. damn straight hope it's out sooner than we though, I know someone should be working on that patch already.. while we wait, I'm sure we can enjoy Kingdom Hearts 2 and some Narutimett3.. hdl ownz
  4. the filler arc is almost over, I read the titles posted by someone from narutofan not too while ago, looks like it's just several more fillers and kakashi gaiden should be next.
  5. Well I'm very conversative due to rent, bills, etc.. so I didn't get much for myself, here's a small wittle list: - got the last 3 dreamcast VMUs from a local eb store (they were $0.99 each, I can't refuse plus DC <3) - new clothes from banana republic ($160) - a hd enclosure for the purpose of my *cough*ps2*cough* ($50) so what did you got yourself for xmas eh?
  6. I remember back in my middle school days, a friend of mine gave me a bundle of gamepro mags (there was around 70 I counted, no idea where he got em from) also around 20 ish old gamefan mags, and yes they are indeed retro.. I do remember a few covers of those mags, one has Primal rage, the other has SMS3 *I think*, and guess what happen to em.. I don't know lets just say that was my first time playing with fire.
  7. Honestly, these are picked up the fans ? doesn't sound like it. I agree on several of em but cyber vixen, best female/male voice in a video game wtf.. is this something we should give a crap about, more over.. if this has anything to do with celebritity.. or just to give a praise or so.. most of us wouldn't be able to determine rather the voice was done by this particular person or not. And look, " Best support m/f perfromance".. ok stop, really who come with these?
  8. damn straight ! UP DOWN UP DOWN CHU CHU CHU !
  9. I was doing a sig request for outcast (a friend and close online oponent on kailera), and something came over me, yes.. I felt the intention of bloodlust within my subconscience and this is what happen all of a sudden: Adobe Photoshop CS2 v9 view: On White BG: When it's on display (BG varies the skin you are using): (^ if you see a grey BG.. why aren't you using firefox?)
  10. aw you beat me to it hehe here's more XD http://billnyemyspace.ytmnd.com/(Hhahahhaa) http://emoheadshot.ytmnd.com/(BOOM! HEADSHOT!) http://emoorangesuicide.ytmnd.com/(LOlololol) http://mathpwned.ytmnd.com/ (Hahahahah) http://slowfacialsuicide.ytmnd.com (a whole lotta Rofl)
  11. hahaa it turns out it was fake (someone got into his account?) well he dies as a emo kid but more importantly.. he was a stupid emo kid.. just wish all emo kids would just die
  12. http://news.newamericamedia.org/news/view_...864b3b9682dcb19 .... ... .. . I LOLed at that ^ but more importantly wtf lol but in any case, I sorta laugh even though I do feel bad for him (really I do), aside from that.. this is the reason why I dislike Myspace so much, and any other similar blog community sites (xanga, livejournal, etc). I rather express socially in forums than some blog community. opinions? oh and here's his profile on myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...03F262681520328
  13. Yeah I have it, although technically the sub that I found earlier has alot of horrible typos and misunderstanding in it (no idea what the translator was smoking).. I try my best right now to correct it (I'm quite fluent in mandarin.. so as of now I'm trying to sort this out).
  14. It's dumb when the character took up half or even 1/3 of the screen space
  15. I'm just hoping it wouldn't be like Hauzer from CFJ lol
  16. someone wrote this.. and man I cracked up when I noticed #18 and #35
  17. Whoa.. since I was too occupy with school and IRC starting to take over me.. I never did get a chance to post back here.. in any case Bleach Society has subbed 55.. but I'll get it later on when I had the time. the latest OP is well.. it's consider good, nice j-rock for a start, I just have hard time getting used to this song, but the group is good.. High and Almighty Colors, I believe they've done the OP for Gundam Destiny (correct me if I'm wrong), and it was nicer than this. in any case.. the ED is the best =) out of all the EDs so far, song is " LIFE " by YUI, her voice is what makes me love this track.. and the same goes to rest of her singles. " Life is like a boat " was quite nice and " Houki Boshi " was fun.. but this song has some nice touching to it.. the feelings of the vocal blend very well with the animation.. ok nuff said.
  18. The latest version of NeoGeo CDZ (WIN) emulator has been released.. Here's an update: Source: Click Here Credit: Emulation9
  19. New patch released for AgeMAME, and for those that did downloaded earlier agp and you found out it doesn't work or generate an error, you might wanna check back and re-download it again: Source: Click Here
  20. Latest Stella, v2.0.1 has released for Window, Linux and MAC Here's whats new: Source: Click Here
  21. Here's whats new: Source: Click Here
  22. MAME Plus! 0.101u3 Updated, Here's what's new: Source: Click Here
  23. It's organized indeed.. I remember seeing this idea brought out by someone in the Ideas forums.. now that is decided and planned out, it's just terrif.. I'm sure everyone can browse the forums much efficently then before.
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