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  1. http://www.handdrawngames.com/DesktopTD/ basically a addictive game that you have to build towers to get rid of "creeps", pretty fun.. just a way to waste alot of time.. you have been warned!
  2. welcome.. the answer is 35 posts http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12607 - hmm maybe I should re-sticky it). Please in the future, keep questions that doesn't related to threads like this to a seperate new thread. This thread was meant for ideas and brainstorming related to ways of improving this site.
  3. "INDWELL" by Hora(former member of Schwarz Stein) Album: The World Genre: Darkwave / Industrial I Love this song, ambient like with heavy distortion/interference of radio/tv static with synth.
  4. "Angelica" by Moi Dix Mois album: DIXANADU genre: Japanese Symphonic Metal / Neo-classical metal / Gothic Metal <3 the new album just came out 2 days ago.
  5. http://www.gamesradar.com/us/wii/game/revi...mp;sectionId=10 I was speechless when I first heard of this game, I thought nintendo was BSing, then when I saw footage of it. o shi... NO LIES, nintendo has fuckin done it again. Who would of thought of the gameplay concept playing mario in a 2D world able to flip to a 3D perspective making the level look completely differently. Not only that, - absolute fucking genius, I can't wait til the 9th of April (that was damn friggin quick). As a proud Wii owner (sick of wii puns, give it a rest you guys), this is one game I've been waiting for, this is a great subsitute while waiting for Mario Galaxy. At last, a first true mario game, but a whole new game. You get the tradition mario game with paper mario rpg elements. This should be very good. here's a footage demonstrating the core gameplay of Super paper mario: http://youtube.com/watch?v=xlFtjwSGy3w before: after:
  6. Sorry magnis, that's next week. http://yhbt.mine.nu/pr/23 bah i hate dattebayo, damn mistakes, stupid tricks, and all those fake episodes hehe. I want back ANBU and AnimeOne
  7. http://www.cnn.com/video/player/player.htm...7.year.old.wspa that's insane.. why am I feel like rolling him down a hill or something.
  8. 1 hour special today, kinda makes up for that 2 weeks without naruto
  9. at least they didn't abuse it like they did in the naruto fillers. Seriously, that was way too much compare to bleach.
  10. "Jupiter Driving" by xxdbxx album: DJ Max Portable Official Soundtrack genre: techno I love this game's soundtrack
  11. ah fooking hell, i never do get to finish Okami. Man.. that game wins so much, sometime that game can be on par with the zelda series.
  12. Nights ftw no doubts, and as for the PS3 Price cut, about damn time sony, you finally made the right choice I'm not interested in a black 360, skins are always a good substitute but 120gb hmm.... I don't know, just think are we going to have original xbox games up for download in the marketplace (xbox live)? maybe that is useful but stuffing a 120gb with demos and small mini arcade games isn't a good investment.
  13. "Fast And Furious" by Metalchicks album: metalchicks genre: Industrial / Metal (japanese) ~mostly instrumental
  14. lol.. and why are you listening to raw's theme lol? "Pageant (Instrumental)" by Moi Dix Mois single: Pageant genre: Symphonic Metal / Gothic Metal / Neo-classical metal
  15. "Solitude" by Moi Dix Mois album: Dix Infernal genre: Symphonic Metal / Gothic Metal / Neo-classical metal
  16. God of War 2 King of Fighers XI Phoenix Wright 2
  17. I got two words for ya, OH MY SPARDA HELL FUCKING YES!! capcom has finally come through. Ignoring the PC port, I always hoping this would be on the 360 and finally one of my wish is granted (my prediction came true yey!). http://ir.capcom.co.jp/english/news/html/e070320.html
  18. this sounds weird but I don't buy one bit about utilizing the ps3 cell. or maybe I'm just against sony http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...L&type=tech
  19. "Squall" by D'espairsRay single: Squall genre: Industrial Metal (japanese) too bad I can't read german.
  20. I say take your chance, I don't think there should be any problems purchasing for that cheap. In any case, I purchased this from CompUSA: http://www.compusa.com/products/product_in...ash_Card_Reader if your not a blunt about cost, I say walk into a store and just buy it and be on your way. Besides, microSD cards are becoming cheaper and cheaper. An average Kingston 1gb microSD goes around 20 dollars or less nowadays. So I don't see why a 5 dollar microsd writer would be so suspiciously cheap.
  21. gametap hmm? all I know is, most companies are like that, especially ISPs. I cancelled my old DSL 4 times and those dicks still billed me.
  22. solid: shhhh! but yeah, I love this game so far. Already pumped in 4 hours during my first play today and trying to max out athena's blade. Enjoying the story and the unique puzzles so far. are you serious? how can you never play the first GOW? I suggest you do that as soon as possible. If you like hardcome games like the DMC (devil may cry) series, then you will feel right at home. I could define this as the most chaotic extreme hack and slash game known to PS2, it's really the sh!t. as for GOW2, it picks up after where GOW. So you know the answer.
  23. hell yea! but i dont think there's anyhting weird about this group. It's just unique that's all, who would expect an all female black metal group haling from japan hehe "Lost Myself" by Gallhammer album: Gloomy Nights genre: Black Metal / Doom Metal / Brutal Death Metal
  24. my throat hurts everytime i listen to them but they sure make good musik, very talented girls "Crucifixon" by Gallhammer album: Gloomy Nights genre: Black Metal / Doom Metal / Brutal Death Metal
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