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  1. >_>; aight which one of you bastards going to go down to mexico and stock up on some of these then ebay em hm?
  2. There should be two torch at the entrance of the volcano, just into the mic. Once both flames goes out, the door will open. man this game is so unique, utilizing every ds touchscreen possibility. This game is just superb, to me the second game of the year (gyakuten saiban 3/phoenix wright 3 takes it for me though).
  3. well flatout is consider to be "broken" racing game for me.. It's true, I Love it just because you ran over so much trash that it sometime get stuck on the trunk or roof of the car. Let's not forget the original flatout, you can launch your ragdoll driver from a press of a button or ran into something hard. Oh oh oh, the mini games too. Yep, best racing game ever >_>;
  4. jit, i hope this isn't how your wedding was. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7oCDbDebDA Oh this guy killed it, he completed killed hip hop.
  6. So I played the game for about 3 days now. Only the single player of course but so far I like it, spent only about 15 mins the first day, an hour the second and today about 2 and a half hours. First thing I can tell you this is that the graphics is just barely current gen. Character facials and everything ain't very pretty as I expect. However, theres something I do find noticable as I progress through the game on my 19' monitor @720p such as HDR lighting and anti-aliasing. All in all, it's not a big leap in visual compare to Halo2 but it's good enough to be consider a current gen game. first the gameplay, I played this on heroic difficulty to begin with, and I did get my ass handed a few times. The A.I seems about the same, small grunts would evade you when they know they donthave a chance or they do their usual running around in circles thing. Higher tier grunts actaully stay put when they about to die or simply charges suicidal at you. The new weapons is very iffy I could say, not going to name some but you would find old weapons as well as new ones. And my favorite part of all, vehicles, goddamn theres alot more vehicles this time air/ground with returning ones as well. Well, my least favorite feature of this game would the goddamn health bar. Compare to the previous halos, this one has one goddamn bar and goes down quick on heroic mode, usually a sniper only needs one clean shot to get down to near death alert (bar turned red and blinks). Ok last by not least, the levels. Man it's awesome, I sometime stop to check the nice background far away in distance and you can notice things goes on alot, well you already should know this by now that theres a war going on. As for the level, they are never repetitive like it's predecessors. anyway the cinematics in the game are nice, makes it feel like a star war movie almost. Love the music scores, really fits in with the current situation and all. Character's lips sync well with dialogs. so yeah great game so far, here's a video review for the curious one to know everything about it: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/25485.html http://www.gametrailers.com/player/25484.html (hd quality)
  7. yes cindy..it's exactly what i said. I don't need to mentioned it that it's already on a tracker somewhere O_o.
  8. Saw it coming just like what happen to Halo 2 http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/819/819245p1.html "Halo 3 begins making it's way to stores as early as September 13th. By September 18th, all retail stores should have their copies."
  9. ah yes, dj-b13, he's like the holy reverend of the bible series both marvel vs. capcom 2 and capcom vs snk2. I watch all of them, and I must say those videos taught me alot of tricks and strategies.
  10. there's ads? I wouldnt mind getting farcry again. Is there also wait time? damn.. I forgotten my fileplanet account, need to register again ;
  11. Been very busy with this game lately, already dumped 20+ hours so far. This is by far the best fps game yet imho. Not even half life1/2 comes close to match it's greatness. System shock 2 is the closet but still I can't compare it's predecessor (not fair). anyway, here's an updated list of the review scores from various source so far: GameInformer US - [10/10] EGM - [10/10] GamePro - [10/10] 1UP - [10/10] UK EuroGamer - [10/10] OXM - [10/10] X360 Gamer - [10/10] X360 - [10/10] OXMA - [10/10] PC Powerplay - [10/10] Game Arena - [10/10] Meristation - [10/10] Gamer.tv - [10/10] GamesRadar - [10/10] GameWorld - [10/10] Console - [10/10] GameTap - [10/10] Console Game World - [10/10] Alemania 360 Live - [9.8/10] Hyper - [9.7/10] IGN - [9.7/10] PC Zone - [9.6/10] PC Gamer - [9.5/10] UnderGround Online - [9.5/10] TXB - [9.5/10] Xbox World - [9.4/10]
  12. This maybe several days old but, the reviews were in: compilation of review scores from site/magazines: OXM UK: 10 Game Informer: 10 Alternative Press: 10 Gamer.tv: 10 Games Radar: 10 Eurogamer: 10 Gamers: 9.8 PC Zone: 9.6 PC Gamer UK: 9.5 Xbox World: 9.4 ahmad: 360 version. I don't remember toys R' us selling pc games but I maybe wrong. I'm speaking for the toys R' us where I live and I don't see pc games except children pc games and it's not on that tiny almost hidden section either.
  13. OMG, this is the greatest mistake Toys R' Us ever made when they release bioshock a week prior to the release day. I'm playing it tonight fo sho. I'll update when I have a blast. GAME OF THE MUFFUKKING YEAR! hands down.
  14. just 6 more days (my timezone) til the full game hits retail. I can share my experience with you guys on the demo, but theres too much to say so I'll list some cons/pros: Good: -water graphics = simply amazing, I never saw in game water realism in any game with water effects than in bioshock. I could wet myself if I stare at the water animation for too long. We're talking excellent reflection, lighting, etc. -power upgrades(plasmids): very fun to mess around. In the demo, it let you try out pyro/shock plasmid. -gorgeus environments, there are some gritty and dark areas but even then, it still amazing there is a large window nearby to spectate the outside city of rapture (underwater utopia). -guns, hmm I can't say much but they work quite good along with plasmids. Bad: -demo is too short, near 5 minutes of opening then follow by another 5 minute preview of the full game after the last 2 min ending. -character models isn't the prettiest you seen in the game but that just might be a small critism because the game is trying to let players know the people in rapture has been ruined/altered by the effects of modifications they abused. -loading, pretty much takes a while to load the game on my 360(maybe 40-50 seconds), not sure how well the load times are better when the full version is out or even the pc version has better load times. -demo provides almost no exploration, there are limited areas for you to go so it's more of a "front point A to point B." (however full game will let you acess to all leves/areas of the game with minimal load time-confirmed on egm). all in all, it's pretty much one of the best demo on xbox live marketplace so far. FRom the demo play, I would highly recommend this game because this deserve Game of the Year award. This game truly defines what an FPS should be.
  15. did you even finish reading the article? I don't think so.. boo-ing is tolerable but throwing garbage like bottles is excessive, no one should do this. Not to mentioned GNR was late and they were forced to do an encore, and I doubt they would want to but no choice that they have to perform for these fags.
  16. My day was ruined by this news. I swear whats wrong with this society? I'm a fan of both GNR and MUCC and I can't stand hearing this news. It just hurt me inside as a fan,: http://theothereast.wordpress.com/2007/07/...sshat-guns-fans
  17. imagine if he moves his leg too much, and no one contains the bull.. the bull might ply his skin off, can you imagine that picture? >_>;
  18. oh god.. im ordering least 3 packs of undies from calvin klein for this shit Im gonna be floored and wet once i get my hands on this
  19. "Buiiki Kaesu!!" by Maximum the Hormone album:BuiikiKaesu genre:alternative metal, hardcore and punk (japanese)
  20. ah yes! my favorite game has finally emulated and almost near perfect to play online. For those who have it for the latest Mame++ build, I would like to know how we can get in contact (e.g. messengers) so we can set up some casual matches. I would only prefer players who are in the states but unless you are out of the state but still maintain a average ping below 100 in the states, that would be fine too. so lately I've been testing 3s, the first mame+ build was sorta horrible: glitches, slowdown, just doesn't look good at all. The latest build fixes all this including kaillera support from the get-go (.dll included). so, anyone is interested, post here or drop a PM. here's the mame you need, everything is compiled, all credits goes to haze, el semi and andreas. http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ynhru
  21. "Shine (Hellsing ending)" by Mr. Big anime ost: Hellsing genre: 80's hard rock / hair metal
  22. "monochrome ~kizukenakatta devotion~" by UVERworld" single: endscape genre: japanese rock
  23. eh sorry for the late response but thanks everyone... just like to say how unhappy iam by expressing: I'm old.. dude I'm old.. I'M OOOOOOOOOOLD.. yeah dude I'm old.. =/
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