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  1. My advice to u is to do this: Put a PSX chip for only €25 anywhere and you can play any imported, copied games. It´a a LOT easier... and there is no danger of damaging the psx....
  2. I´m new in the forum and I´d like to ask u something... Why is so difficult to develop a Dreamcast emulator for windows?... unlike the other consoles that are emulated very well on the PC and have "thousands" of emulators... Playstation have Bleem and others, N64 have Ultra hle and Pj64 and much more... All they run almost perfectly in a decent pc. and for the other minor consoles like atari etc... But for the DC... Why is taking so long for an emulator to "appear". In the internet, we only find fakes, fakes, and more fakes... The only decent emulator that there are rumors that will be out is Icarus but exactly thus he does not pass of rumors... but with that emulator, for example I with a P4 3ghz FSB 800, GeForce FX5900 and with 512 DDr 400 will only be able to run the worse games the 15 frames for second.... I do not understand, the DC has a processor 200mhz, 12 mb of ram and a graphical processor that is nothing compared with the last graphic cards... Why?
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