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  1. well right now im using the calling card which still cost me 10$ for a bout 2 to 3 hours call from australia to thailand... its still alot of money if u spend 10 everyday.. just dl skype now , thank for u help :Pcheers
  2. anyone know any program that u can use ur computer to make fone calls without having to pay for anything>>>?? cos i need to make fone call oversea everyday and i want to know if there a pc program that can make a dial to any fone aroudn the world???
  3. just want to say that this is the best topic i ever read since i join this forums... theres alot of thing happening around the world , different places , different people, i enjoyed
  4. stream the video clip, after u finish it , goto ur C:\document and settings\username\local settings\tempory internet files and u should see the streaming file there , just cut and paste it to wherever u want to save it to..
  5. yes i believe in alien , i think those alien are us human in 500 or even 1000 years from now as technology are more advanced and we found out a way to travel back intime.. ps. the aliens looks different from us becos the atmosphere changed , so we adapted to it and changed our looks, we have longer neck , bigger eyes and our bodies looks like flresh with no skin , and different colour blood well thats my theory anyway
  6. ive dl ghost loop rom but dont knwo what emulator it is for. i read it says its for neogeo but, which emulator?? fba, kawak?? would be interested to play it on kawa-x or fbaxxx...
  7. u flockers, to whom accused me for spaming and being someone else... im not that same person ur talkign about, i havent been here for a while and now that im back to post a thread, u cut sick on me for no reason u mother fockers... i am HansomeMonkey, prettiest monkey in the world anyway i was refering to Kill bill vol.2 theres a preview of " Quatin Taratino present" "Hero", my point is, whats quatin taratino got to do with Hero ??? Hero wasnt produced or direct by quatin taratino??.. and my other question was about Infernal affair, just want to read people opinion on the movie thats all...
  8. just want to know what u guys think of the new kill bill movie that has Hero preview with "presented by quentin taratino" in it?? Infernal Affair is showing at my local theatre, would like to know how good the movie is, if anyone of u guys saw it, im planing to go and see it tomorrow night...
  9. yeah thank dude i tried that alraedy, the cheats are from 0-z, thank anyway
  10. anyoen knwo where i can get the full database of cheats for snes9x??
  11. anyoen knwo where i can find the cheat database for the genesis, i dotn want to download one cheat at a time i was all the cheats so i can play it on the xbox with xenesis emulator:P
  12. oh ok thats kool i guess ill can live with fbx for now wat other shooting games are u talking about??
  13. umm is there any news on kof2003 runnign on kawa-x??? i dotn really like final burn, would prefer playing on kawa-x
  14. talkign about anime, im looking for The Lengend of Condor hero 2003 on dvd anyoen knwo where i can order them in aust?? dotn want the vcd version would liek the dvd
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