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  1. Sorry, I don't feel like reading through 18 pages. Have any links surfaced yet?
  2. I've been downloading the NGCD "packs" that are up right now at SuprNova and I have some questions. 1.) For the Samurai Spirits RPG, there seems to be a crack made for it that removes some kind of protection that would prevent me from playing it. It's a.PRG file and I have no idea how to apply it. Google was no help, so can someone here tell me how to apply the patch/crack? 2.) Some of the games have no CUE file and no Track 01.ISO file. Instead, they just have a folder of the files from the CD data along with the MP3s that make up the rest of the tracks. How the heck am I supposed to go about burning these things? Thanks. Edit: One of the games (Samurai Spirits), has a.VCD file for Track 01. </confusion>
  3. I have an original copy of the actual game, I was just looking for Christmas Nights.
  4. Do you happen to know where I can find an ISO of this game?
  5. I recently downloaded Quake III Arena for the Dreamcast and was just wondering if it was still possible to play the game online. If so, I need some ISP information from a free ISP or really any ISP at all that would allow me to play it online. I have a Juno account, but apparently it won't work with Quake because its password is more characters than the game will accept. So, can anyone help me out?
  6. I'm trying to use this and it seems to be freezing almost every time I click "Import". What gives?
  7. Whoa. There's like 5 torrents left. What exactly is the ESA and why are they acting like about Dreamcast games when current PS2 and Xbox releases are being traded around?
  8. That torrent won't seem to start downloading, no matter how many times I reload it.
  9. Ugh, it only has a free trial version. Anyone know where I can find a leaked version/hack/whatever? Edit: Also, what should I use for Watara SuperVision and Atari Jaguar?
  10. What should I use for PC-Engine/Turbo Graphix 16?
  11. Over at Custom CD Labels, I uploaded [what I think is] a very good label for Puyo Puyo Fever. It may still be on the left side in the latest submissions. If not, click on "Dreamcast" and scroll down to "Puyo Puyo Fever". I'm working on Psyvariar 2. Edit: My Psyvariar 2 label is now up. I think it's pretty good, considering the lack of material I had to work with.
  12. Are you marking these with a Sharpie? That used to make some of my VCDs skip. I could have sworn I already posted this...
  13. Yeah, it was in response do my direct question as to whether or not the disc required a BBA. You said "no". Then, you turn right around and directly say that it DOES require a BBA. Is it just me or are you being a little... unclear?
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