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  1. I don't like that poirot guy, I've sent him email's proving the small flaws in his patches but he never replied to me. That bastard, he must've blocked me or something
  2. I haven't tried yet, ill do it today and tell you later.
  3. I don't think the reason for not using Angel/K9999 isn't because SNk doesn't want to use them, its because they can't really. Those characters belong to Eolith which SNK doesn't have the rights to use.
  4. I can't wait till the day the Super Uber Elite edition of SVC gets released. It will be so relieving to just load up the rom without worrying about bugs and such. And I hope in SvC2, they would add mini jump and parrying/just defence system, plus about 25 more characters to the roster.
  5. Bleh, I own them up either way. PS, I would argue you on that point. In the PS2 version, they are availiable to choose as long as you beat survival mode. My buddies use Athena and Red Arremmer on me and they're not that strong.
  6. They don't call me the NeoMaster because of my cheap haircut and briefcase. I do have Vampire Saviour, 1 and 2. Plus Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge, and Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, and a whole other messed up titles from different regions. I never really got into the game, I found the roster of characters unappealing and unentertaining. I'm more of a KOF/Streetfighter/Guilty Gear kind of guy. All the people in my area, are either 3D fighting freaks or hardcore 2D fans, and none of the 2D fans consider Darkstalkers a great game.
  7. I wonder how many projects SNK is working on now. 3 is it? KOF MI, NeoWave, and possibly kof2004? I think they're way in over their heads with all these projects, lets hope that it won't show in their upcoming games.
  8. Didn't need to read that. Anywho, I don't understand why people love the idea of darkstalkers being in vs games. Really, of everyone gets really excited about the idea of darkstalker characters being availiable, why did the Darkstalker games do so bad and nobody plays them?
  9. Actually, All bosses and hidden bosses (Shin Akuma, Serious Mr Karate, Athena, red arremmer) have been weakened if you choose them yourself. The damage they produce is much less, just to make things fair if you vs another human player.
  10. Another reason this vs game is weird is the fact that Street Fighter characters are hand to hand combat type fighters...and all of the GG characters have weapons or monster like abilities that are sort of like weapons! Guilty Gear vs Last Blade (drooooollllllllll)
  11. From the screens I saw, this game doesn't look anywhere near as good as Virtua Fighter 4, Tekken 4, or Soul Caliber 2. Seriously SNK, if your gonna move to the next level, I suggest they should push out 3D graphics for all their worth. As for gameplay, I don't really think they could ruin it. If then keep the same mechanics and combos used in the 2d version, slap on some evasion techniques in different directions, and keep the action fast, then there should be no problem.
  12. Actually, i've only tried playing it in the PS2, I don't have a ps1, heheh. After I found out it was cursed, I crushed the cd into a hundred pieces (seriously, I just tried to snap it in half and it exploded into a bunch of crumbs.) @Lancerx It makes me frustrated that you persist that its my ps2! Really, if you want to see for yourself to see which is the screwed up factor. Feel free to head to -Link removed. Read board rules.- and download FF5 from the iso section. Then we will see who's screwing what. Well, to tell you honestly, I really don't want you to download it, and other people who read this topic. Please don't, I rather be thought of as wrong idiot, than to put another human being into what i've been through.
  13. Although I really want to get the game, I think the Idea of Sammy vs Capcom is ridiculous. Come on people, Ryu has no chance against a guy like Sol Badguy or Eddie.
  14. Yeah, me and prican were talking about NBA Street Volume 2 making the ps2 rev up like crazy. The topic is about these ps1 iso's i burned not working and making weird noises inside the drive. Thanks for the advice but I don't need to replace any lasers or chips, as I told you, its been only that game I've downloaded from Romulation, all my others games work fantastic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my console (well, maybe having an old chip that takes a few tries to boot games once and awhile). PS, whats with that DUMB remark? Quote lancerx "most ps2 dead are because of the laser won´t read anymore so most people tends to buy a new ps2, dumb, also if you can, get a new model of magic chip"
  15. About some of the things mentioned: @Prican25 About that crazy drive searching, I'd bet that could harm the PS2 drive right? Do you know what exactly happens to the hardware when that happens, I hope nothing bad. @SaiyenFire Eeekk! PS2 Dying after hearing that noise?! *Faints* ....two hours later *Wakes up* Good thing I have the burned version of Smackdown Here Comes the Pain...Stupid THQ.
  16. Once again, Agozer acts like a know it all. You could at least reply to the subject.
  17. Oi, I think you people all think im a newbie to the iso scene... Yes, I do always use Memorex for CD's, I have 4 spindels worth. It's quite hard to believe that the ps2 drive is the problem, only that particular ff5 iso that I burned on the memorex has that noise making problem. And just to be clear, im not saying that the disc made my drive malfuction, I only thought it did. Usually when I try to boot up cd's, it may need about 3-5 retries to finally boot, but it doesn't happen often. DVD"s boot instantly. I plain just don't understand how a burned disc with an psx image could create such a sound. Well, im never going to download from untrustly sites AGAIN. @Cinder I have to argue with you on that one. I do think that burned cd's could and can harm your ps2 drive. One time I had NBA Street Volume 2 for the ps2, and It had a loader and you had to choose if you want NTSC or Pal. Well after you chose an option, it would start to load and then a black screen appeared. After that, the PS2 starting revving up like a MUSTANG engine. That was also a scary incident but ill save that story for next time. PS. Has anyone ever downloaded a PSX iso from Romulation? If so, can you tell me what happened when you tried to play it? If not, then I don't recommend you attempting it
  18. Yes, it did come in a 6 part.rar archive. I don't think the iso's were the problem (well i don't know, cursed either way) I did use nero and alcohol 120% and it didn't report any corrupt sectors. I just said the image was corrupt because it didn't work in the system. But really, if it couldn't read or had missing parts, then it should just not boot...straight up. But to make this gross sound like its dying from a total malfunction...well, its never happened before.
  19. Ok, let me tell you what happened to me today. While surfing on the web, I got bored and decided to check out some old bookmarks I had. Then, I thought I would check out www.romulation.net I thought this site was great! It had PSX iso's and N64 roms, but recently it was down. However, today I realized that it was back and the PSX iso's were back! Overcome with sudden happiness, I download Final Fantasy 5 and Beyond the Beyond for the PSX. Then...this is where the nightmare starts... After burning the images on 2 650 mb discs, I tried to boot the games on my Playstation 2 (Magic 2 chip). Then, none of the games would start up, and soon stupid error messages pop up. Now I bet your saying that, "Yo, Neomaster, maybe yoo better chek out your disc drive bro." -Well let me tell you smart guy, it isn't my PS2 Disc drive. I just bought it and its brand spanking faboulous, it always worked before when I download Iso's from GOOD sites. Then I was like, maybe the PS2 doesn't like reading 650mb discs, so I went back and burned FF5 on a 700. Now things really started to get scary! As soon as the burned game went into the PS2, it starts making this eery sound like there is a 5lb metal stuck in the drive preventing the disc to spin. I thought I accidently jammed the disc. So I tried it again! But nooooo, it starts making that nasty sound! Then I went back to my spindle of games and grabbed a random game (SVC Chaos) and tried to boot it. 7 times and it couldn't boot up! I was like !*@Y#*@*!&*!($*&!*&$*!$((!*& I was so scared that my 400 dollar (CAD) PS2 was broken because of that cursed disc with highly corrupt data! I almost broke down and cried, but soon I turned off the PS2 and re-tested it with SVC Chaos and Metal SLug 3 and it started to work normal again. Oh thank god I said. So as a small piece of advice, do not download games from Romulation! They want your soul, but more importantly to destroy your PS2. Now I must tend to my PS2, and look after it as it rests from near death experiences.
  20. Whoa whoa, slow down Agozer. It would also be nice if you could give a small preview of the game and maybe some screens?
  21. Hello, I've decided to make a topic dedicated to displaying various Snes games that didn't have very much spotlight, but are a blast to play. Every week or so, I may add a new title here but who knows. Feel free to share your information about any games shown here, or advise us to try out a game that needs some attention. ========================================================= The first game is....... Firemen, The ========================================================= Recently for the PS2, there was a game that was just released called Fire Fighter F.D. 18 (Im not too sure if the numbering is correct). I've read the review for the game, and to my surprise, it reminded me greatly about an old game that i've played for the Snes. In the game, your objective was to save survivors and battle flames and fire bosses. I've also noticed that all the reviews I've read didn't even mention the old Snes game that it was based on. Was it such a bad game that no one wanted to mention it? No, I don't think so. In the Firemen, you control a Firefighter with an infinite supply of water. Alongside you, there is a trusty companion with an axe who chops down flames for you. I know it sounds weird, but it works! The graphics are great, the characters themselves are well drawn. The fire effects are awesome to see. They spread and swarm you, as you battle them. The AI partner is pretty smart too, and he never seems to get in your way. Well, I hope everyone who reads this plays this game. I guess I don't really need to mention the source, since Snes games are all over the place these days. So I leave you with some screens.
  22. The best emulator to me is JNes. All the other emulators that i've downloaded before either have crappy Menus or it crashed upon startup. Jness has a simple interface and is very easy to use. The only problem is that there are some games with special mappers that Jnes doesn't support, and you can't run those games. It really doesn't matter anyways, because they either suck or no one would want to play those games in the first place. Besides that, Jnes can play a whole !^@*load of games and its great in speed.
  23. Yeah I know, I guess my point was useless.
  24. You like the game Lacien? I think Capcom is getting way too lazy. The sprites are exact rips from Zero 2, which was ripped from Zero 1.
  25. Only some people got super enhanced (Kyo, Iori) while the others were left alone. It is a pretty bad game, but I can't say anything too bad since I wouldn't be able to haxxors any neo geo game like those guys did.
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