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  1. Those screens look pathetic, wow ooo, 3D backgrounds, they still don't compare to guilty gear x2. Look at the character sprites, kof 2000 quality, ugh.
  2. You seem to enjoy watching groups of men and women aged 40+ nude. Ughh
  3. Try renaming the files as follows: 269-m1.rom 269-c1.rom (name like this for all the c's) 269-p1.rom 269-s1.rom 269-v1.rom (name like this for all the v's) so basically, just name every file beginning with "269-" and then the respective m1,s1,p1,v1 or whatever. Then.rom to end it.
  4. I like turf masters, its a great arcade golf game.
  5. Just put it to console mode and choose the easiest difficulty, put 1 pt. rounds and use save state to save your ass every once and awhile.
  6. I am dying for this new amazing plus version.
  7. Well basic guidelines are : 1. Win around 6 rounds with a special move. (that means a move that requires a command input like qcf+p) 2. You cannot lose a single round up to shin akuma or serious mr karate. 3. You have to win at least one round with block damage (preferably with a special move)
  8. I've looked at Megagames and DC Copy world thing and no luck. I've tried the echelon intro remover tutorial at megagames but it way more complicated!
  9. Yes, my Fatal Fury Motw is an echelon and its very hard to find the intro remover.
  10. I've got my iso's to work fine, but the intro's annoy me. Your disc may be the source of the game resetting to the menu. Either the disc is old or you may need a boot disc to start the games.
  11. Well, intros are not really a problem since most games don't have any, but for the titles that do (such at Fatal Fury MOTW) where could I get a intro remover? Is there a particular tool to use or do I have to find a patch for each game. PS I did check megagames/dccopyworld but they have none.
  12. Ouch, what a drag. Well at least we have 1emulation
  13. Excellent find my friend. But there is no emu and its still encrypted so that leaves us back at square 1.
  14. Maybe you can add a cappacino machine and a cooler to place your cold cuts.
  15. Yes, the site you gave me. I've got the Momotaro gfx but the Eden gfx have been down. Oh yes, my sig roxxors yours.
  16. Yeah, that stuff you just can't help. It was thinking of getting cd64. Where you can burn roms on a compact disc and then play them on your 64 console with no probs. Too expensive though
  17. I use kawaks to record stuff. Just press the "-" or "+" on the numpad to scroll through sounds. Its best to go into practice mode and let the characters dance for awhile while you record the sound. There should be an option to Save to soung Log in Kawaks. This works for fighting games. If its a game like metal slug...enter the stage and press pause while you record the music.
  18. Hmmm, the Far East of Eden graphics pack have been offline for quite sometime...could it be taken off for good?
  19. Wow, I can't believe your that bold to pop open your systems and tinker around with the goods inside. I never could do that stuff...due to a circumstance which I do not wish to discuss
  20. I just let the music play and log it to sound wave. Then I go edit it a bunch. Thats how I made my mp3.
  21. You can try the best arcade joystick for computer. its the X-Arcade stick. You can also get adaptors to plug it in your gc/ps2/xbox.
  22. Ok, where do i download this magically kawaks with the patch? PS. You have a messy desktop.
  23. You probably wouldn't even need a 500 mb drive to fit all the games. Its an interesting idea but I think it would be better for pc. God knows how many people have the nes system still alive...and if they wanted one, it would be hard to find a good hardware unit.
  24. I'll pretend that I didn't hear that...my heart is starting to ache.
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