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  1. Whoever invented Goatse and Tubgirl should be shot, hanged, drowned, shot again, decapitated and cremated. what ever the f*** it is, it sounds as if im lucky that i never seen it
  2. the blues brothers movie, the car chase scene how when they reverse and then they magnificently soar in the air even though they would of tipped over, and the cops fall of the highway and the next bit, you see them as high as a sky scraper\ i lmao at that bit cause it was so crappy
  3. bahhh! you get tourney's of fighting games over there but we have nothing like that ever in australia...
  4. i cant stand listening to nelly furtado for somewhat reason i cant stand to look at her too ever since her first song
  5. mine would be like snow bros 1 or operation wolf on mame for snes it is like chrono trigger and neo-geo is samurai showdown 4
  6. i dont know myself, but i would like to fight on top of truck trailers while moving, i find it original and make it fast paced for fighting on
  7. this is interesting, ehrgeiz on arcade, i never knew that
  8. goldenaxe? that was a 4 player arcade game and they could cast spells. not sure =o No, that wasn't it for sure. This was a two player game where you could choose one of 3 characters. And it was modern-futuristic, no axes or stuff like that. I might know what you're talking about... Was it like...Gun-something? Hmm...even if any of you guys tell me the name, I wouldn't recognize it. It was so long ago but it was damn fun. All TMNT games were great for multiplayer. I was always Donatello, what a badass. time to go mame searchin!
  9. that would be scary recieving a letter like that, even though i dont live in usa it still could happen to me...
  10. wtf is this Phantom console exactly, ive seen fake pics and heard about it... but ive never seen it, and i dont think it will be exactly popular either
  11. and kof 2001 is one of the kof's i least like
  12. pretty good, you wont be lonely cause i live at australia
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