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  1. I really didn't like the new hero team period. Ash is basically a Remy rip off from Street Fighter 3rd Strike. Duolon looks like a girl (so does ash) and shen's sprite seems too scrawny. I didn't like the new terry, he had the same problem (scrawny sprite) yet in his winning pose he takes off his jacket and he has muscles? what the... K's new special is awesome and I like his stance. Billy has the worst voice ever...they should've kept the 2002 voice actor. I finally got the hang of the new team system and I find it very fun and adds lots of gameplay depth.
  2. Yeah, i just figured that out now. What a waste of an 1/2 hour.
  3. Im going to try it now. I hope this is a correct p file.
  4. Kof 2003 seems to be a really great game. I like the new smoother animations and changes they created for this game. However, I still believe kof2002 is still the best kof there is. Any kof veteran who has seen experts of this game take the gameplay to a whole new level. I was dissappointed about how kof2003 doesn't have a heavy attack command, this was the foundation of many combos for 2k2. I understand that its a new system and you have to replace the old 2k2 combos for the team combos in 2k3. In addition, many of the characters have been GREATLY nerfed from the powerful versions in 2k2 (eg. Iori, Kyo). In 2k2, its easy to achieve 10+ hit combos without the use of DM's. In 2k3, you have to use the team strategy to get those numbers where as you can do them in 2k2 without a team. Oh yeah, is it just me...or does Billy now have a girl's voice? Oh yeah, Terry blows compared to his Garou Sprite.
  5. Actually, you can do exceed special ANY time when your health bar is red. And you can only do it once for the whole match.
  6. Well, there was a movelist on gamefaqs, but i guess they took it down for some reason. I'll send you one to your email.
  7. He's already dead, died in a car accident shortly after he made Wonderswan.
  8. Methinks its a waste of time and money. Its the beginning of the end of Nintendo. Why bring out a system that no one will buy? Thats what the N-Gage is for. First gameboy advance, then gameboy sp, now gameboy ds or whatever its called. The gameboy sp was awesome because everyone wanted a sleeker, slimmer and back lit gba. No one wants a dual screen, (or anyone that is mentally sane would want one) I present to you the Nintendo BS (guess what it stands for.)
  9. Hmm...i had a similar problem if kof2k2 where kims voice samples were all warped. Maybe you should replace your copy with a back up. Or you could delete the mslug3 eeprom files in the eeprom folder. It worked for me and kof, remember to back things up if you try this.
  10. Hmm...im having problems extracting the files. Says that some can't be created. Anyone know the solution?
  11. Yes! Hopefully, it will fix some of the minor bugs in svc and add orochi and kusanagi bgm for kof.
  12. I just submitted the file to kofchile.cl. Hopefully I can get more people to download it by spreading the word. They also have a lot of cvs2 and garou and kof mp3's there if anyone is interested in that sort of stuff.
  13. I got all of the sounds from kawaks sound log. You can make your own if you want. Just open a neogeo game in kawaks and record the samples of the game of your choice. Play a little game shall we? Can anyone name the samples that were used in the MP3? Come on, give it a try.
  14. Hey everyone, its NeoMaster again. I've been really busy putting together a mp3 and finally after so much hours, its complete. I present to you, "Insanity of it All" which is a huge assortment of samples from KOF, Garou and SVC that are played in the foreground with metal slug 5 music in the background. Its pretty insane if you ask me. I would like to ask you kind people to try it out and see it you like it or not. Any comments are welcome. You can find a link below. Its hosted on Geocities so if a couple of people download it at once the file may go offline for awhile, just try again later if this happens. I'll try to get it the file on the mirror site a little later in the afternoon. Remember to SAVE TARGET AS or the download won't work. http://www.geocities.com/ssjchau/Insanity.zip Mirror, Remember to SAVE TARGET AS http://ssjchau.tripod.com/Insanity.mp3
  15. I would have to say tales of phantasia, a great RPG without the final fantasy label. I also like Star Ocean which is very similar to TOP.
  16. You must've downloaded it from thenationnet or a site that has the same file. If you want the correct version...go download it from http://www.planetemu.net
  17. Ummm...put in your computer's backup cd. Restart your computer and follow the instructions.
  18. I've experimented with this game before. If you want to get it working and having the time of your life...listen up. You need to download two files for each game. ki and ki_hdd are the files for Killer Instinct. ki2 and ki2_hdd are the files for killer instinct two. You can download them from emu russia which elmsley pointed out. Now, you need the emulator to play it. The best one i've used is u64 ver. 311. @Rob The sound problem you experienced is fixed in the newer version...plus it has better controller support. Now setting up killer instinct within the rom is pretty simple, set graphic and sound settings...and you have to set up the rom. To do this, extract ki and ki_hdd or ki2 and ki2_hdd in a folder. Go into the rom setup and there will be slots where you have to designate the required files. Select browse and select each file it needs. Run the emulator, exit.....then go back to controller setup, then run the game again. It should work fine from now on!
  19. Hey, It's NeoMaster. After reading some gaming news articles, I found out that SNK has updated their release list. They plan to release a new King of Fighters game and make a portable version of SVC Chaos for the GBA. You can read about it at : http://pocket.ign.com/articles/387/387506p1.html I'll make sure to post some screens and info when it comes up. Well, im excited....how about you??
  20. @Alexis I've got a joypad but I usually play against my brother. Since he is one of those people who can't stand practicing using the keyboard, I let him use the controller. Its not a big deal for me, the only problem i have using the keyboard is linking huge combos together. I always win anyways too
  21. Hey strider if you want a patch for 2k2 that makes keyboard easier...go to http://www.snkx.com Find it on the left panel under "hacks and files" or something like that. OR... You can use my patented technique to do half circle back. Its takes some practice but its very simple. You have to press an extra forward then down before doing the half circle back input. For example...instead of pressing D,S,A...press D,S,D,S,A. Its vice versa if you want to do half circle forward.
  22. You forgot May Lee! Anyway, Jae Hoon all the way, fire and tae kwon do is the best combo.
  23. You could probably rename most of those game files so it would be reconized by kawaks. But if you want a site that already has kawaks version neogeo games...go to Link not allowed - Diso
  24. Dumping is when you take the original game and make it into a rom so it can be played on the computer or what not. Im not to sure about the teams that are assembled on the web that dump neogeo games.
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