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  1. Damn, i got my hopes up for nothing.
  2. Jimmy is some dude who edits kawaks, mame, etc. and then packages it up new roms like svcplus, metal slug and kof2003 and puts perfect on them who god knows the reason why. Then it gets uploaded to romman.net and tries to pass itself as a "perfect" version so people can download it. Make sense now? So basically... lets say kof2003 comes out. Okay, now "jimmy" takes that mame emulator, slaps his name and logo on it, packages it with kof2003 and passes it like he was the one that created it.
  3. What does that patched m1d do? I know the s1 fixes the infinity meter but does the new m1 fix sound or something?
  4. I've downloaded and after 5 hours of waiting, I played it on the Dreamcast. I downloaded it from the official site. Anyway, the game is alright, but it was way below my expectations. The backgrounds are really repetitive and the music is wanky. I got bored after a half hour or so, I enjoyed Gekido Advance more.
  5. What the flocking hell! I wasted 4 hours downloading this crap! This is exactly the same game but with some stupid edited mame thats titled Jimmy. I would really, really like to sock that crackhead for just adding a stupid bios and calling it a perfect version! OMG, this isn't even the PLUS version that neogamez was talking about. That kof2003p that romman has is Kof2003 perfect. Perfect? Perfect you say? You don't even have the bios that unlocks hidden characters! HOW ARE YOU PERFECT??!?! Long story short, i've been screwed royally... PS. James, did you read my PM or not? I haven't recieved a reply yet.
  6. I hope it comes with an emulator to play with this special plus thingy malingy.
  7. I like the street fighter ex games....don't be hating.
  8. Whats the difference between plus and non plus?
  9. Its probably the image. I kind of got worried when it came out to be 709 megs when i extracted it. Oh well, i guess ill play King of Fighter 2002, its a better game anyways. PS How do you overburn in Alcohol? Nevermind, i figured out the mystery.
  10. Wow, you beat it already? I only played it for 40 minutes (too busy nowadays). Seems pretty short if you can beat in in under 3 hours :/ Looks like nintendo is getting lazy.
  11. This game looks sick, im downloading it for dc right now!
  12. Hey everyone, Zero Mission just came out today. You can download it from www.advance-power.de Remember to download it quick since advance power only carries the latest 10 roms. The game looks really good, although the graphics are kinda blah, I liked Fusion's graphics a bit more. The story is basically a retelling of the original metriod for the snes (or was it nes?) Its pretty good so far. Ill keep playing and give a review maybe later.
  13. I don't think its my DC, since all my other games work flawlessy. Plus, i tried doing what you said but no good
  14. I got the Echleon release of Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves. Mines boots up and works and everything but the song is slow. For example, whenever i perform a move or attack, it takes a extra second for it to play, which makes the timing way off. Anyone know how to fix this?
  15. Too bad they took of SF 3rd Strike off of suprnova. It had a self boot disc. Its pretty sweet If anyone needs help burning the games you can ask me.
  16. He may have a version of mame that only allows you to play if you have all the required files and same crc's. I had a P IGN mame before where this was the case. In older copies of mame, you can press okay and it will still work if the files are good.
  17. Dan was created to make fun of SNK when they made Ryo (which capcom thought was ripping of Ryu). So Dan is a mixture of Ryo/Robert.
  18. Im really surprised that they didn't include K' in the gba king of fighter ex games. He is like one of the main characters of kof period.
  19. Did this just become upcoming PC discussion? What happened to kof2003?
  20. Finally, someone agrees with me. Somehow they got tizoc's sprite right, but not Terry's.
  21. Yeah, Mukai doesn't have a crouch sprite, kind of like Red Arremmer in SVC Chaos.
  22. Well if you enjoy changes where boys look like girls and proper voice acting gets replaced with a male voice actor who hasn't gone through puberty yet, well i can see why you LOVE it so much. And its nothing to get mad about either, combos that make the game fun are taking out...but, who cares about that.
  23. I am looking into my magic ball and it says..."soon, get used to mame". Weird eh?
  24. All the super sidekicks and several other neogeo games for kawaks have problems with rasters. You have to use nebula to have the games working 100%.
  25. Yep, no info about emulating this baby. Heheh, interesting you say? Most people probably don't even want to play this game, but not having it makes your neogeo collection incomplete eh?
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