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  1. I hope they aren't as bad as the first shaman king game
  2. Not really, they just come back when you re-enter from the other worlds.
  3. Nes: River City Ransom Donkey Kong Super Mario 3 SNES: Mario Kart Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 4 Smash TV DBZ Hyper Dimension
  4. I like to go head to head with those "special" victims and then stab them with the Sword of Obedience. They make a nice sound when floored. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Another annoying aspect. It's not bad enough that you can't keep those ghost pinned to the ground without having swords in your inventory, but you have to resist turning off the sound after hearing the gurgling noises.
  5. Has this topic become a "Let's discuss Harvest Moon thread?" Oh yeah, to add a few more games. I really liked playing GT 3 Pro Concept Racing or something like that. CT Special Forces 3 was challenging and fun. And Street Fighter Alpha 3 probably is the best port of an arcade fighter to handheld for the GBA.
  6. SH 4 was the first SH game I played. I've really enjoyed it so far but it gets pretty annoying sometimes. Like after you beat the first 5 worlds you have to replay with over again...ughhh. Also that biatch that follows you is so stupid, you don't have direct commands to give her and you always fight that Walter Sullivan whenever I try to run away...also, the invincible ghosts and Sullivan are so Facking annoying and a waste of ammo.
  7. I seriously have no interest in this concept/game. I wouldn't play it if you payed me...well, maybe if you payed me.
  8. I guess this is the port of the playstation 2 version huh? Can you explain to me on how this game actually plays? I've seen some screens and it looks sort of like a phantasy star online game but with megaman. How many players is it?
  9. Only if they didn't stop production of CD64...
  10. Aria of Sorrow > Circle of the Moon CotM = Too hard
  11. Metal Slug Advance - Great game if you have short time to spare and impressive to show off. V-Rally 3 - One of the best racing games on the Handheld. KOF EX2 - Reasonably good port and fun to play. Fire Emblem Final Fantasy Tactics
  12. I love Azureus too, I've been reading on the Bittorrent forums and such they say many people have the same problem. Everything works fine one day and the next...meh. Right now, there is about a million different possibilities about what has happened. Ranging from problems of SP2, providers, router, website problems...and the list goes on. It sux to be me.
  13. Yes, it is very important...VERY. You must have it to be able to burn the image. Basically that file is kind of a...instruction guide for the burner on how to burn the image to the disc. Without it, your screwed.
  14. I want the ps2 version because I can get it really...cheap. Wink Wink
  15. I tried the uPNP thingy and the router mapping feature of bitcomet. Supposibly it opens all necessary ports automatically for you. But unfortunatly I still get shi|tty speeds. Looks like my torrent days are over. SIGH. I should just cancel my cable internet and use the money to rent the games...so much easier.
  16. I haven't been living under a rock you know. I have both systems and I know that the PS2 isn't as low tech as you may think. Most games on Gamecube that are available on PS2 have minor differences. I'm just surprised that the PS2 would be downgraded in such a high extent. Stupid rather that Capcom would try to appeal to a huge audience of gamers with a super washed down version of a great game.
  17. Seems like my TCP Listen Port thingy is having a NAT problem. Anyone know what the holla is this? And how do I find a working port shiznits.
  18. Nice, I saw this awhile ago. Interesting part about it (only part i understand) is that it's greater than a 4ghz comp.
  19. GC's are a dime a dozen these days. I had to pay 300 CAD for mine...and that's before taxes, games, and mem card I wanted to buy another one when they had that GC/2 Controllers/Mario Kart deal for 120 CAD, but that lasted about a week before being sold out.
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