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  1. Nope Virtua Fighter is the grandaddy of 3D fighters, as it was the first one made .
  2. OMG, im going to crap myself, this is way to cool, i cant wait.
  3. Half Life has been ported to source O_O, i need to see images, are ye sure ya not talking about CS, cos i have heard nothing on half life being ported to it O_O.
  4. SNES, meanly cos of all the great RPG's.
  5. I thought it would be something like that, oj well, just have to keep waiting.
  6. Ok, well looking around suprnova in the roms section, i seen "all mame V0.86U3 CPS3 CHD's (jojo, jojoba, sfiii, sfiii2, sfiii3, warzard) does this mean cps 3 is working in mame?, is this a hacked mame emulater?, can anyone conform this?, i cant download it since i've hit my cap limit , if this is real then it is great news
  7. Unleashx all the way, once i converted from evox to unleashx i never looked back, it looks sooo much better.
  8. one thing i never understood, but what does the decrypted roms do that the bootlegs don't?, do they have things fixed in them etc??.
  9. For other consoles, yes. But for the Xbox, this is a load of BS. Of all the consoles, Xbox code is the most similar to Windows code. Access to hw acceleration is via DirectX on both systems, direct hw register programming is largely a thing of the past. I already know the xbox is the most like the pc, but it still doesn't change the fact that the processer speeds mean nothing with the 2 of them, and if it is the case, then do you mind telling me how doom 3 can run on xbox looking pretty good, yet it wouldn't run on a pc with the same specs?, oh how games like splinter cell etc, also run looking great on an xbox, but on a pc with the same spec they run like crap??.
  10. Get an xbox, its alot cheaper then a pc, and for the upgrade you would most likely need to play them games looking better then xbox versions, its also going to cost you alot less, now the xbox cpu being 533MHz or whatever doesn't matter, look at some of the games that play on the xbox with that processer, would they plau looking that good on a pc with the same specs??, no they wouldn't, a consoles processer power, and a pc's processers power can not be directly compered, as with a console the games can be very optimized as they are only working with hardware that will be in every console, with a pc they have to take into count lots of hardware, so yeah its really down to you, but if i was you i'd get an xbox, its going to cost you alot less.
  11. Yes the guy is indeed speaking BS!, it can't be done, the is no way to play back ups on xbox live, and the is no way to play back up games on an un modded xbox, and the is a small chance it will ever happen.
  12. I got the sims 2 7 days ago, and i mean it, im really really addicted, i can't stop playing, i wake up i play, i go to bed at 6am in the morning, then the same for the next day , its making me go crazy, i now have 9 kids, and 5 grand children my aim?, to rule simsville with my hellspawn children MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  13. OH no, not a 3d metal slug , if they are bringing out a 3d one, they also better bring out Metal Slug 6, and have it in 2d with high res backgrounds and characters, and lots of animation, i feel like the 3d one just wont feel like a metal slug game .
  14. Holypoop, lol thats some funny stuff, imagin using that to play doom 3 or half life 2 lol.
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