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  1. My Mugen has the same problem. This may be a side effect of using VDMS. Lord knows what type of damage this error may be causing.
  2. Not that ordinary either. Not only can he walk on walls & ceilings, but he has the strength of 10 men.
  3. I read somewhere that you can actually get the dreamcast to run high-meg neogeo games at or near full speeds by getting it to read the audio from the disk instead of loading all of it into the ram. If so, does this mean that svc chaos, & kof2k3 can be run from the dreamcast via mame or any other type of emu?
  4. Alot of people were dissappointed with the Rock match. I agree with them. The highlight of the whole show for me was the Undertaker. P.S. I got a little teary eyed when Benoit recieved the belt too.
  5. I think I just broke the slow DL record. 1640 hrs for Virtua Fighter 3tb.
  6. dunno much about alcohol, but I do know that u can use diskjuggler for that cdi. Burn in mode1, dvd, raw format. BURN baby BURN!
  7. Well I guess you're right. I should have said properly emulated. If it's CD based, Its gonna be WWIII to get that thing emulated.
  8. The other day I tried to dL Vampire Chronicles on a T1 connection. It's about 700 megs and some change. the dL screen broke my heart & told me I had over 689 hours to complete the dL. I think thats like a few months or something?
  9. Well guys. Take a gander at the one of the first KOF titles that will probably NEVER be emulated. Sucks huh? Perhaps we'll be able to play unfaithful conversions on the Ps2 2 years from now?
  10. I've waited for the beep, then switched over to vga. Still nothing. But I think it may be my timing though. Perhaps I'm either doin it too fast or too slow. P.S. I'm with you on the Dreamcast's demise. It was way too premature. Some of those old games are better than a few ps2, xbox, & gamecube games!
  11. I recently downloaded Doa2LE (echelon rip) & burned it, but the intro has some skipping problems. Can anyone help me with this? I've tried hex edit with the 1st read.bin to remove the ecelon intro, but I'm having problems getting it to self boot.
  12. I've tried this. It does not work for kof dreammatch99, or evolution. Bangio gets stuck at the freq setup screen. I gave up after the 52nd try.
  13. All of my games are scratch free. The lens is practically brand new, the TV is a Sony Wega , the CDR is Imation, and yes, I am burning from the original disks. Should I create the Image file first, then burn?
  14. Check your task manager for something called TGSHELL. That potentially may be your problem.
  15. I've tried burning them slow, & they're crystal clean smudge & scratch free. I heard something somewhere about a program called clone cd. Would that help?
  16. I found the virus also. Thankfully it was quarantined by my antivirus program. avoid the noid.
  17. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!! I forgot all about that damn Bison from Alpha 1. I bought that game back in 98" from Blockbuster video for $4. I was happy until I got to Bison. I thought I was going to wup his arse, but I thought wrong. After 30 minutes of getting my arse wupped by his instant level 3 psycho crusher every time I missed a footsweep, I gave up. I snatched the game out of my system in a fit of rage and shattered it into thousands of tiny pieces. end of story.
  18. 3 of the hardest bosses period are: 1. The final boss of Gun Valkyrie (Xbox) 2. Frankenstein from Castlevania 1 (Nes) 3. The Final boss of Rush & Attack (Nes) period.
  19. Just recently I have burned a couple of psx games, and they work, but there are skipping problems on the movie footage, CG intro's, etc. Does anyone know how to get past this problem? Any help would be completely appreciated! Thx in advance.
  20. There is a program called VDM sound. It should fix all of your sound problems. You should find the link for it within the MUGEN thread.
  21. Check this entire Mugen thread within this forum to possibly find the correct version of VDM sound that you may need. As far as your exiting from MUGEN problem goes, I had the exact same problem. I hit escape 14.5 million times, and I still could not get out of the damn thing without hitting the window button. When I downloaded VDM sound, It seemed to stabilized the entire program, because now I can actually exit the program by simply hitting the esc. button. Killed 2 Bill Gates with one Lawsuit .
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