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  1. My SVC works fine in NeoRAGEx....Yes, I'm an NRX fan. Oops, I was actually thinking about a different game. Thats what happens when you mix 48 hours with no sleep with constant studying. But to answer Hadashi's question: check through the entire SVC chaos news thread. You will find all of the answers you need.
  2. Hang it up. No one else seems to care about NRX but you and I. Perhaps we'll see some progression in time after the hype about Kawaks dies down.
  3. I've missed a couple of pages here & there, but does anyone know how to dash consistently, or dodge on this game? If not initially accessable, can these attributes be attained by beating the game or meeting certain requirements? I've checked Gamefaqs, but I have not seen anything pertaining to this. P.s. 8 more pages to go!
  4. I've been burning new cup coasters for the past few days. I have the mamed front-end emu up & running fine, but I can't get my roms disk to work. It shows the roms on the respective list, but they simply refuse to load when I press start, or any other button on my Dreamcast controller. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thx in advance!!
  5. Hello everyone. I'd like to give thanks to all of you out there who have provided info & links about this game! You know who you are! Plus I have to say that now that I have kof2k3 running seemingly flawless, joysticks & all, I see no purpose in purchasing the $300 game. Technically, my SVC chaos(when compared to the same game in my local arcade) is flawless also. Running on a VGA monitor, the picture quality is better also. What does this spell for SNK's future?
  6. I am impressed. SNK is slowly beginning to loosen up the straps on KOF's fighting system, which translates into more potentially insane combos. Bring on KOF2k4, 5, and 6!!! 2-D Fighters will live on forever thx to companies like SNK.
  7. Thx alot Darkzone! For a minute there I thought I had to nuke a small city to get my hands on that emulator!!
  8. Well well guys. Hi-res Pics of kof 2k3 fully dumped have been popping up on various sites. It's just a matter of time.
  9. Damn Drifter that streetfighter gif is funny as hell. You MUST really hate ken huh?
  10. I actually love SNK's fighters, but recent sequels have been getting criticized alot around these parts lately. Every time I try to get a KOF tournament started, It gets shot down for not being as good as Capcom's fighters or Guilty GearX. So I've given up on trying to find competition around here. Personally I like both Capcom and SNK's combo systems. I say take the best of both worlds and combine them. P.S. You guys have to agree with me on this one though : the striker sys. sucked!!
  11. Thanks to all you guys out there, my svc chaos works fine in nrx, but I can't seem to get the pause button to function. Can anyone help me with this? Thx in advance! P.S. I wonder what happens when a thread reaches 100+ pages?
  12. I have high expectations for this game also. I'm just glad they got rid of those damn strikers. Perhaps SNK will also opt for a more user-friendly chain combo system (ala CAPCOM) for future releases!!
  13. Guys this is samoht. And I just want to extend my thanks and utmost gratitude to those of you out there within this forum for contributing your knowledge!! Metal Slug 5 is incredible. 2D animation lives on!!!!!
  14. I found the key for nrx test also, but does anyone know if svcplus actually gets past the dialogue screen in arcade & vs modes. I would try it myself but all of my roms are at home.
  15. I have svc chaos for mame, but I can't find a dip switch for console mode. Can some one help me out on this. P.S. sorry about that thread situation, I'm new to this forum stuff!!
  16. I have svc chaos for mame, but I can't find a dip switch for console mode. Can some one pweeze help me out on this. Also, is there a patch or something that I could use to get it running right on neoragex's arcade & vs modes?
  17. thanx a whole lot you guys. That link was the ultimate. Your help is greatly appreciated!! maybe now I can bust out some decent combos.
  18. I'm trying to figure out how to set up my joysticks for mugen. Even when I use the joystick to key exe, I can't seen to get it to work correctly. Right now mugen will only recognize the d-pad & 2 buttons of my 10-button joystick.
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