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  1. What is the correct Macros combination to perform Misogi for Shin Akuma. Here's what I got: F,FD,D,DB,B,F,FD,D,BD,B+2+3 Seems that it doesn't work and that it performs either a Messatsu GouShoryu or a Messatsu GouHadou. I'm using Kawaks for this. Can anyone help? EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out on my own.
  2. My friend and I was playing some AvP the other day and I enlarged and the screen and it worked normal. Speed was fine. But then I showed him my Mugen junk and then quit out of it and reverted to play some co-op AvP and all of a sudden, the game speed became choppy as hell. And it still is choppy and slow even when I'm not doing anything but playing my emulator. It's very annoying. Any solutions on how I can get it back to normal speed and not choppy?
  3. So does anyone know where I can get t3h Shredder?
  4. Ogre has incredible AI that makes him very hard to beat. Master Geese is over powered and almost counters every move you throw at him. Evil Ken and Evil Ryu made by KingTigre are incredible characters with awesome AI and some unique moves. Brolly isn't cheap. He's slow in compairison to the 4 guys I named above.
  5. So I got this place here called http://www.snesmusic.org/red.html It has a lot of SNES music and things and I really want to listen to them but I can't because they're in SPC format or something like that. So what do I need to play these files?
  6. Holy crap, it's an exact clone of *******! Thanks for the link, lacien. I hope ****** gets back up soon. I don't need download managers to help me download. I download things one at a time.
  7. Can the ZSNES emulator have a feature that helps in sprite ripping or is there a technique to rip sprites from ZSNES? I need sprites to help create a Mugen character I'm planning on making. And yes, the sprites I need is on a SNES exclusive game only. I can't use Nebula or Kawaks since it has no arcade counterparts.
  8. Well, you could go to GameFaqs.com or to http://www.guardcrush.com Both should help. When you go to GuardCrush, just go to the SvC: Chaos link to your left and it should take you to the movelist. Note it doesn't have Shin Akuma, Serious Mr. Karate, Red Arremer, or Athena's movelist.
  9. Must I register to get this one Rom? And thanks for the help.
  10. Ah don't bother. You have to get "koi" points for a free membership. And the membership is only one week anyway. I did remember I did download a lot of my stuff a places like ******* and ******* but I think both of them went down or that one of them went down temporarly. I'm not sure. But check out both of those sites within this month. One of them should be up and running again, bringing us those oh so good roms.
  11. Wow, Samurai Shodown V is already dumped? I didn't know that one. Soon enough, KOF2k3 is gonna show up on the internet somewhere. Keep this updated guys. This looks interesting...
  12. Hey guys, the name is Satsu Ryu. First time in a emu forum community, long time in the emulation business. Got started with SNES emus but I got up to the higher arcade emulators. That's all about me. Oh, and Akuma rocks.
  13. For Arcade (CPS2/Neo Geo): Nebula and Kawaks For SNES: ZSNES That's all. I really don't put any special settings to my emulators. They all work fine the way they are.
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