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  1. Just a some questions here... Can you play mugen online? In that case how? If not, is there any info about it being avalibe in the future?
  2. Ok it's like this when i play my mugen game there's no problem at all, but. If i run it with WDMsound, the sound is good but after like one match, i select a player and then i get the exact messege as you, i don't have much RAM but when i play my mugen game (Not "Run with VDMsound") it dosen't give me the messege.
  3. 1.How do i install a Intro? (I've got 3 files: name.def name.mp3 name.sff) 2.How do i change the size of the screen?
  4. Well, looks like no one wants to help me, so i'm gonna help my self: -link removed.. does not follow mugen rules- (found it after posting the question about the MUGEn games =) )
  5. Sephiroth? Kind of easy... Hehe That Bison boss is HARD. But not for me, i rule! No, just kidding.
  6. Hi! When you download MUGEN you get like, one char and one stage, right? But when you download a MUGEN beta, game you get a different/new screenpack, chars, stages, and music, right? Know, do anyone know were to download some MUGEN games? Please, in english, not german.
  7. Yes, MUGEN in DOS. And i can't play midis just mp3. But, the mp3 sound bad.
  8. Hi, when i start my mugen.exe, there's no problem... but, the music sound really bad (I'm using Windows XP) could anyone help me with this?
  9. Well... still dosen't work. Ok, i've got a folder in my "chars" foder with the name: "Mr.satan". Inside the folder "Mr.Satan" there's a file named "Mr.Satan.def". Now i go to the "data" folder, select the "select.def". Then i se this (not icluding the levels and options. This is a Ranma ½ game, that's why it's a lot of weird names) : ;--------------------------------------------------------------------- [Characters] ranma,stages/ranmabg1.def,ORDER=6; ranmachan,stages/ranmabg.def,ORDER=6; genma,stages/ryougabg.def,ORDER=4; akane,stages/YYHrooftop.def,ORDER=1; kuno,stages/ryogaroof.def,ORDER=2; ryouga,stages/cliff.def,ORDER=6; kodachi,stages/moussebg.def,ORDER=2; shampoo,stages/shampoob.def,ORDER=1; mousse,stages/shampoob.def,ORDER=5; happosai,stages/clouds.def,ORDER=5; ukyo,stages/ryogaroof.def,ORDER=2; gosunkugi,stages/happosai.def,ORDER=3; hinako,stages/ranmabg.def,ORDER=5; kahuna,stages/happosai.def,ORDER=4; nylonstrumpf_taro,stages/ranmabg1.def,ORDER=5; mariko,stages/ranmabg1.def,ORDER=4; genma1,stages/ryougabg.def,ORDER=3; Mister King, stages/DeliveryTruck.def,ORDER=3; Taro,stages/DeliveryTruck.def,ORDER=7 Herb,stages/clouds.def/ORDER=8 Mr.Satan,stages/DeliveryTruck.def,ORDER=3; leer leer leer leer leer leer leer leer leer leer leer leer leer Hinako_Nimomiya,stages/shampoob.def,ORDER=7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, now what is wrong!? When i'm in the character selection, i can't select Mr.Satan!
  10. Search Google for: Zophar's Domain They've got every emu in the world
  11. Ok, in the a text document (don't remember which one..) were you can set the 640x840 thingy, set it to 640x835 or something. This works i have the program and i've got XP. Just ask me for more info.
  12. I want to add a new char to mugen. I've read all the : Open data/select.cfg. in the [Characters] group at the top, add a line that looks like: player, stages/stage.def Substitute "player" for the name of the player, and "stage.def" for the name of his stage. If you do not specify a stage, it will randomly choose one. Tried this, didn't work, when i check the player selection theres no player that i puted in there... Could anyone help me?
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