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  1. so far can't find any in the LI, but once I do, posts will be up
  2. what was the generic crap story?
  3. Here are my DATs for those games: GHOSTLOP System: NEO RomName: ghostlop Game: Ghostlop [Program] gl-p1.rom,0,100000,6033172e,0 [Text] gl-s1.rom,0,20000,83c24e81,0 [Z80] gl-m1.rom,0,20000,fd833b33,0 [Samples] gl-v1.rom,0,200000,c603fce6,0 [Graphics] gl-c1.rom,0,400000,bfc99efe,0 gl-c2.rom,1,400000,69788082,0 [System] CartridgeID: 228 GfxCrypt: 0 GfxKey: 0 ButLayout: 9 Fix: 0 Power Instrinct Matrimelee (You Need the Nebula Loader) System: NEO RomName: pim Game: Power Instinct Matrimelee (Decrypted C) [Program] pim_p1.rom,0,100000,CC71B315,0 pim_p2.rom,100000,400000,B0132CEF,0 [T
  4. i wonder how to screen is.... remembering how the old gba was without a backlight or how battery life.. maybe they'll pull a nintendo and make you pay for the headphone adapter.
  5. You mean I should just type them all out one by one from nebula into notepad? that's what i need, a physical list of games, and was wondering there's something easier than that.
  6. is there a place where I can get a list of all games that work with nebula? The only solution I saw was to load it up, and type out each game listed by hand. But there must me another way or a place to see a full list of games. My only concern are the CPS1/CPS2/ and Neogeo any help will be much appreciated
  7. finally something else i can use the hotrod on...
  8. tried that still no luck... still doesn't seem to be working
  9. it would be cool to actually meet some of the forum veterans... always wondered what y'all look like.
  10. I have no idea. It just started around the time I got the kof2003b.zip, i noticed that my keyboard wasn't working with the game. So i test it with other neogeo games and they all don't work. I have no idea why. I tested it with CPS1 and CPS2 and it works fine, it seems to be just the neogeo ones. Could it be the bios? I'm using the universal bios 1.3 or maybe i should reinstall? i don't know.
  11. My friend is active in this and is active all video games relaed events for NewYork/Tokyo. information can be found here: http://game.newyork-tokyo.com/ These parties are monthly events, with free admission, where you can try now new games or whatnot. I will try be there, so if anyone wants to meet up or anything, just drop me a message. For those who are curious: the game they are showcasing is Sudeki (for XBOX). Check out the website for the flyer and more information.
  12. ok i got it to load fine in nebula, but for some reason, my keyboard isn't working... it works fine with other games (including neogeo games)... but not this one? any ideas?
  13. i installed nebula 2.24 (not backing up my 2.23c), overwrote all my dat files and whatnot, and realized that half of my neogeo games don't work anymore. i mean in 2.23c everything was fine and dandy, but now i can't even get last blade to work. i mean, maybe all those roms were bad to begin with and 2.23 never minded, but with the CRC errors and the wrong size errors and the THIS ROM IS FOR ORIGINAL SNK BOARD messages... it's just annoying. so do i have to go out and start searching again for these roms?
  14. i read about that on tvshowsondvd.com it was because of dvd sales of the box sets maybe the same can happen to invader zim
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