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  1. At this time I feel that being single works for me, it narrows down my concerns in life and it keeps out uneeded conflicts. There's a lot of pressure when your parents keep telling you, "when you have kids", or "I want grandkids", it's hard to tell your parents that you have almost no interest in relationships.
  2. If I can't use gamefly, then I might have to re-think gaming as a hobby.
  3. I would watch wrestling again if Stone Cold came back as an actual wrestler and not some cameo, guest appearance, guest referree, or general manager.
  4. It's hard for me to concentrate playing games like these in this decade. Most of these new games are good to mediocre, and are based off of a template that was created by better games before them. Syndicate is nowhere near being bad, however with playing so many similar and better First Person Shooters in the past, it's hard for me to get past a few hours. The point of co-op to me, was to have someone else help me, or have someone that I can assist to complete a game's campaign. Working out is easier and less tedious if you have someone to do it with you. I would have been less likely to complete Gears of War without a partner.
  5. The co-op in the game was good in the demo, I was let down once I found out that there is no co-op campaign. More games need that these days, that's a turn off for me.
  6. There is a cliche saying whenever someone gets something they can appreciate, "I didn't expect this", or, "I didn't deserve this", that's basically what I want to say here. That isn't to say that I appreciate this though, thanks.
  7. Brushing your teeth before going to sleep won't prevent morning breath, but will make it less lethal, to tolerable when you wake up.
  8. The reason why Capcom is able to pull off the crap that they're pulling, is because people still buy it, which is a problem in itself. For me I prefer to have hard copies, I feel like that's proof that I actually bought the game. For some reason to me, I think somewhere down the line, the internet will forget that I purchased a game, as odd as that sounds. Not to mention discs aren't indestructible themselves.
  9. To all women and men who like penis, men do not choose their penis size. Keep that in mind before you start going off about it, like we singlehandly determined it ourself. Blamers gonna blame. There is a worse case of women who say that penis size doesn't matter, but if I approaced any of them with some 13 year old sized junior pre-school penis, she would be up in arms.
  10. There will be a $59.99 used game cleansing code, and a $19.99 online pass, along with the $19.99 for the online feature and $4.99 DLC. Another DLC unlock code that costs $4.99 to unlock the DLC you just purchased.
  11. I hate you. Not really.... but, you know. I'll drown my sorrows in Tales of Innocence. Also, Tales of Xillia is most likely slated for an EU release. I hate myself too, because I can't discuss this game with the JRPG connoisseur that is Agozer.
  12. http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/323/index/10635792&lf=8 This is AWESOME. We really do have the best fans in the world. If I'm around I'll definitely take some photos and post them on BSN! Originally Posted by Nathan Matichuk: "No matter which one I eat, they're all delicious!" Originally Posted by Bryan Johnson: I am just saying if Fuss can pull off a Marauder Shields cake you guys will have saved me from having to find a wedding cake supplier down the road. Originally Posted by Devon Gardner: Every part of this is deliciously awesome! Originally Posted by Stanley Woo: Before people get a little too freaky with their enthusiasm, I hope people realize that none of this is, in any way, shape or form, required to get us to listen to you. Nor can we be bribed to make things go your way. And finally, no matter what happens, we still love our community. That said, if this comes to pass (after all, nothing is guaranteed), i will dedicate my cupcake to those who said I should get more than one cupcake. Cheers!
  13. I know nothing, we all know little. If the online pass is actually fullfilling what it needs to. Either way you look at it, people who hardly ever buy new games are suffereing, and are getting disgruntled towards companies. $59.99 for a single player game with no replay value is a waste of money, because I'm going to complete that game in 10 hours. This is why I use Gamefly. The problem comes in where I rent a game from Gamefly, but I can't play online because I don't have a pass. The only real reason I would think the online pass exists, is to help pay for the servers, if Mortal Kombat's online passes aren't being purchased, is that really a big deal? They're basically including online passes with new games free, and if they weren't every game would be $69.99, since it costs $9.99 to buy an online pass if you got a used copy. I know the used game market is hurting companies, which is why the online pass is supposed to make people want to buy a new game over a brand new one. What's absurd is that there will be a used copy of MAss Effect 3 in Gamestop as we speak for $54.99, I would buy the new game for $59.99 instead, or use credit from all of the other games you traded in to buy a used game. What if XBOX LIVE or PSN goes out, what if my code is brand new but can't be validated, what if the online play sucks? That means I just wasted $9.99, and however much money it took for me to buy the online service before the pass. It's all stupid. Capcom is a part of it, there's no reason for me to buy any of their fighting games, or any game for that matter now that I know the future DLC will be packaged in a "Game of the Year" edition. I could never imagine when buying a game brand new had so much risk. I have to think about so many things before buying a game new nowadays.
  14. I always thought DLC and Online Pass were the scurge of this generation. The future of gaming looks grim when it comes to where your money can goto.
  15. I'm not arguing whether or not the ending sucks, (it does). I'm asking will this petition actually work? I usually see petitions like these surface, and they end up getting the amount of signatures they need, and then nothing happens.
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