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  1. someone has to know somthing ;(
  2. so anyhelp? its saving tis whats most importent to me
  3. ok srrry but this is my prob lil laggy sometimes my joystick buttens wont work on some parts of the game and i can sav the agem but when i load it it crashes and says the rom has crashed or somthing
  4. o im srry so wher edo i post stuff aobut error and saving trouble on that emu?
  5. i got pokemon diamond to work but i have no idea how to save my place any info?
  6. well i tryed the NO$GBA and besides bad sound when i get to the point asking if im a boy or girl i cant get pssed it i press evrything possible on my keyboard and joystick and clicked and cant get passed it :S
  7. what working ds emu can run it without crashing? please reply ty
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