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  1. Sorry I was just talking generally. I actually just read the first post but none of the replies when I posted that :/
  2. It's probably the kind of light in the room you took the photo. If you took it outside or switched to a tungsten / fluorescent light the colour would probably change again. You can use the Hue & Saturation tools in Photoshop to get it back to the right tone- just make sure you have the right RGB preview on.
  3. The urge to copulate is not a biological condition that specifies. It no more quickly specifies that gay men should be attracted to males, than it specifies otaku get turned on by hentai. It is not as though homosexual men have unusually high levels of oestrogen or anything- this is obviously not the case. I think your biological argument (with no evidence) fails. And I wasn't breaking anything down into chemicals- hentai and homosexuality both involve a conscious decision to do something perverted. They're both, thus, the same thing.
  4. Bottom line- if hentai didn't make jokers hard then they wouldn't jack off to it. That's a biological imperative. Same for gay guys doing guys, and same for schizophrenics hallucinating. Hallucinations may be involuntary, but neither masturbation to hentai nor gay say are. Their chemicals motivate their actions, thus they act. The point is, it may seem right to the person doing it but that doesn't make it right. Or does it? Unless you can find a contradiction in my logic you will either have to declare homosexuality just as sick as hentai, or concede that hentai is OK.
  5. So what if it seems natural to the sick person doing it? Sick people aren't thinking straight. After all, thinking that having sex with the same sex is 'natural', given nature's purpose for sexual dimorphism in the first place, is the stupidest thing I've heard in my short life. Basically, why do you think it is OK to consider fantasising over a stylised woman 'sick', and yet to consider shoving a dick up someone's arse perfectly fine? Both are things that people do consciously, knowingly. Neither are 'normal' and both equally unnatural. Yet you are condemning one, but quickly making excuses for the other. That's what I don't get.
  6. I'd hate to think what you'd say about homosexuals. I mean, they aren't even lusting over women at all- real or animated. If fapping over a cartoon chick is unnatural, how sick are they?
  7. That is downright preposterous. Humans need fantasy- the unreal. Without it you don't have drama, stories, movies... you are left with nothing but cold hard existential realities. Are you suggesting that humans need something to be 'real' to engage with it emotionally? If nothing else, The Matrix has taught us that's not the case. And why? Because fantasy is inherently more appealing than reality- it is fashioned from human imagination for precisely the purpose of being so. You can take me literally, and say that movies have real actors. But have you never cried during Finding Nemo? Never gasped at a CGI monster? Never got emotionally caught up in a cartoon? Not even as a kid? Either way, you have just undermined thousands of years of mythology, literature and critical theory. In short, to link reality and pleasure is preposterous, and we aren't even getting into the metaphysics or synaesthetics of pleasure yet. I don't like hentai- hell I don't even like watching anime. But to say you honestly 'don't get' the appeal is incredibly narrow-minded, and just a little self-righteous. Now onto the topic of Japanese sex dolls. Anyone seen Lars and The Real Girl?
  8. The battle is going to be a back and forth one just like the PSP's war was. I reiterate the opinion, Who didn't see any of this coming?
  9. Are you seriously going to write off everything good about Dead or Alive and say its just about the bouncing tits? Ever played it?
  10. Here's an analogy for you. If you've ever seen a hot chick in a movie, googled her, and found her photoshoots, you're a hypocrite. Hell, if you've ever even gone to see a movie just because of some hot actress, that's the same thing too. If you want to understand why horny kids look at hentai, think about that. You watch movies, kids watch anime. The difference is [insert anime girl here] doesn't go out and pose for FHM after the set closes.
  11. Prepare to set aside a lot of time for it, especially if you're not playing on easy . There have been so many times where I've chosen to play 'just a little bit longer' to see if I can level up and fuse Persona X, or see a girl one more time to see if her S.Link increases, and where that 'little bit' has turned into a few hours (hours that I don't have). Otherwise Inky I'm thinking of picking up an iBook G4 myself this week... what are your owner's impressions a few weeks on? I'd probably be using it similarly to you- just for the net and things.
  12. MySpace is up there just because young people are the ones who have the time to hit the site a million times a day. It doesn't mean there are more of them on the internet. Games forums and social networking sites are not a fair or clear indication of the young-to-old ratio of internet users.
  13. My heart rate fluttered for a sec, but has settled back to normal. Bleh. Jk, JKK. We all love you.
  14. Anyone who says love doesn't exist, points to chemicals and considers the case closed is a fool. Excuse the ad homonym there but grow the flock up you cynical bastards. And Gouken, it's good getting to agree with you for once
  15. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES - The Journey What part of this does not own? Maybe I just don't play enough of these games.
  16. Of Ultimate Match? There was always a PS2 version. I don't think I ever heard of a 360 version...
  17. Well the PS2 version includes Goenitz and Orochi so maybe that's what they're for.
  18. I think you can boot into the Utopia Kernel from the next CFWs, or into the main Sony Kernel. Which would be sweet.. having that choice between homebrew and official stuff.
  19. Chris' Survival Horror Quest has posted an interesting and comprehensive investigation into why games succeed, and how the proposition of making a game must seem to the developers. Why are the only games worth buying on the 360 or PS3 the big name ones? Why does an insanely clever game like Ace Attorney take a beating in sales? Using the entire software sales history of the PlayStation 2 as a model, this article hopes to find out; Source: http://www.dreamdawn.com/sh/features/sales_vs_score.php?
  20. This is from now-legendary PSP developer Mathieulh; A new fully homebrew-oriented kernel for the PSP, that can be run out of future CFWs? Sounds very promising- who knows what kind of crazy apps will become possible on the PSP. I will be keeping an eye on this. In other news, Dark_AleX's own 4.00 CFW will feature save-state support at any point in game. Currently he is just deciding whether to release this with the firmware proper, or as an optional plugin. Source: http://lan.st/showpost.php?p=11148&postcount=18
  21. Finish... Persona... It's like having a full moon in 7 days.
  22. There are a few minor new areas where you fight the new end-game bosses (which you might probably never end up getting to do), but other than that not many new areas. The big part is the item economy- there are crazy items that you will need to trade for simply because you will never see a drop if you're on your own, and then some which only drop on the realms. The good ones offer altogether new skills and spells. My Necro, for example, could teleport over an enemy and drop the 40 skeletons / revives on it, transform into a vampire and cast Fireball, Meteor and Firewall all just because of the gear it had. Other items trigger new unique quests etc. Then there is the PvP, but your ass will be getting handed to you unless you spec out a PvP build from the beginning... Questing together is otherwise more fun, since on Hell some of the things are far too hard to do on your own, and the whole drop-in drop-out LFG thing is easier to manage than in most MMOs. To sum up, not many new areas but a sh!tload of new monsters, bosses, items and skills can only be had online. Not to mention whatever new things crop up in this new patch- stuff is always added even in the minor patches.
  23. Diablo II, possibly my favourite game of all time, has just had a Ladder Reset on Battle.net. This means all the characters already on the server were switched to non-Ladder and everyone and the economy can start again from scratch. Incidentally, the 1.12 patch that accompanied this disabled the CD check. Anyway, seems like a good time to get back into it. Anyone want to join me this season? [hype]Diablo III being announced June 29[/hype]
  24. OMG... 'Project' Altered Beast. I actually tortured myself to the end of that game. Cases 101 in me being a moron.
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