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  1. Damn this is nice... a beautiful release. Thank you chanka team. Street Fighter 3, full speed!!! A few little gfx glitches, but no crashes (yet) and full speed; 80fps Nice work
  2. wait but i saw cvs2 in ebay.. here is the link.could u check it out? cvs2 ebay weblink I think he means never made it over to America. That one on Ebay is NTSC, but it could still be Jap NTSC. Having said that, I'm sure there is an english CvS2 for Dreamcast isn't there?
  3. Oh dear god, I can't wait to see the results of this game Umm... doesn't that mean EA has the Marvel game rights, meaning Capcom cannot make any more Marvel lisences? On CFJam, they need more core characters. Looking at the 44 in CvS2, theres really no reason for them to limit it at 20... they should also get back the classic boss-type characters. SF2 - Blanka, Vega, Sagat Bison SF3 - Alex, Dudley, Oro Gill SFA - Adon, Gen, Birdie Akuma DS - Morrigan, Anakaris, Rikuo Jedah RE - ? This game is a weird one... as much as Id like to see its characters, it really doesn't fit at all.
  4. In terms of fighting, Ash is ridiculously strong in 2003, along with king, but I don't use king. In terms of overall coolness, its up between Iori and Rugal.
  5. Sega Mega Drive / Genesis King system of all time.
  6. For me, as I have been hunting a working DC in earnest for 6 months, Chankast is a big deal. You would not believe that of the 3 second hand DCs I have bought, none even booted up to the bios screen
  7. Well, that's slightly worse than mine, and if it doesn't run super for me... Anyway try it and see how it goes.
  8. Thanks Sane, but on DC++ for Dynastic Hero you have all these small rar files... what do i do with them, and theres only.r9 to.r17? Is that all of them?
  9. Well what the hell was whoever wrote the list smoking? Actually, could it be a hack or a port or anything?
  10. You can run from CD or Isos... whichever you like. CDs only tho.. not GDs. Specs... somewhere round 2.4Ghz. I'm running 3Ghz and SF3TS is still s*@#slow for me.
  11. Where might one find this delightful game?
  12. Nice... lets hope that support for the two systems is available soon. Also that this means they have long term plans for Chanka is good news.
  13. I dont think this has been asked yet... does Chankast just crash for no reason a lot? I thought it was just coz it was an alpha, but I havnt seen anyone else mention it here. Crashes every 4-5 mins with following message; Visual C++ Runtime Error! abnormal program termination Happens on SF3 TS and Capcom vs SNK2 (the only two games I have). So yeh, is this just me or the emu? Happens on all crack versions btw.
  14. There's no way it will have the same feeling now that it's a 3D game. So I guess I'll just be satisfied if it starts off with some guy yelling 'rise from your grave.' But even then it won't sound so blurred and muffled as the one I used to love.
  15. Never played Shenmue... but it can't be all that good. My favourite is SF3... any version will do. It's all good.
  16. I'm waiting for STV to be good for Golden Axe Duel.
  17. Reckon... but seriously is CPS-3 the only one that's so hard to dump, with such sensitive encryption chips etc etc?
  18. The CHDs or the Console ports? I would like to get my hands on the CHDs I think you can find it at Retro Roms and Rom Share, as Dragon pointed out, but I haven't downloaded it yet, so I cannot be certain. Planet emulation also has a large KI2 file ("kinst2") weighing in at 140 mb or so. The files at Rom Share and Retro Roms are split up. Sorry, I'm still such a noob. Hope this helps. Yeh they are the arcade CHD files. Sadly, the total rar size is bigger than the actual CHD... for example KI 2 is 140MB dl all up, but the CHD is only 130MB. Also for K'dash- using CHDs... in the folder where you have the kinst2 (or 1) rom zip, create another folder inside it called kinst2, and put the chd in there. Eg roms\mame\kinst2.zip <<-------Rom roms\mame\kinst2\kinst2.chd <<-------Hard Disk
  19. Both of you, count yourself lucky your arcade still has KI.
  20. Hear Hear. I agree. We should all be grateful for whatever we get, if we get anything at all... Exactly. I remember paying $100AU for Genesis games back in the day... $120 for MK2. Now, with them around about 1MB each to dl it makes you grateful that you can get things that used to cost so much for free...
  21. I actually might try the DC++ aswell... one question GryphonKlaw; can it resume dls? I don't think anyone has asked if its 56k friendly yet? That's been my worry so far...
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