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  1. Yeh eh... you can just leave it standing... provided no ones gonna kick it or anything~
  2. Did anyone answer the question about USB ports for Xbox and PC peripherals?
  3. Am I the only one in the world who likes FFVIII the most?? I would love to see a sequal to that. Each one of those characters are favourites of mine... in 7 the only one I liked was Sephiroth for obvious reasons.
  4. nice, im dlin now but is there a dat for kawaks floating around or is this another kof2003?
  5. Boy did i miss this one... Just on the off chance that someone does, does anyone still have any invites to spare? Thanks.
  6. kanti is the review king. lol. nice work Gryphon. I agreed with everything you said.
  7. Man he sounds like my kind of statesman. All extreme conservatives rejoice! Too bad I dont live in the states.
  8. Doom 3- except got it today!!!! Metal Gear Solid 3 Mortal Kombat Deception Btw, is there any story related link between the 3 Quakes? The third incorporates teh others i know, but the first two then?
  9. I think SNK has exhausted their CFJ style fighting potential with 10 years of KOF. But maybe no one told them that.
  10. Actually they have two Victoria branches as well. But if you reckon theyl end up the same price, I'd go for a 9600XT even if its 128MB. My friend has that one, but he sets the AGP aperture to 256MB and I can't tell the difference between his and mine. Maybe Doom 3 will make a difference though...
  11. Random- I assume you are Australian. If you live in Sydney, check MSY out. MSY Computers As you can see, a GIGA-BYTE 128MB 9600XT is only $215 AUD. The 256MB is $265. A lot cheaper than what you thought. I personally got my 256MB 9600 XT from there- they have warranties and all that; it's above board. You should try there.
  12. Sorry I disagree. If you want a 9600 card go for at least the 9600XT. It is more expensive, but not by that much. It struggles slightly with Doom 3, and you will probably want to play it in 800*600. However, it is only slightly more expensive than the Pro, and WILL DEFINATELY have a substantial improvement over the 9200SE which is pretty crappy. It will certainly nail Dues Ex and Generals to the wall. So in answer, yes it is worth getting, but try for an XT if you can swing it, as the rest of you system is not to bad.
  13. Umm and howd it run on that 66mHz pile K?
  14. Don't worry- there'l be a pinned thread when it's dumped. Just think of this as 'Crap about SSVS before we get the dump.'
  15. Wait for Chankast to do Naomi... then later Atomiswave is available... finally Guilty Gear roms. Thats still pretty exciting.
  16. I think he meant a Romcenter / Clrmame dat.
  17. Seeing her puts me off ever since CvS2. I've lost to her a few times.
  18. I don't like the idea of plugins. You can never find a setup that works for everything. Chankast doesn't support everything at the moment, but games are being added and they don't affect the compatibility of other so eventually, presumably, all games will work on Chankast. Can't say the same for ePSXe or 1964.
  19. 2 or 3 fps is just the Capcom hack issue right? Also for MVC2, is teh sound just plain bad, or is it my version?
  20. Me too.. hopeful yet I think it will be a time before we get a dump of it.
  21. Meh its still all good. If they have a screenshot hotkey that is not just the ALT+PrintScreen thing where you get the border in it I'll be happy.
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