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  1. Is it something to do with the graphics being encoded in some needlessly long algorithm help prevent hacking and dumping? The decrypted C's seem a lot smaller.
  2. I used to think that but then rearrange it and it becomes Urine.... not cool. Anyway his power isn't darkness... Gill is Fire + Ice... Urien is Earth and Thunder right? Read that in the only 3s bio ive ever seen of Urien.
  3. I want a Kof2003 for my custom Kawaks loader. NOW!!!
  4. Because we are rejects that have no social life? Sorry I forgot to consider that one
  5. I first started coming here to find out about SvC Chaos. Then later I joined up.
  6. Nice work. I'm very interested to see how this game turns out.\ And to GryphonKlaw , K' etc... how you get 3000+ posts in a lifetime is beyond me.
  7. Does it seem like the nVidia thing was one of the core bugs fixed?
  8. I'd love to see Venom, but have you thought about how theyd justify that? They did a decent job making Goblin and Octo seem realish... but how they gonna work out Venom?
  9. Fully support? It plays 3rd Strike almost perfectly at good speeds, but won't play Double Impact at all.
  10. Isn't this getting a bit ahead of yourself? Naomi is on Chankast coz Naomi is the same stuff as Dreamcast (less ram, but hey). Atomiswave is a whole different system, and so, despite any similarities will need a new emu? Or probably will go Mame or something whenever it is worked out. Still those Naomi versions of Chankast still aren't in our hands yet.
  11. Sprites were poor quality, but hopefully we can expect better if they use Atomiswave or something. The designs were good though. But I have to agree with everyone else; the characters were poorly chosen (no Alex?) and the balance was way off. I'm actually looking forward to a second one though; it can only be an improvement.
  12. Well, can't say I've seen a lot of his old stuff- his new stuff is good enough though. Yeh its good he does his own stunts, but otherwise hes just a funny guy. And that thing about his parents' shop is true- I'v been there
  13. Cyan Worlds. Always my dream to work there... simply for the scope of creative freedom you'd have there.
  14. Thanks for the quick replies from both of you. Yeh the PAL thing craps me coz its so easy to NTSC stuff... damn I hate living a PAL region.
  15. I just want to add to that... I'm looking to buy one still; here's what I want to know. 1- It has been decided that both 3020 and 3030 cna play cdr's right? 2- Dreamcasts can play burnt games without any chips etc? 3- Can they play any region (PAL or NTSC)? Thanks.The only one i think is the problem is the PAL/NTSC thing... in which case, how do you get around it?
  16. It may be a bug we haven't noticed, I haven't had time to fully test out all the features. But we may have forgotten to do it with VMU Browser. I'll take a look as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and we'll look into it. np, and thanks
  17. Does Vega mean something evil and scary in Japanese in the first place? I mean something that'd fit a last boss? Anyway, Vega uses the same moveset in SF2 and CVS2 doesn't he? The normal Psycho Crusher and all...
  18. My games run fine in Chankast 0.2 and Utilities 0.2. But in utilities, whenever you select Utilities > VMSBroswer, it crashes. Also, when you go Help > About VMSBrowser, it says 'tools\vmsbrowser.txt' is not found. Maybe it was left out? Having said that, the whole VMSBrowser thing worked fine in Utilities 0.1.
  19. anyone having a problem where it crashes when you try to use the vms browser?
  20. Chankast takes up about 100MB of ram, but that's normal. Otherwise, please tell what game, and what Chankast version you are using?
  21. Sane, I've got The Dynastic Hero, and I've burned using the mp3 cueset. But when I play in Magic Engine, I can get sound effects, but no bgm music. Any ideas on the problem? Or how I should burn the image? I don't know if its the burning thats the problem, but the cd audio tracks won't play in wmp or on cd players, so maybe thats the problem?
  22. Same topic... I have the bios and everything is ok except the sound, but then that might be because I havn't burnt the image correctly? The game is The Dynastic Hero, which has mp3 tracks, track02 as an.iso file, and 2 cue files, one labelled (mp3). I've tried burning the cue files, but it won't play with sound. The game works ok though. Any ideas on this one?
  23. Dunno... its definately there at chanka.org. Tried refreshing the page? Failing that, sorry. Damn- every time I see the site new is Chankast I think the new utilities release is available
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