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  1. i was just curious as to how you would do this, i tried burning copies of some of my copied games and it always failed. i've been using nero 5.5 to do this, dont know what to do =o. thanks =b
  2. i already have ggx for pc and i dont want to download the same game (i actually like my d-pad on my pc better than my dreamcast pad), and is it me or is it just really strange that virtua tennis is addicting as freaking hell?
  3. i've been dling dc games like crazy as of late and im looking for some rare gems and what not i want to know what you guys think are the best dc games =b also, if you know any games that have a sort of anime style art or something like that please let me know about those as well ^^ my favorites so far are cap vs snk 2 and bust a move 4.
  4. cool, ive also found out that samurai showdown 2 and some virtua fighter games are out as well (non emus)
  5. going a bit off topic, what other pc fighting games have you guys seen? i managed a copy of guilty gear x and im in love with it.... trying to look for more now
  6. why is the rom for alien vs predator 2 player when i recall it being a 3 player game in the arcades? i was hoping to find the 3 player one so i can play with my 3 gamepads ^^
  7. Well i dont know if its my roms or if its my client (mame32+.81u7), but there are certain games that my client says has missing roms but seems to run fine on other people's. The games in particular that im having trouble run atm are Knights of Valour and Killer Instinct 1 and 2. I've downloaded several versions of all 3 games and it claims that all seem to be missing files. For the most part, i think the games work since some of the ones ive gotten from dc++ have been in people's mame folders. Any help would be appreciated ^^
  8. i keep thinking and i also really liked sengoku 3 =b, anyone know anything of that sort of type of game style on mame or any other system?
  9. goldenaxe? that was a 4 player arcade game and they could cast spells. not sure =o
  10. ahhh what about the simpsons? xD i thought that was a great 4 player game... well ok, last time i played it was maybe 10 years ago but still o.O and was xmen 4 player or 6 player? i cant seem to recall
  11. i was just curious what everyone's favorite top 5 multiplayer co op beat `em up sort of games for any system was for me it has to be the old arcade TNMT and i just found a new love for Megaman 2: the power battles (2 player megaman just knocked my socks off). i only wish you could also go through levels and not just bosses :b
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