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  1. TBA 2004 Pokemon: Fire Red Nintendo RPG TBA 2004 Pokemon: Leaf Green Nintendo RPG Is Coming out tis month. TBA 2004 Metroid: Zero Mission Nintendo Action Adventure nxt month so change it.
  2. yeah I know. anyway If u share this baby its will be damn rockin'
  3. anyway leecher will not share,just some kind l33ch3r.
  4. 100% sure.he's a gd lier.and he stealed my friend thing's 2 time(wahahaha)and yesterday I accidently kick him until hes leg bleed.(awahahaha)and his shoes got red and socks got red and white(haha)
  5. Any1 has A Glintchy Garou?I Used The Emu That 1 Play MSLUG5(EGCG)And Can Any1 Please Get Me An XP Compatible NRX Emu to run Garou:MOTW?
  6. Ur Ur,I forgot To Tell Ya That my Spec Also Broke Into Half Bad Luck.
  7. Today I lost My Keys,(Luckyily I got an Extra 1 )And I Bet My Arch Enermy Stole It.He Sputter rubbish Like 'Maybe God Want to Punish U And Take Away Ur Keys...'And I Did Not Take Out The Key Out Of My Pockert.Not Even A Minute.So Do U Think He Taken That?
  8. why are you looking at me! anyway a www.tidusoft.com will be good
  9. I Can't Understand A Part Of IT I Know U Have To Put The BIO There In The ROM File But FBA Can't Understand It.
  10. But,Aren't MUGEN Game's Be Free?
  11. whose these gunpei yoko(sounds like Kyo to me )
  12. Yo GC Why Are U Posting It In Next-Gen Forums Its Not A Bit Right There
  13. PS-EX GameCube Xtreme V-Cast(V Stands For Virtual) Gameboy Advance ST FF-VM(Final Fantasy Virtual Machine)
  14. Yes we are trained in the mountains everyday watching over the trees.
  15. Garou:MOTW mVc 2 sVc:Chaos SF:Third Strike
  16. no Activation?Most Forum Will Not Do that.
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