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    DC64 v1.0 Released

    By XXLEnigma,

    A new version of DC64, a Commodore64 emulator for Playstation2, has been released today. Here's the list of changes for this release:



    1) FULL SPEED!


    2) FULL SOUND emulation


    3) Multi-Format support


    4) Fantastic colouring


    5) many Vic effects supported


    6) Skinable frontend



    Get it from this PAGE

    Nebula 2.20 Released!

    By XXLEnigma,

    Nebula is a arcade emulator for Windows.





    * Fixed some sprite/BG desyncs in Gigawing.

    * Fixed SFA3 crashing with latest Mike Haggar's cheats.



    * Added a bunch of SF2 hacks (not all fully working though).



    * Added highscore saving for CPS2 games. Not all games are added yet. Almost all CPS2 games are supported, and some CPS1 too. It will use an external database to store the highscore data. You can convert a MAME Hiscore.dat file to nebula's internal DB with the command "nebula -hiconv" having the hiscore.dat file in the nebula dir, it will build HISCORES.DB in the HISCORES dir. You should delete all the.HI files to avoid problems when you change the HISCORE DB. To turn off hiscore saving, just delete HISCORES.DB from the HISCORES dir.


    Get it HERE

    the first public beta of the FIRST legally released XBox emu

    By alexis,

    neutrinoSX2 v0.03 Released

    By XXLEnigma,

    A new version of neutrinoSX2, a Open-Source Playstation2 emulator for Windows. The first version (v0.01) is also available in BeOS as well. Here's the list of change sto v0.03:



    Internal Plugin GS 0.4 by the PCSX2 team


    some FPU opcodes


    some opcodes


    Stupid Bug in SLT


    Stupid Bug in fopen ( ) ( bad read of elf file )


    first release with a mini GUI : It's a simple GUI with partial user interaction.


    -F1 : Pause the Emu


    -F2 : Resume the Emu


    -F3 : Display Debug Info


    Replace the INIAPI by INIPARSER


    Click to visit the official site.

    Note: Our neutrinoSX2 page has NOT been updated due to the downloads section on the nSX2 site having downtime. HERE

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