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  1. Thank you for this work-around, Tux! I'm glad that it was an easy implementation from you. By the way, I think it would be nice to also have the history.dat included in the releases, no? Therefore we would have the complete support files for the roms: command.dat, history.dat and hiscore.dat. Except that, have you thought about my suggestion for the Recent games list? Thank you very much again for your work.
  2. Hello Tux! So I finally had the chance to test the new Recent and Most played games lists now and apparently they are working fine. But I am still a little bothered with the fluctuating information in the Recent list. Every time we visit it there is new data because even the seconds are counted. I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to just show the date in which the game was last played? I think this would let the menu more visually stable without many different information especially in a short period of time. Except that, I'd like to know if you could add "kof2001h" on the side of "kof2001" in the commands.dat file. This clone fixes the AES options screen in the game, but since it is a cloned rom it is not showing the game command list in the GUI. I know I could do it it myself by opening the command.dat file and adding a comma and "kof2001h" after the "kof2001" string, but perhaps if you do it in the original embedded file it could benefit others too. I don't know why dumpers decided the "kof2001" as the parent rom since it has the broken options menu in AES mode. But anyway, if there's a fixed version that's what I will use because I have my Unibios set as Console. Another way to work around this issue would be to add an option such as "Show command list to cloned ROMs", and this would take effect in every cloned rom which has a command list associated with the parent in the command.dat file. You could place this option in the GUI options. But honestly I haven't felt the need for that yet, since the only case which I really need it is KOF2001 as of now. Anyway, I'll wait your thoughts on the better solution. Thank you again for your continuing work. πŸ‘
  3. Thank you for this new release, Tux! I can't provide any feedback based on this version yet because the link to the update seems down in the downloads page. It is returning a "file not found" error. I've tried to refresh the page to see if it would take any effect but it didn't work. After this error I was wondering if it wouldn't be possible to also provide the releases through GitHub as well. Most emulators do that, and it could be an alternative if or when 1emulation presents any kind of issues in their servers. Thanks again for your great work.
  4. mer-curious

    Raine 0.94.6

    Hello Tux! I'm so glad you agreed with the suggestions for the interface. I wish those subtle changes can help others using the program eventually. Ah, ok. Now I got it. I'll see how it goes when I try the next version. Thanks again for clarifying. Yes, I don't use that option that much because I don't like to cheat in most arcade games when I can try again and again with infinite credits. But fortunately it was easy to fix. Ok, no problem. After you said FBNeo took the code straight from MAME I was wondering if you couldn't do the same or at least take a look and see what they did to avoid this issue in the game? Anyway, thank you again for your time and for your fast work. ☺️
  5. mer-curious

    Raine 0.94.6

    Hello Tux! Thank you for taking the time to clarify this issue. So if I understood it correctly, next version we won't have any information on the recently opened games, not even the date of when it was last opened as I suggested? We will have in the list just the game name, right? If this is right I'm OK with that too, because to me the most important is to just keep track of the opened games in the order they were recently opened. Except that, I reviewed some more texts in the GUI and created just one pull request with all the changes. I also re-positioned the "Game command list" option to a place which I think makes more sense to have it in the GUI, which is close to the other game options. I hope I haven't broken anything in the code by doing that. Please check it and see if you agree with the changes. Finally, I found that the mouse does not work in the Action Replay cheats option. I can't use the mouse to select the cheats nor can I right-click the menu to return to the main GUI options. I found this bug while reviewing the texts in this menu. I used the game Art of Fighting to do that. That's it for now. Thank you for your time once again. PS: perhaps you may have missed my comment on the KOF94 graphical glitch which I reported in my previous post?
  6. mer-curious

    Raine 0.94.6

    Hello Tux! Thanks for this new release! So, I've checked the new "Recent games" feature and it seems to be working good, except that the default time which comes for the played games is a little random, as you see here: I didn't play these games in that time passed, so I don't know why it's showing that. Also, every time I visit and leave the list it updates the time, which I think distracts me a little there. Perhaps it would be better to just show the date in which the game was last played, instead of the immediate time? It probably doesn't make much of a difference if a game was played "yesterday morning" or "afternoon", so maybe just showing the date would let the list more static for a moment. It could be something like this: "game name 10/14/2022" (using the standard English date notation). And if you thought it was doable, the date notation could adapt to the applied translations. For romance languages, the format would be 14/10/2022. And for Asian translations such as Japanese, it would become 2022/10/14. Anyway, if it's too complicated I would also be happy with just the game names there (in the order they were last played, I mean). Except that, I've noticed there are still some few text messages which I missed in my revision. So I should be requesting you to review those later in GitHub. Finally, I came to remember about that small graphical glitch in KOF94 which I have already reported in the old forum. I think you said back then it was related to the raster effects. Now that you have added some K.O.F. hacks, I was wondering if you were in the mood to check it again. I've made a short video showing the bug, here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xi1mHtqkQKDQTNRKdwB8KHb3p_ugXlLD/view As you see, when the camera goes through the ground in the stage animation effect it will break and become black in the end, which doesn't occur in FBNeo, for example. It's surely a very minor issue, but maybe it's what's left to fix in the KOF games emulation in Raine. Thank you so much again for your work.
  7. Hello Tux! I'm sorry for creating a lot of pull requests. I didn't know how to gather them all in one pull only, so I did what I could to do it quick. Anyway, I'm grateful for your understanding. I meant the "Decrease cpu skip" option in "Raine controls". I couldn't find any of those options in the source looking in the cpp files using the browser find tool. I wanted to be able to review the "Load game" and "Save game" there too and possibly other text. Thanks for pointing me the file. I have already pulled a request for the changes there. I'm OK with keeping the same folder name if it would cause problems both for you in the code and for the current users who update by replacing the executable. The change would be mostly for keeping the reference with the new wording adopted for the function. Either way, I think that "savestates" is clearer in terms of what files are there, because the saved game data is in "savedata", therefore in "savegame" we actually find the saved game states, hence the folder being called "savestates". But you can decide however is better in this case. Thank you! It was a pleasure to help you on that. I would certainly do more if I understood a thing about coding. By the way, I guess you forgot to merge the changes in the sound options. At least I couldn't notice it in the master files. Curiously this was the only changed file which created a "dezraj-patch 1" branch instead of a standard "patch" branch. Anyway, I deleted it from my repository. Please let me know if you can merge that, otherwise I can recreate a new patch with the changes in this menu. Thank you so much again for your work.
  8. Hello Tux! Thank you so much to take the time to walk me through this process. I went the bold way and just forked the code to my account and edited the files on-line using the GitHub page, then I created some pull requests. Please check them and add them to your code if you agree with the changes. I made all the changes I suggested above and also changed "NeoCD" to "Neo-Geo CD" and "bios" to "BIOS". I couldn't find the strings for "Raine controls" to edit the "Load game" and "Save game" options there. I looked for "Decrease" in many files, and that is a very unique word in this menu, but couldn't find any instances of that. It looks to be very hidden in the code or I simply couldn't find them using the browser find tool (Ctrl+F). I would be glad if you showed me where it is. Finally, have you thought about renaming the "savegame" folder to "savestates" in order to match the new wording for this function? Or it isn't necessary at all? I was thinking if it would be better to add the new folder name for new installations but also look for save state files in the old "savegame" folder in case a user updates the emulator by just replacing the executable in the folder. Anyway, I'll wait for your comments on that. Thanks a lot again for your willingness to help me with the code.
  9. Hello Tux! Thank you for the fast reply. I would be glad to help you in reviewing these little suggestions for the GUI. I've looked at the Raine code in GitHub and it looks like most of this information is on raine/source/sdl, right? So I just need to edit the text, create a pull request and then wait for your approval? Or is there something else to do? I can't tell much about the new "Recent games" changes you made because I haven't tested it yet, but I think it's great that you found a better way to implement it. I'll let you know my impressions on it when I test it. Yes, I also noticed this little margin in the left side of the window and I agree that it would be indeed better to remove it to match the other side. Anyway, just little changes that I've recently noticed and decided to report when looking for text to update in the GUI. Thank you very much again for you continuing work.
  10. Hello Tux! Thank you so much for implementing these changes. I was thinking about some cosmetic changes in the GUI and would like to know if you agree with them. - Change the term "ROM" to "game" in "Change/Load ROM", since the term "game" is used in "Game selection", "Load NeoCD game", "Available games", "Play game", "game inputs", "Save per game screen settings" and will also be used in "Recent games", so the reference will be more consistent. - Capitalize "ROM" in "Rom directories" and "Rom dir". - Change "Load game" and "Save game" to "Load state" and "Save state" to not create confusion with the real "load game" function of the emulator and to also use the term which is more widely adopted by emulators out there. Perhaps this would also require renaming the folder to "savestates"? - Fix the alignment of the "Year" and/or "Category" info in the game selection list, as you see in the screenshot below: It seems that either "Year" is placed in the limit of the window or "Category" is a little too far from it. I don't know which one should be better aligned in comparison with the other information in the left. - Rename "Always stop CD music while loading" to "Always stop NeoCD music while loading" to contextualize the usability of the option in Sound options. - Do the same for "Mute SFX" (so, "Mute NeoCD SFX") and "Mute CD" (therefore, "Mute NeoCD music tracks"). - Capitalize "SFX" in "Sfx volume". That's it! Maybe there are more, but for now this is what I found could be slightly changed in terms of the interface. Not a real difference, but perhaps it could help a little new Raine users using the emu, no? Anyway, I'll wait your thoughts on those suggestions. Thank you so much again for your work. PS: I'm sorry Augusto to deviate a little the thread. It's just that Tux started to make some changes in the GUI here, so I thought I could also make these suggestions.
  11. Hello Tux! Thanks for considering those changes. Just to be clear, when I mentioned it would be better to have a "Recent games" list, my idea was to put a list inside the game selection list. So we would click on "Change/Load ROM" and below "Options" there would be this new option called "Recent games" and there the recently opened games in the order they were lastly opened (from the most recent on the top to the oldest on the bottom). I think this way we could be unlimited in terms of how many games to show because it would be a separate list from the "Available games" list. The way it currently is (two different lists piled up) do not allow that due to visual organization. I'm OK in keeping the playing stats if you like it. I'm more concerned about the ease of navigation and the possibility of showing over five played games, which are currently the issues of this feature, I guess. Thanks again for your continuing work. πŸ‘
  12. Hello Augusto and Tux! I have finally used this feature for some time now and I guess I can share some feedback on that: - It looks to me that the recently opened games list inside the game selection list works better when we use Raine in full-screen mode, as in here: - If we use it in windowed mode, especially in the default window size, the menu gets a little visually confusing: - I don't pay much attention to the amount and number of times that I've played a game. What is important to me is keeping track of the games that I've opened, from the most recent to the oldest one. Also, sometimes I am just testing some stuff in a game or checking it to see if I'm in the mood of playing it and it looks like this time is also marked as "playing time", no? So this information becomes a little misleading in the end. For me, it could be discarded or marked as optional to be shown in the menu. - I know that we haven't been able to play as many games as we wanted, but we can eventually end up playing more than five games occasionally, so this feature would not allow to keep track of all those games as of now. For all the issues I have reported above I think it would be better to have a "Recent games" list inside the game selection list if possible. This would probably resolve the menu visual organization in any resolutions and also allow for more games (perhaps an infinite number?) to be recorded as opened. These are my impressions for now. Thank you so much in advance for your attention. PS: While capturing the above screenshots I have noticed that the GUI background effect is not maximized with the window when we click on "Maximize" already in the game selection dialog. You can check the result above. Is this a glitch?
  13. Hello ffman1985! I couldn't reproduce the music change issue with Rugal in KOF94. I tried to reflect the CPU's "fire ball" move (Reppu Ken) and tried to have the CPU reflecting mine as well but unfortunately it didn't trigger the music change. I tried this for a few times without success. Perhaps you should try to create a save state right before the issue happens or follow Tux's advice to record a demo. Thank you Tux and ffman1985 for your willing to test and fix those issues with the sound associations feature.
  14. Hello Tux! You are correct! I just uploaded a sample picture to Imgur and could finally see that there's a direct link to the picture in the BBCode. Now I can use the Other media feature on this forum. I can also resize it, give it a title and include an external link to it, which I have done. It was taken from my Facebook feed. πŸ˜‚ Anyway, thank you for this tip and also thank you Robert for the information on that issue. PS: it seems that the picture title is not working. I can't see it.
  15. Hello Tux! Thanks for the assistance on the picture attachment. I think that I have had difficulties in embedding the pictures because the forum attachment limit is just 56kb here and most PNG pictures exceed this size limit. Also, the majority of online image servers like Imgur don't offer a direct link to the picture, so it's impossible to use the "other media" in these cases. That's why I may have never used that option and so have just kept leaving the Imgur picture links in thread instead of embedding them in the posts. Imgur does provide BBCode links for the uploaded pictures but the forum does not support them unfortunately. Anyway, thank you again for your help.
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