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  1. Yes! :) There's one last thing I'd like to report though. When I was trying to figure out why the CPS2 games weren't working I tried to move some romsets to Raine's roms folder and see if they would load from there. So I pasted the mvsc.zip romset there and it showed up in Raine. But curiously when I tried to load it Raine started downloading the same rom, and then it hanged in about 12% of the download, and so I had to force close it. So, is there anything wrong here or is all this expected to happen?
  2. Thank you so much for the continuing work on Raine, Tux. I saw the news about the 0.90 version in Emu France a while back and then when I finally went to check the forum the thread was gone, lol! What in the world happened with that thread? About version 0.90.4, here's my short feedback: - My CPS2 games are not loading. I have a lot of "applied speed hack 0 at 8" messages in the screen when I load a CPS2 game and then (sometimes) "speed hack not found, slowing down..." and the game will never load. But I can see the screen which shows game release data. Have you updated the romsets for the 0.90 version? I didn't see this in the changelog, but perhaps it is not finding a specific file which was updated from 0.64.16 to the 0.90 version? (edit 1: I saw the other thread about SFA3 and it seems you have already fixed this issue!) - In the "About" menu you forgot to update the "copyright" year to 2020. - I've noticed that when the desktop scaling in Windows is not set to 100%, Raine will also follow the configured scaling. For example, if your desktop is scaled to 125%, Raine will also be scaled for that and then in fullscreen mode the picture will get out of bounds. I work around this by changing the scaling to 100% when playing with Raine, even though Windows recommends 125% for 1080p screens (because otherwise things get very tiny in Windows). I'm reporting this in case it could be worked around within the emulator itself in a future release. (edit 2: this report was based in the 0.64.16 version. In version 0.90.4 this issue with Windows scaling seems fixed!). - I was having many background sprites not working with The Last Blade 2 for NGCD in version 0.64.16. Now everything is ok! That's it for now. Thank you again for the new release. I hope people now can port Raine to Android, Wii, Wii U, PS Vita and many other systems.
  3. Weird. I can download normally through Windows browsers, but Android browsers fail to load the Mega website too. So I've put the four savestate files in a zip and uploaded to Google drive. See if you can download it now: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B87M_Nn3cWIFUFlXZGZBb2twRlU Thanks for your reply!
  4. Hello, Tux! Thank you so much for your update! Now OpenGL works normally in version 0.64.14. So I've started playing some games again and found some graphical glitches in KOF96 and The Last Blade 2 in case you wanna have a look later. In KOF96, we have these weird rectangles in some demo scenes as the ones below: 1 savestate: https://mega.nz/#!R1M1HRRa!QtoHC11j8NQlnl_LLQyLbOYJJgiBnBeINtKWo3km29E 2 savestate: https://mega.nz/#!lxcGhKRB!jRvjTcAykpoWNwd1z1TMVo6UrJ4HPybBWLcLSXoT9NA Notice that in the second screenshot above we can also see a transparent rectangle where it shouldn't happen. In The Last Blade 2, we have a strange scene with the eyes of the character showing without his face. The screenshot is from the NGCD game. The glitch doesn't happen in the NG rom version. Take a look: NGCD savestate: https://mega.nz/#!l8tAybjT!xBph2-9BdfzskOwN34j3ZpOR4CYOA_6qJRZ6LAqVKP0 NG rom savestate: https://mega.nz/#!ogtQTSrZ!0mN6WtA_c0ftMl3N5wnUDeDYlVkpSM7XUPBOZeBNFrc You can use the save states above to try to reproduce the glitches and see if there's anything you could do about them for now or for the future. As you can see, they are not hindering the gameplay at all. Thank you so much again for your time. PS: the glitches happen in both 0.64.13 and 0.64.14 versions. The screenshot were taken using my Win 7 discrete gfx card setup.
  5. So, I've tested version 0.63.14 in my two Windows 7 setups and they perform pretty much the same as my Windows 8 setup regarding to the video settings starting with "normal blits" as default and not remembering the OpenGL renderer option after quiting the emu. Here's a screenshot for the OpenGL video info reported by Raine for my 3 setups: Win 7 (discrete gfx card) Win 7 (embedded intel express) Win 8 (embedded intel hd 4000) So, I suppose there's indeed something not right in version 0.63.14 because this didn't happen in version 0.63.13. In that version the default renderer was always OpenGL (since OpenGL implementation I guess) and the OpenGL renderer option was saved with no problems. But you are right, if I select YUV overlays and quit that option will be remembered, but then Raine will report "no hardware support for YUV overlays" when I open it. That happens in the 3 setups above: By the way, I can save my settings in Windows 8 too. The whole issue is if I load a rom and hide the GUI/show the game, then I will no longer be able to change or save any settings during that session because the program will crash as soon as I hit Escape. Except this the program works normally in Windows 8. That's why I thought a keyboard shortcut for "Save and quit" the emu would be an acceptable workaround since you can't test Windows 8+ for the time being. And once we already have a shortcut for "Quit w/o saving" in the option menu, I don't think there would be any problems by adding a similar option. Perhaps "Ctrl + Q" could be a good shorcut for safe-quiting the emu? Yes, I could use other emu, but I really like Raine. It's simple and has some features which are not present in other emus, like the NG roms sound associations. So I would like to keep using it for a while, even if I had to workaround a crash, lol! But anyway, thanks for commenting on my suggestion and again for your time! PS: my Windows 8 display drivers are quite up to date (July 2017), but I should try another version as soon as intel releases a new one.
  6. Thanks for the fix, Tux! I'm glad it wasn't the last version at all, lol! Yes, it's a pitty we don't have more Windows users helping developing Raine. But I don`t think we really need a Windows programmer to work on this very little suggestion I've been talking about alongside this thread. Therefore I would be really glad if you or someone else could add that precious keyboard shortcut for safe-closing the emu as a temporary workaround for the crash in Windows 8+ setups (when running roms). But I see you're not in the mood now, so nevermind. At least it's now registered here for you or someone else to take a look at in the future maybe. As for the revised version 0.64.14, I've tested it again and now Raine doesn't start in fullscreen by default and the roms are now pointing to the executable directory, so that's fixed! But the default renderer is still "normal blits" instead of "OpenGL", and since OpenGL implementation OpenGL was the default one, no? Also, the renderer setting is never remembered after quiting the emu, it always returns to "normal blits", which I suppose isn't the expected behavior, is it? Anyway, I think you should create a new topic for this new release, because there's some (little) progress that should interest other Raine users, and it's the very first release of 2017! Here in this thread it's quite hidden. Then maybe you should change the internal version number to avoid any misunderstandings? That's it for now! As always, thanks for your attention!
  7. Well, I have two Windows 7 setups, one with a discrete graphics card and other with an intel embedded card and none crashes by loading the roms and showing the GUI later on. That's why I supposed it's Windows 8 specific and therefore you wouldn't be able to reproduce it unless you tried an 8 installation. Of course I could also try downgrading to 7 in this new laptop I'm playing with but I don't have any problems with Windows 8 except for this little nuisance in Raine. As I guessed before, it should be related to Windows 8 onward lacking support for 16 bit color depth (and the compatibility modes don't help much here). What boggles me though is how the emulator only crashes by loading roms (and I mean any roms, not just Captain Commando) and not the NGCD ISOs. With the NGCD ISOs I just have the "no GUI" behavior as you described. But if I press like "Q" on the keyboard I can still safe-close the program. If only we had a keyboard shortcut for safe-close the emulator regardless of showing the GUI we could workaround that issue in these later OSs, whilst we do not thoroughly investigate the cause (SDL, Raine, Windows 8 etc). I suppose it would be possible to have such a workaround like that since we do have a similar shortcut for "quit w/o saving", no? So, I've tested version 0.63.14 and the crash is still there unfortunately. If you don't mind me posting my feedback here, this version has some problems which are not present in version 0.63.13: - Raine is initializing in fullscreen mode by default - the default roms directory points to an address not present in my PC (z:\home\...). It should first start from the executable directory, no? - the default renderer is no longer "opengl", but "normal blits". - the renderer option is never saved by quiting the program. It always returns to "normal blits". Anyway, if that was really the last version, I'll have to stick to version 0.63.13 for the time being. I wish you all the best in your new interests and endevours! Thank you again for your help and time!
  8. Yes, it`s definetely a crash. This is exactly what I do: I unzip Raine. I open the executable by clicking on it. I click on "change/load rom". I navigate until my roms folder (which is in the same partition, by the way) Then I press Escape until I go back to the game selection screen and Raine fills the list of available roms. I click on Captain Commando (World 911202) I hit Esc to show the game I wait the Raine text messages to disappear from the screen When I see the "Warning, this game is for use in all countries excluding the United States of America..." I hit Esc to show the GUI As soon as I hit Escape Raine window vanishes. I`ve tested all Raine versions from version 0.51.16 to 0.64.13 and they all perform pretty much the same. In one of the tests Raine showed me the following message: Sometimes when I hit Escape to show the GUI I can briefly see a glimpse of the window framing changing the color, as if the Windows Aero theme was turned off in Windows 7. This happens in 7 when the program doesn`t support 32bpp and runs in 16bpp mode if I`m not wrong. I suppose maybe the crash could be related to this then, once Windows 8 totally lacks support for 16bpp color depth as far as I know. I`ve already tried the "compatibility modes" in Windows 8 but with no avail. What`s interesting is that it doesn`t crash with NGCD games. So maybe you could investigate why the roms may trigger this color depth change in the GUI after a rom is loaded (if that is really what`s happening here, it`s just a guess) while the NGCD titles don`t. I can record a video of the problem if you need. Isn`t there a debug version that I could test without compiling? Yes, I made the suggestions and you agreed to work on them, lol! Anyway, thanks again for your attention.
  9. Unfortunately as soon as I press Escape the Raine window vanishes. It doesn`t even need to be in fullscreen for this to happen. That`s why I asked for the safe-close shortcut. This would be the only way to save my data after loading a game in this machine/system. Even the bordeless setting can`t help me here. Edit: I`ve just noticed that with NGCD games I can reach the GUI. So the issue is with the arcade roms. Yes, OpenGL. I found the option in my video driver. It was set as "application settings", then I changed to "driver settings". It seems to have reduced screen tearing in Raine. But isn`t there a way to have this activated within Raine? I can activate this option in emulators such as Snex9x, Kega Fusion and FBA and I really see the difference there. There`s an info in Raine called "OpenGL VBL (force sync)", but it says "No". Would this have something to do with v-sync at all? No problem about this feature for now. Actually what bothers me the most here is the aesthetics. I wish I had a bigger field to read/write my inputs profile name. No problem, I understand you. You have done a great progress even working alone and I`ll always be grateful for that! Anyway, my feedback is here for you or someone else to take a look someday perhaps. By the way, FBA recently added support for button combinations and blend files. Before Raine, Nebula (dead since 2005) was the only emulator to support the transparency effects. I wonder whether they got influenced by the work you did on this in Raine?
  10. Thanks for the tip! I`ll try that out! So I tried that out but didn`t really like the results. So I thought of a better workaround maybe: a keyboard shortcut to quit the emu saving all the changes you have done. Currently we have a "Quit w/o saving" keyboard shortcut option. Then we just needed a new shortcut for "Quit saving". Would it be possible? Also, I`m seeing some screen tearing. Is there a way to enable v-sync while in full screen mode? That`s it for today! Thank you so much for your time!
  11. Thanks for the tip! I`ll try that out! Ah, no problem! I`m just making these suggestions because it`s been more than a year since the last version was released, so perhaps you could consider these little changes for a 2017 maintenance release. I think there`s already some minor changes in the code also, no? I would if I could but Kega Fusion is a Mega Drive/Master System emulator only, lol! (a very good one, by the way!) Lol, I suppose you could make this change in minutes, whereas I would take hundreds of hours to learn how to code. This is very useful for backing up, sharing and moving settings from one PC to another. I guess most emulators save the inputs profile to a file in the computer. But if it`s too complicated leave it for another time. I`m sorry for your disappointment with the lack of coders working with you. But if you happen to think of adding support for the TMNT 2 system someday, a new release would be more than expected! There are eleven games for this board, if you are interested to check out: http://www.system16.com/hardware.php?id=569 System specs: CPU: Motorola 68000 (@ 16 MHz) Sound: Z80 (@ 4 MHz) YM2151 (@ 3.579545 MHz) K053260 (@ 3.579545 MHz) Display: Raster 288 x 224 pixels (horizontal) 2048 colors 2-4 players You see, they answered to your request! Next thing: a new forum system! Thanks to my long post, lol!
  12. Hello Tux! So I`m finally using Raine again and in a new hardware and I`m having some trouble in it. It`s a laptop with Windows 8 and with Intel HD graphics 4000. So, whenever I enter fullscreen and press "Escape" to show the GUI, Raine window vanishes. I`ve tried returning to windowed mode before showing the GUI and then pressing "Escape" to avoid the issue, but the same happens. So no way to secure-close the emulator after a game is loaded in this machine for the moment, lol. I tried to play with the video options but it didn`t solve the problem. This is how the GUI gets when I change the SDL video driver: By the way, could you move the "FPS counter" option to the "Video options"? After quite some time not using the emu the "Video options" was my first bet to where I would find that option, so I suppose maybe it`s more intuitive to have it the "videos" since FPS is generally related to the video? About the inputs, Raine seems to assign the buttons to whatever it finds as a game controller connected to the PC (before you start the program), but some controllers don`t have the same button layout. For example, a PlayStation formfactor-like controller can have the X, circle, square and triangle as button 1, 2, 3 and 4. But sometimes it could be button 0, 1, 2 and 3. The digital directional pad sometimes is "stick" but sometimes is "POV". So we have to reassign the buttons to the correct ones used by the driver. My question is if this is intended, and if it would be possible to add a wizard setup for the basic controller functions, that is, up, down, left, right, start, coin and the buttons used by the game. We have something like this in the Kega Fusion emulator if you`d like to check how it works. In the inputs, we click on "Define" and then the emu shows a message "Press keyboard key or direction for UP", "press keyboard key or button for A" etc, and then the setup becomes very quick and intuitive. What do you think? Still about the inputs, could you revise the cosmetics on the save/load menu text boxes, lol? They look quite big. The "Load inputs from" doesn`t even fit the title in the text box: Instead of "Load from which?" maybe it could be "Load inputs profile". In the "Save inputs as...", the title is labeled as "Edition": Instead of "Edition", it could be "Save inputs profile", and below it we could read "Enter profile name", with a bigger text field if possible. Finally, isn`t it better to have the profile saved to a file in the "config" folder? That`s it for now! Thank you for your long-standing support. PS: And my request for the TMNT and Sunset Riders games are still up! lol
  13. mer-curious

    Raine 0.64.13

    I'm glad you could reproduce it. Thank you for fixing this one! Thanks for this too! Ok, no problem. If you could just find a way to convert these shaders to the format used in Raine it would be great already. By the way, I"ve turned off Double buffer in the OpenGL renderer options and now the GUI shows again in fullscreen! Why is double buffering causing this now? Finally, I'll leave here again some information about that Marvel vs Capcom graphics glitch which I had reported in the old forum. Perhaps you can check it some day. You can see the glitches mainly in the screens below: character select screen (little black squares) the floor in the Onslaught stage (black) Onslaught's head (missing) You can find a savestate for the Onslaught stage here: https://mega.nz/#!Jh1AmJxB!p4t0a1M32Yjd3uk06uDyEWnF3dWZIV4yHpfUPDl0J1A (hopefully you can download it now!) Thank you so much for your continuing work on Raine.
  14. mer-curious

    Raine 0.64.13

    I guess I've found out what's happening. In order to trigger the bug you have to trigger a specific winning quote from Kyo in the winning/score count screen. The quote is "Stop moping around and butch up, you weenie!" How to trigger this quote? I don't know exactly. What I am doing is waiting the introduction movie play until you can see "Violent fighting to come again!" in the screen, then load the savestate. I did this for at least 3 times and could trigger the Kyo quote needed to reproduce the crash. If even with this you can't reproduce it, please see if you can have a quick try in a Windows installation because Wine may not be perfect for this specific testing. I have tried this in another machine with another intel processor and with integrated graphics and could easily reproduce it there (as long as I can trigger that winning quote). Thank you once again for you patience.
  15. mer-curious

    Raine 0.64.13

    Yes, the first time it happened to me I had all the tracks associated to external mp3 files. Then, to confirm it didn't have to do with the associations, I unzipped a fresh installation and played all the way up to this part with all default settings (except the unibios setup) and it happened again. The savestate that I provided is from the this new unzip, without any associations and customs settings. Please. see if you can test it in Windows and with a fresh install. Just use the Unibios because with the default Europe bios (the first from the list) it is curiously not crashing here. By the way, does the savestate store the bios selection information and its setup? Also, see if you can take a look at this later: Thank you in advance for your help! PS: I need to say that to use the Kagura character in the ROM cartridge version of KOF 96 I used the Unibios cheat database.
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