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  1. Hey Tux! Just to complete my report, this is the message I get with that save file: https://imgur.com/a/iXWKS9A It shows every time using latest x64 version in Win10. Curiously, if I load it using the x86 version of Raine it quickly shows a message "speed hack not found, slowing down..." and the game is frozen. The program continues working but I can't do anything in the game. Something weird is going on with this save state. Anyway, thanks again for your attention! 👍 PS: and if I try to load in x86 version a save state created in the x64, I have this and the game is
  2. Thanks for the fast reply! I was wondering if this warning message I get from this MvsC savestate file in my previous post is due to architecture differences (x86 vs x64), because it's an old save file made in raine32? Anyway, thanks again for your time! 👍
  3. Hey Tux! Did you happen to have thought on why Raine sounds different in this sound sample heard in this message "Anouncing the victors. Here they are." in KOF97? I'm asking because I suppose FBneo reproduces it more accurately as far as I can tell from my experience with the game. It's hard to find gameplays from real hardware since most people play NeoGeo games on emulators, but hopefully I've found some for this particular game! In this video you see this sound sample playing in the real NeoGeo home console (please go to minute 5:35) -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqDY0DshW
  4. Thanks for the new release! This also fixed the weird rectangles in Marvel vs Capcom's character select screen which I had already reported some time ago (perhaps in the old forum?): https://imgur.com/a/y9Kluv9 You can see from the window frame that the screenshot is old (taken in Windows 7, but I had a backup of it). Maybe it also fixed some other CPS2 games? But there's still some broken graphics in MvsC which remained unfixed, as you can see below: https://imgur.com/a/S9JqphH If I remember correctly, you said it was related to raster effects. We can also see this is
  5. Hey Tux! Thank you for the new version! 🤗 I've being playing a little with KOF97 and noticed a particular sound problem in the game. There's a sample that looks a little poor in quality when compared with what we see in other emus. I've made a short video-clip comparing Raine to FBNeo. It's the sound produced in the message "Announcing the victors. Here they are...": https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yj82YjXPpoyFEzX6yD4UFVYy1iYkrI9P/view?usp=sharing This animation shows after every match in the game, that's why I've noticed it. Interestingly I don't remember it being that bad before.
  6. mer-curious

    Raine 0.91.12

    Hey Tux! I downloaded a new version of AOF3 from Gametronik and put it in a shorter directory, just D:\unzipped\. I also put Raine directly in this same folder. I can still crash the emulator with those three save states. But I've played another turn and did some new save states and couldn't crash the emulator so far with these new ones. How may I know when a buffer overflow happens so I can create a save before triggering it? You mean play the game normally and see a way to trigger the buffer overflow before creating save states? Thank you so much for your time checki
  7. I agree with you. I also prefer the dark theme. I reported this situation in here:
  8. Is it possible to return with the dark theme to the forum or at least provide it as optional? The white theme is really eye-hurting when navigating the forum in low light room or at night. 😕
  9. mer-curious

    Raine 0.91.12

    🤔 Interesting. The 3 first save states crash the emu immediately here. No, I don't think I have long file names. The path is this: D:\unzipped\games\NEO-GEO CD\Art of Fighting 3 [Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden]\Art of Fighting 3 [Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden].cue The tracks are named as: Art of Fighting 3 [Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden] - Track 27.mp3 My NGCD bios is in this folder: D:\unzipped\games\Arcade\neocdz.zip Maybe it's specific to Windows? What I remember from the 3 first save states is that I loaded the game, changed the region from Europe to Japan and then started playing. That was p
  10. mer-curious

    Raine 0.91.12

    😊 Hey Tux! I've been playing with the NGCD version of AOF3 and noticed a gargabe screen every time after the loading animation to a stage. It happens as soon as the loading animation is finished, and then the emu quickly shows a corrupted screen and finally the stage appears. In the Cemetery stage it is more noticeable because a blue screen flashes before the stage shows. It's not something that hinders the game play, but perhaps it could be the cause of an unknown bug somewhere else? Interestingly, when I was trying to reproduce this issue with my save states, I found a way to easily cra
  11. mer-curious

    Raine 0.91.12

    Hey Tux! I've played a full turn in AoF3 with version 0.91.12 and made a lot of save and load states there and the graphics didn't corrupt in any moment, so I guess it's really fixed! 🙌 Now I think my tests with the test version were a little too fast, because I missed an irregular behavior in KOF99 sound associations. When you let the game demo run, the soundtrack should stop playing as soon as the score ranking screen is shown. But with the new changes in the sound associations the stage track continues playing there, which didn't happen before. I've tested KOF98 and interestingly every
  12. mer-curious

    Raine 0.91.11

    Yeah, I think it's related to the way Raine sees the connected pads in the PC. It binds the commands of P1 for the first pad it sees, and since the first in Windows is the xinput, it associates the P1 to the x360 controller and all my previous associations for P1 with my dinput pad are moved to P2. I generally use this pad for arcade games and the x360 controller to 3D games. I guess you'd have to have access to a normal dinput pad to reproduce this problem. I already use custom game inputs but the xinput replaces my config for these games too. It's a little pain to remap the inputs
  13. Hey Tux! Thanks for this test version! I've played a turn in Art of Fighting 3 with it and noticed no issues with the sound associations now, so I guess it's fixed. 🙌 I've also played a turn with the sound commands turned off to see if there are places where the tracks speed up or slow down, but didn't find any. So I guess your speculation is right about these commands being implemented but never used (at least in this game). But it's great to know you could change the tempo in the mp3 files! I'll let you know if I ever find a game that does that. Finally, I found an easy way to repr
  14. mer-curious

    Raine 0.91.11

    Hey Tux! Thanks for this new release. I've posted feedback on the sound associations fixes in the dedicated topic. I don't know if this is an issue, but I have Raine setup with a directinput controller, and I also have a x360 controller. When I have the x360 controller plugged to the PC, Raine replaces my config with the xinput, and my dinput bindings become the player 2. So I have to rebind my dinput pad again to the player 1 and delete them from the player 2. Another solution is unplug the x360 from the PC before running Raine. Is this an intended behavior for the inputs system, th
  15. Hey Tux! Thank you so much for checking this another one. I've downloaded version 0.91.11 and played a turn in KOF99 and gladly no issues so far with sound associations. As for Art of Fighting 3, I'm still experiencing a weird issue in which a track will play over the other (very weird!). You can check this by selecting the character Kasumi as your fighter and when you start the round, the character select screen track will continue playing together with the stage/character soundtrack! If you wish, here's a save state in the character select screen. Just select Kasumi as your character an
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