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  1. Hey Tux! Thank you for this new version! Just a quick report to let you know that the "Sound options" crash and the "slow mp3 tracks" have been fixed in this version thankfully. This got me curious. Do you intend to add the Konami drivers for Sunset Riders and TMNT Turtles in Time some day eventually? Also, perhaps you could add some more shaders to enrich this feature in Raine. There are quite some interesting shaders in the libretro pack, but I don't know whether they can work on Raine without some kind of conversion. Anyway, thank you so much again for your continuing work on the emulator.
  2. mer-curious

    Raine 0.92.5

    Yes, precisely. In the video clip I provided above you can see it sounds as exactly as that. The track playing in the KoF'97 intro is track 46 from the NGCD version of the game, if you'd like to check how it should sound normally. I'm using 192kbps, 44100hz mp3 files. Maybe it's a Windows-related bug again? Anyway, thank you again for your super fast assistance.
  3. mer-curious

    Raine 0.92.5

    Hey Tux! Thank you for the super fast reply and for the fix on the Sound options crash. Were you also able to reproduce the distorted sound with the associated tracks? I can reproduce it with all the games for which I have sound associations. It seems related to the changes in this new release. Thank you for the information. And I agree with you. I think it would be better to have the hiscore.dat file in the emulator package "out of the box". Anyway, thank you so much again for your continuing support.
  4. mer-curious

    Raine 0.92.5

    Hey Tux! Thanks for releasing this new version! 👍 So I went to try some KoF'97 game-play to see whether the save-states are working normally but when I loaded the game I immediately noticed the BGM sound is broken. It seems that only the associated tracks are affected though. Also, if you visit the Sound options, return to Main Menu, then visit the Sound options again, Raine will crash. Here's a short video in which I reproduce both of the issues I've mentioned above: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u6XMFeDxGD4hgHuNAVdB87EcxCpzPq9l/view?usp=sharing As you can see in the video, sometimes you have to enter and leave the Sound options more than once in order to trigger the crash, but it does crash eventually, whether it's in the first, the second or perhaps the fifth time you come and go the sound settings. Anyway, I hope you can reproduce those issues and fix them whenever you have the time. Thank you again for your work. PS: do I need the hiscore.dat file in Raine's executable folder in order to save high scores for CPS1 and 2 games?
  5. mer-curious

    Raine 0.92.4

    Hey Tux! Thanks for the fast reply. This save was created using the latest 0.92.4 version. I might have probably made a few load states before in this turn, but everything went well until I reached this stage, saved and then when I loaded I had this random voice samples loaded there too. I still haven't experienced something similar in KoF'98, but I'll let you know if I do. Thanks again for your attention. 👍
  6. mer-curious

    Raine 0.92.4

    Hey Tux! Thank you so much for the latest 0.92.4 update. I've just tried it and couldn't find more issues with the controllers. I also tested Captain Commando with my four controllers plugged in at the same time and everything was fine as far as I've tested. So hopefully everything is fixed for the time being. 🙏 Except this, I've stumbled upon a weird bug while loading a save-state in KoF'97. Suddenly after loading this state many conflicting voice samples are heard in the game (they seem to be from the character Kyo, but he is not even in the match). I don't know if you'll be able to fix it because the issue might be already triggered in this save file. Anyway, here you have it if you'd like to check it eventually: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10wEwA7_9QGo08ut-SRUMoKiNUCVr8Cmi/view?usp=sharing That's it for this brief feedback. Thank you so much again for your time. 👍
  7. mer-curious

    Raine 0.92.4

    Hey Tux! Thank you so much for keep trying solutions for this crazy controller issue. I've tested your latest update (the one from December 21st) and I'm finally glad to say that I no longer have the left / right directions issue with my PS4 controller! 🙌 Well, at least for most of the time, because I'm still experiencing a weird issue related to the directions in Raine. Eventually I won't be able to perform double tap forward or double tap backwards to respectively make the character run and jump back in the King of Fighters games. Hopefully I have found an easy way to reproduce this bug so you can check it out. Here is the procedure: - load a KoF game such as KoF'98; - select the Practice option in the game menu, then choose "Advanced" and finally your character for practicing; - when the fight starts, practice the double tap forward and double tap backwards moves for a while so you get used to performing them. Use your controller's d-pad for that. Double tap forward will make your character run (if you keep holding forward), and double tap backwards should make him jump back; - now hit Esc to show the GUI and move the analog stick up and down and then return to the game by pressing the button to confirm actions in your controller; - from now on you should have the bug triggered and so you won't be able to perform those moves anymore. Please notice: - if you hit Esc to leave the GUI instead of using the controller button you may trigger the bug only temporally. Leaving the GUI with the controller button triggers the bug permanently; - if you press up and down with the controller d-pad in the GUI instead of using the analog stick you may also trigger the bug but your character should get stuck in the crouch position; - I was able to reproduce this bug with all my controllers, even with the Hori pad which doesn't have an analog stick (I used the d-pad in the GUI in this case). Here's a short video of how I reproduce this issue using the instructions above: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11aTvE1uHXhR3O9NeZhmRXpc230FnWuBG/view?usp=sharing I hope you can reproduce it whenever you have the time to work on the emulator again. Thank you so much for your attention.
  8. mer-curious

    Raine 0.92.4

    Hey Tux! Thanks for the tip and for the quick update on the d-pad GUI navigation. I didn't know you had added an option to address the cases in which the controller doesn't work correctly. After changing it to "No" and manually reassigning the directions, I was finally able to use the d-pad in the game correctly as far as I've tested. Thanks again for that! 👍 Ok, no problem. Thank you so much for the thorough explanation, as always. 👍 Maybe this would be indeed the better to do for the time being so new Raine users don't eventually experience the "d-pad issues" with their controllers in Windows. Also, the option is not so clear the way it is currently written because by changing it to "No" you don't actually disable the d-pad for movement "at all", you just have to reassign it manually in the game inputs. So what do you think of renaming it to something like "Enable analog stick to d-pad simulation" with options such as "Yes" or "No"? By the way, I've noticed that setting this option to "No" doesn't fix the issue with the directions in the GUI, that is, if I try to navigate with my PS4 controller's d-pad in the GUI the up and down directions will still eventually stop registering just as happens with the games. This makes it a little difficult to scroll through the GUI in places such as the game list or the game history (if you're looking for hints or just game curiosities). I know I could simply use the analog stick instead, but perhaps this option could also make the d-pad fully usable in the GUI environment? As a final report, I was able to test the "blank screen" issue with an NVIDIA GPU and unfortunately it showed there too. This was something introduced with the SDL2 update. Anyway, that's it for this post. Thank you so much again for your time and work! 👍
  9. mer-curious

    Raine 0.92.4

    😊 Hey Tux! First of all, thanks a lot for this new release. 🙏 Since I was the one who reported most of the issues in the 0.92.3 thread, I was really eager to test this new version. So, here's my quick feedback: - 😞 I'm sorry to inform that I still experience the same issue with the controllers in this new version. The Left/Right directions continue stopping registering out of a sudden if you press and hold them. I only tried it with my DS4 controller, but I suppose that if I can reproduce it with this controller it may affect other pads as well eventually. - I don't know if I've already reported this, but my PS4 controller's d-pad doesn't work in the GUI in any of the SDL2 versions. It works fine in the SDL1.2 versions though. - The Apocalypse stage in X-Men vs Street Fighter is much better now. Thank you for your work on that. However, these fixes have introduced a small graphical glitch in the pre-stage screen in which the characters face each other before the match. There is a gray wall of dozens of X-men vs Street Fighter logos that works as a transition animation from the versus screen to the fight stage. Normally this animation hides all the elements in the screen, but now it is showing behind the characters in the versus screen. Take a look: https://imgur.com/a/NArIA2t Version 0.92.3 showed this effect correctly, but the current version presents this glitch. I'm reporting just in case you're unaware of this side-effect. If you'd like another save-state in a point shortly before the versus screen, here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CBdZuJYqKM3HCUzrHWyXk_dO0MAQIBLj/view?usp=sharing By the way, this state shows a message when I load it. I don't know why, but it works after confirming. Well, I guess that's my feedback for now. Thank you so much again for your continuing work. 👍
  10. Hey Tux! Thanks for letting me know. I've already replied there with my GitHub account. Let's see if they have all the info they need now. I understand. My brand new DS4 controller has the same dead-zone sensibility as we have noticed, so it's not a sign of wear in your PS3 controller, it's just the way they work with the drivers. I also have some PS2 controllers since 2001. They have been opened for cleaning a couple of times, but still work quite reliably. I hope my PS4 controller lasts as long as those. Great! This fix will be really useful when saving a long play during the activation of the raster effects. No more worries about that. Thank you so much for your continuing work on Raine. 🙂👍
  11. Hey Tux! Now I think I know what you mean about providing the correct layout. You're talking about the log files from the ControllerMap program, right? So, since the layout of the program is based on the X360 my previous mappings tried to follow that design. But now I've redone the mappings of my ASCII pad to follow that picture in the Git database which shows "Sega -> Microsoft". The Hori pad kept the same because I maintained the PS/XBox design. By the way, in the Git you informed that the Hori pad has 3 sticks, when it actually has only has one, the d-pad. Anyway, I'm attaching the updated logs to this post. That's exactly what I do here. I load a game in windowed mode, then hit Esc or "Play game" to leave the GUI, press Alt + Enter to enter full-screen mode, finally Alt + Enter again to return to windowed mode and then the screen is blank. Yes, if I press Esc the GUI shows with the game picture again. Perhaps it's related to the Intel OpenGL drivers because I currently only have integrated graphics to test (d-gpus are way too expensive in my country unfortunately). So in my old laptop I have a 3rd gen (Ivy-bridge) i3 CPU with Intel HD Graphics 4000, and in my desktop I have a 10th (Comet Lake) i5 with Intel UHD Graphics 630. From 6th (Skylake) to 10th (Comet Lake) Intel uses the same micro-architecture as far as I know, so if you have anything Skylake or above with integrated graphics you should probably be able to reproduce it. I'm using the latest drivers. Here's a quick video of the issue showing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OjWQ0ffO_xlkI7n13uvIvRJWAgb6DtxU/view?usp=sharing Notice that OBS recording takes longer to show the picture in full-screen mode and introduces a glitch in the top left of the screen when I leave it, but I don't experience these symptoms using Raine. I'll let you know if I come to test this issue with a NVIDIA or AMD video chip. Thank you so much again for your work. 🙂👍 Ascii and Hori update.7z
  12. Hey Tux! I'm really glad you could pinpoint the source of this issue! 😃 I guess I would have never come to this assumption, even though I noticed from my tests that playing with the analog sticks in the SF2 Input test menu would greatly increase the chances of triggering the problem, just as you have reported in your testing with the PS3 controller. Now everything makes sense: I couldn't experience this problem with the previous SDL1.2 versions because they didn't have this connection between the d-pad and the analog stick. Also, it's interesting that although my PS4 controller is genuine and brand new, the analog stick wobbles very slightly when I shake the controller in my hand and the driver does register this movement in the Windows controller properties. Anyway, thank you for this great troubleshooting! 👏 This seems to be a good solution to keep both d-pad and analog stick configured and working by default, but wouldn't it be possible to just completely ignore the analog data received in this connection? The directional pad is purely digital, so the analog variations are unimportant, no? Also, have you thought about making the d-pad the default for the automatic binding of the directions? For me it makes more sense to use a d-pad with arcade games, no? But then if someone remapped the directions to the analog stick, would they possibly face the same issue with the controls? Anyway, I'm opened to testing whatever solution you may try. You can share another test version here if you want. 👍 But something still bugs me: the apparent impossibility to reproduce this issue with my X360 controller, even if it has a very noticeable wobbling dead-zone. Perhaps the X Input drivers made the difference here, as you said? But what about the "controller inoperative" issue which I experienced sometimes with this controller in Raine, how could it be explained? An issue with the detection of X Input drivers maybe? Ok, no problem. In case you need, this is how it should look like: https://imgur.com/a/mpeSAuz Just for information because I don't know if you checked this, but it's still not fixed in the test version. 👍 I guess you can suggest the Sega layout for the ASCII pad and the Sony layout for the Hori one, if it's available in the SDL database. There are some changes I would make to the mappings but they are more related to the arcade systems, so I don't know if they could be implemented in the database. For example, for six-button CPS1/2 games, it would be better to have six face buttons, so button 1, 2, 3 down and 4, 5, 6 up (in this order). For Neo-Geo games, the configuration is already good (it follows the NG game-pad layout: A, B down, C, D up, in this order, as seen here: http://www.hbgamespy.com/uploads/81lkb7rxjul-ac-sl1500-684.jpg). I guess that's it for this long post. Thank you so much again for your great work and support. 🙏 PS: I went and test shaking my X360 controller with the Windows controller properties opened, and the axes didn't register a thing. So you are correct, the X Input drivers do have better detection of dead-zones (they seem less sensible to this kind of "natural" movement).
  13. Hey Tux! Thank you so much for your interest in fixing this weird controller issue. So, I've tested this version with my controllers and curiously I could no longer reproduce the directional issue with the Hori and the Ascii pads. However, the PS4 controller is still affected by it, but only sometimes. So I don't know if the changes in this version have really had any effect on that, because it seems the issue is triggered by something else eventually, and when it's not, then I can't see it with the controllers. But now I've noticed the issue is not related to the diagonals, but to the left and right directions only! These are the directions affected by the bug. I've recorded a short video using FBNeo and Raine simultaneously side by side so you can see what I experience, take a look: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CkIAyerK_MkVNvV5oo2B77YnCRRG2tiw/view?usp=sharing As you can see, everything works the same in both programs, except the right and left directions become suddenly undetected in Raine. I'm still trying to figure out a way to easily reproduce this crazy bug so you can try it with your game pads and setup. I'll let you know if I ever find that. Ok, so what you mean is that it's not completely perfect yet? Because I've noticed the floor has been fixed in the stage, but Apocalypse is still merging with the scenery (we can't see his shoulders), take a look: https://imgur.com/a/8jZWH8p This is my ASCII controller: https://segaretro.org/Seamic_Controller You can remove the weird microphone from the controller face so it becomes like this: https://external-preview.redd.it/Ol_CfRMT21xCTGQX_zD8WlOBb9EJc9vXzZrFclKWkBQ.jpg?width=640&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=99c2cbf5be030913ec4260b189b5463cdea3ea9c And we have L and R as shoulder buttons. And this is my Hori controller: https://i.ebayimg.com/d/w1600/pict/283353630372_/SONY-PS3-Controller-Hori-Fighting-Commander-3-Black.jpg As shoulder buttons we have L1 and R1, and as triggers, L2 and R2. The R1 and R2 buttons are repeated in the face buttons, so you can either use them above or in the front (that is, these buttons are internally connected, they are not independent, unfortunately). The ASCII pad seems to fit the Sega button layout from the SDL database, but the Hori is similar to a Sony controller, which I can't see a layout available there. So I don't how this particular pad could be registered there. Thank you so much again for your work. 👍 PS: I forgot to say that in the video comparison I provided above the buttons are mismatched between the emulators because they are mapped differently.
  14. Hey Tux! I tried disabling X Input and then running Raine via Command Prompt but, as you expected, it didn't change a thing. Anyway, I'm sure this issue with the controllers is only related to Raine SDL2 versions because I don't experience it with the SDL1.2 versions nor in other emulators. It's neither something with my setup solely because Augusto also reported it in the other thread. I've sent him a private message to see if he is using official Direct Input or alternative X Input drivers, but as we have tested, it seems this wouldn't make much difference. For the time being I'll be using the SDL1.2 versions if I want to play with these controllers. Let's hope you can figure it out someday. Thank you so much for your time and fast assistance. 👍 PS: I don't know if this is still relevant due to the SDL 2 update, but version 0.91.21 is not detecting the six-button layout of CPS1 games such as Street Fighter 2, take a look: https://imgur.com/a/koGuA2i
  15. Hey Tux! Thanks for the quick reply! So, as I reported in the other thread both of these game-pads I have were having issues with Raine SDL2. The Hori pad seems to be working good after the 92.3 upgrade, so I could finally play a little to the test the rasters in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. But the ASCII controller sometimes presents the issue related to the directions. Now with the DS4 I can confirm that something is still not quite right in this SDL2 update. Yes, I noticed that Raine names it as "PS4 Controller" while Windows calls it just "Wireless Controller", which is the name associated with the default Direct Input drivers. "PS4 Controller" is probably how it is registered in the SDL controller database. Perhaps you are not having any problems with your PS3 controller in Windows because this unofficial drivers works with XInput? This would make Raine think you're using an XBox 360 controller, which seems to not be affected by the issues I'm experiencing. Now I'm curious if Augusto was using official (Direct Input) or unofficial (XInput) drivers... 🤔 Thank you for suggesting this test. Now I think I have a clearer understanding of what's going on. According to my observation, the issue is related to detecting the continuing input of the directions. For example, if you press and hold up + right, one of the directions will eventually stop registering. It mostly happens with diagonals, but also with straight directions, for example, just left or right. That's why the commands would fail and the character would suddenly stop in the game if going back or forward. Curiously, when I tested my PS4 controller it was registering the directions correctly, but then I started playing with the buttons a little longer doing some commands such as "hadouken" and "shoryuken", and the problem appeared. So perhaps something is triggering it? Anyway, here is a summary of my testings in the Input test menu of Street Fighter 2 - Champion Edition: Dual Shock 4: the issue is easily reproduced after it is triggered Ascii Seamic Controller: the issue happens sometimes Hori Fighting Commander 3: the issue happens more rarely XBox 360 controller: I could not reproduce the issue with this controller For the controllers which have analog sticks (Ascii, DS4 and X360), I couldn't reproduce the bug by using their analog sticks. The issue looks to be related to the d-pad solely. One thing I noticed about the X360 pad is that sometimes Raine doesn't recognize it and then I'm unable to use it even in the GUI. I have to close and open Raine again and see if it is working. Maybe it could be a problem with XInput detection? Anyway, I hope this can help you figure out the source of this problem. Thanks again for your time. 🙏
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