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  1. Hey Tux! I've updated my romsets according to the latest FB Neo (I believe it's the same as MAME's) and all my merged roms have now become split for Retroarch's FB Neo's core compatibility. So now in Raine I have a lot of clones showing in the rom's list. As I generally only play the parent roms, I went to the options and selected "without clones" and then they are hidden. But curiously my Neo Geo roms also vanish when I disable the clones. Is this a bug or is it because of my romsets update? For example, before I had just kof99.zip in my roms folder. Now I have kof99.zip and kof99h.zip, which I believe is a clone rom. When I disable the clones, both sets disappear from the list, not just the "kof99h" version. By the way, is this a GUI glitch? The menu doesn't have space to show all the characters of this game. It also happens when we expand the window. I don't know if there are many arcade games with long names, but perhaps the menu could create a third line in that area when necessary, and use all the space when the window expands. Anyway, just a detail I happened to notice because of my new flooded rom list, lol. 😂 Thank you so much for your attention.
  2. I suppose this bin image format for NGCD games is for using with FB Neo. As Retroarch's FB Neo core only supports this format, they are becoming more popular over the internet lately. So it's good Raine starts supporting it too.
  3. Hello Tux! Thanks for checking the file. So it seems having a saveram file for every NG game would likely solve this issue about the limitation of the ram file getting full, wouldn't it? Or perhaps you have a better solution for that? By the way, I've just seen a video about the story of the NeoGeo in which they say the memory card can store data of up 20 games. But I suppose your inspection is more accurate, right? Here's the video (you can go to minute 9:05 to save time): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjCivnt5t50 No, I was doing a lot of save and load states during the rounds, so I believe you'd have to play for a while in order to possibly trigger this corruption. Would it be of any help to you if I provided a savestate during this corruption? I'm afraid you won't reproduce it like that though... I don't know, but maybe this corruption could be related to the bug with the sound associations which I reported above? Thanks a lot for that, and thanks again for your time and attention! 😊
  4. Hey Tux! Thanks for your reply. I don't use the hiscore.dat file, but I suppose all the saves are in this neogeo.saveram file because if I remove this file or if it is unexpectedly reset (which is what happened recently) all my scores and in-game changes are gone. I'm attaching a copy of this file with my KOF99.hi file in case you're curious to see where the scores are saved in there. Just let the demo run and you'll notice that the life bars are invisible because I disabled them in the in-game options and saved it like this. And if you let the demo run a little further you'll also see my scores (ELV). If you change this saveram file everything is lost. Here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WAKdfr9-UVlvkoXSPkQK3T9NNJzcTTfn Yes, the title bar. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Just look at the title bar in my screenshot above about the garbage screen in AOF3 and you'll notice it only states "Raine" and then the game title. My suggestion is to include the version info too, as we have with most other emulators. Thank you again for your attention. 😊
  5. Hello! I believe this has to do with the way the games were programmed probably due to RAM limitations of the NGCD system. SNK also did this for all KOF ports for PS1 (I don't know about the Saturn ports, maybe they work differently because of the additional RAM cartridges). I suppose you would have to change something in the game to avoid this track changing between the rounds. 🤔 Alternatively, you could use the sound associations option in Raine to play the MVS/AES versions with the arranged sound tracks from the NGCD ports. That way you would have the best graphics (no sprites cut) and the best sound with non-stop tracks between the rounds. I suggested the inclusion of this feature in Raine some years ago mainly because of this limitation of the CD versions, as I am a KOF fan. But my idea came from the Nebula emulator, which introduced this feature back in 2005 if I'm not wrong. Since Nebula is over a decade no longer updated, Raine is the only emulator maintained in which you have this feature as far as I know.
  6. Hey Tux! Thanks for your checking this issue. So, should we download this new hiscore.dat file from GitHub? Also, wouldn't it be better to have a per game save ram file? Because I guess the ram also stores the bios options which we may want to be different for different games. Some games (such as KOF98, 99 and 2000) also save some of the game's internal settings to this file (for example, the level and language selection to play with and some other available in-game options), which I'm afraid the hiscore.dat file doesn't save, does it? Anyway, I'm just worried that it may happen again with a bios reset especially if someone is new to Raine. By the way, you forgot to comment on my postscript observation about the bios selection window. 😅 Moving on to another bug report, I am experiencing some weird behavior in Art of Fighting 3 when using the sound associations. The associated sound files randomly changes during the game. I'm providing three savestates to the game which may trigger the bug: aof3.sv0 - in this savestate you just wait the round count down time reach 35~34 and at this point you should see the track change. aof3.sv1 - in this save just wait the "how to play" demo run until you eventually hear a track start playing (when it shouldn't, because this demo doesn't have a track - it is silenced). aof3.sv2 - in this save just press the D button and it should trigger the track to change. You can press the D button as many times as you want to trigger the track change, as weird as this may sound, lol! 😂 Here the saves are: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TDv6oGWIgVEBuUqeX5SFij9-HET-OB06 I'm also providing the tracks together with the config file with the associations (all the tracks are from the NGCD version, but since I've renamed them to something shorter, it may be easier for you to use my version - just change the folder address in the games.cfg file). Here they are: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I5lp5SueypJSk2S8724o_mIjwysLh4vk I can reproduce this bug very easily in the three save files, so I hope you may too (at least in one of them). Except that, I've experienced one garbage screen when doing a save/load state in this game, but since I couldn't reproduce it again, I'm not providing a savestate yet. Perhaps it has to do with the associations bug? Anyway, here it is a screenshot: Sorry for the long post again. Thank you for your time and support. 😊 PS: would it be possible to add the version info to the window frame, for example, Raine 0.91.4 - game-title. I've just realized Raine doesn't do that whereas most other emulators do. Sometimes it helps to identify which version I'm using when doing a lot of tests with different builds.
  7. Hey Tux! I've been playing with some NeoGeo games recently and for those games I've changed some configurations in the Unibios. For games such as Metal Slug I prefer to play in the Arcade mode and Euro region. For others, such as Art of Fighting 3, I choose Console mode and Japan region. No problems with it so far. Except that suddenly my hiscores for some previously played games have disappeared! Hopefully I have a backup folder with most of my savedata, but I suppose something may have happened to trigger this issue. I've been playing with some Raine installations and found that even if you have the *.hi and *-neogeo.bin files for the games the data won't be loaded if you don't have a neogeo.saveram that matches those info. So what I'm guessing is that some of these new played games might have messed up with the info in this file, causing all the scores for the other games to vanish. So I'd like to know if this would be a bug to investigate and if it would be doable to have a per game neogeo.saveram file to save the corresponding bios options and game saved data to prevent this from ever happening again. Unfortunately I can't provide any file for testing because I don't know when exactly this happened. But recently I replaced my neogeo.zip file for one which is provided to the FBNeo's Retroarch package and this one has all the UniBios files dated from 1996. My previous Unibios version 3.1 was dated from 2014 and this was the one I used. Perhaps this caused a change into the RAM info? Also, when I went back and tested version 0.91.2 again to see if my saves were good there Raine started showing some weird messages about script errors (something related to colons in a string, I don't remember exactly) when I loaded some NeoGeo games for the first time, and my saves didn't show there either! So maybe this new bios package really did change something in the RAM file, although the CRCs are exactly the same. Anyway, it's really disappointing to lose all this data like this. 😢 Thank you in advance for your time. PS: would it be possible to show all the Unibios in the release order (from the most recent to the older one) in the bios selector? Currently some of them are separated. PS2: Yes, that would be really handy. While making this testing I felt the need for the old 0.90 and 0.91 versions and couldn't find them anywhere in the internet, lol.
  8. Hey Tux! Thanks for the fast reply. I forgot to say I had tested this issue in FBA (currently FBNeo) and these weird squares/rectangles don't show in the picture there. But they don't have anything to do with the subtitles. Just pay attention to the third picture posted above, where you have three characters in the scene. You can see there are two rectangles in the man's clothes that makes you see through it. So, this wasn't supposed to happen. In the fourth picture, you have a grayish little square below the red eye. I suppose the others are more evident, but I may reupload them with marks if you need me to pinpoint what's wrong. I'll try to disable the blend files to see if it fixes this glitch. If it does fix it, it will be a relief, although it's interesting that only a very minor part of the picture would be affected by it, no? Thanks again for your attention. PS: sorry, I didn't know save states are bios dependent. I still use the 3.2 version of unibios because I don't see many advantages in the 4.0 version.
  9. Hey Tux! Thanks a lot for improving the cheats system and for adding the command list for the games. I hadn't thought about that but this is actually really useful especially for some unknown fighting games. Talking about fighting games, I don't remember if I have already reported this bug in the old forum. It's those weird rectangles in some KOF96 story scenes. Take a look: Maybe it's something to do with the blend files? Anyway, I've provided a savestate before each of those scenes are shown so you could check and possibly investigate it if you haven't already. Just wait some seconds and the scenes will show. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CqM92c71YLT2860piJ3jb-BmizayCwhh I believe that's it for this report. Thanks again for your time and sorry if I've really reported this before. 😊
  10. Hey Tux! Thanks a lot for your testing and for posting a test version. I made a full play in KOF97 and KOF99 doing my "perfect score" challenge again and now the issue didn't show in any of these games. So I suppose you might have fixed it. 😙 By the way, I had already stumbled upon this bug for a while but didn't think it was worth it to report because it didn't really jeopardize the gameplay. But now that I've been doing these challenges more frequently it became more noticeable, so who knows if it could be fixed? Then I decided to report it. Hopefully it is fixed now. One last thing, when I add a gamepad button for "save game" in the Raine inputs the GUI doesn't update with the current game pad mapping, but it does work during the game. I suppose this might be a GUI glitch, no? Because it does update the GUI when I insert a game pad mapping for "load game". Thank you so much again for your time. 😉
  11. Hey Tux! Thanks for your hard work in updating the cheats! 🙂 By the way, the cheats I was using for the Sailor Moon game were: 1p maximum magic power 2p maximum magic power The RAM which reports the error at game start is the first work RAM (it shows "bad"). I haven't played the game again, but when I do it I'll make save states every now and then to see if I can trigger the bug again and then I'll let you know. Talking about save states, I suppose I have stumbled upon a bug related to it. Sometimes the associated sound files will get scrambled when loading a save state, that is, instead of keeping track of the track which was being played when the game was saved, Raine will randomly play another one from the game when that save is loaded. I have been constantly experiencing this when playing some KOF games, for example KOF99, with associated sounds. I am trying to beat the CPU with perfect scores for all the rounds, and for this I have to be constantly saving my progress during the round. If I am hit by the CPU, I load the state back to try again until I finish the round without being damaged. So sometimes when I load the game this will trigger this "desync" issue with the associated track. I am uploading three save state files for KOF99 in which this will happen. I don't know if they'll be useful for you because the bug may be already triggered there, but hopefully you can check something: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QU7bs3r2lr0f7iRf10LxUNmUjg7NTY5B The associated sound files I use for KOF99 are all from the KOF99 NGCD version, so if you already have this version everything you need is to replace the folder addresses from that games.cfg I shared with you with the addresses you have those tracks in in your computer. I'm uploading my tracks in case you have a different naming for your KOF99 NGCD version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13QazV8LSaHR2etIyhqMGKepAC54PYKOM These are the tracks which are supposed to be playing in each of the save states below (may be you should play them in your media player once to recognize them during the game, they are not long - around ~2min): kof99.sv0 - track 21 kof99.sv1 - track 23 kof99.sv2 - track 33 If you don't hear these tracks playing in their respective save file, then the bug was triggered. This is the result of my testing: kof99.sv0 - two random tracks play at the same time (track 03 and track 33) kof99.sv1 - no track is played kof99.sv2 - track 06 plays I hope you can find something in all this save mess, lol. Thank you so much in advance for your time. 🥰
  12. Hey Tux! I've been playing with Raine recently and I've got some comments about it: - The "about" info is showing in the "options" menu. Is this right? - Could you add support for changing/selecting the save state slot through the GUI in "game options" menu? This would be handy for people who are used to looking for this option in the other emulators. Besides, we already have GUI options for saving and loading the game, so why not for selecting the save slot too? - I've experienced a weird bug in the Sailor Moon game. Eventually when I was playing and used a special move in the game the sprites became flashing forever in the screen. I could only eliminate the problem by quitting and restarting the emu. I had some cheats turned on when this happened, and when you have them on, you see a "bad RAM" check report when the game starts. So perhaps this was the cause of this bug? I'm attaching a save state file so you could check it out: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-V_SwY8AWXA8ptH_9SwGymjBCzLZica7 I guess that's it for now. Thank you in advance for your time and support.
  13. Thank you so much for the further investigation, Tux! It was pure lack of attention to not change to custom inputs when configuring the Sailor Moon game for the first time. This led me to think if it wouldn't be more intuitive to a new Raine user to have "edit customs inputs" as the default option when setting up a new game or a new installation, because I suppose most people would generally want different button configurations for different games, game genres or systems, don't you think? Or maybe a warning message when you enter "edit default game inputs", like "this will change inputs for all the games!". So these buttons aren't saved in my custom inputs? Weird, I thought they were. But you are very right. I tried to "edit default inputs" in Sailor Moon for "coin A" and "Player 1" to different buttons and the custom inputs for the other games didn't change at all this time, which means "coin A" and "P1 start" were indeed saved in my games.cfg file. I may have done some crazy configuration in Raine some time in the past. By the way, what are these crazy registered numbers for the buttons in the config file? Ok, I will delete this line from my file. 👍 Anyway I'll wait the next release to save all my customs inputs. Thanks again for your time with my posts. PS: did you happen to check the box title glitch which I reported in the previous post?
  14. This is also how I expected it to behave, but curiously it did change buttons which were already assigned as custom inputs. Fortunately I had a copy of my good games.cfg file, so I can always try to reproduce the problem. And I did. So I'm providing the file if you'd like to investigate a little more what may have happened: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LpbYDWrc16tmuQMuY2LSLL3H8cekTkNO The only thing I did was to setup a new installation of Raine, run Sailor Moon and edit the default game inputs. Then you should see that it will also change all the custom inputs which were already saved in the games.cfg file. To illustrate, here's how my good games.cfg file is (pay attention to buttons A and B) Here's how I set up the Sailor Moon game using "edit default game inputs" (pay attention to buttons 1 and 2) And here's how my custom game inputs become after I set up the Sailor Moon game as above (again, pay attention to buttons A and B) As you can see, it inherited the changes done for the previous game by using "edit default game inputs". I suppose it could be related to the differences between the two systems (Cave and NeoGeo), which use different button mappings (one is "button 1", the other is "button A", and so on), no? Anyway, I hope your fix can prevent this from happening. Thanks again for your patience. I really appreciate when you explain to us laymen what's behind the bugs and fixes. PS: durig this testing I found this little glitch in the GUI, the text will not show fully in the box title:
  15. Hey Tux! The Sailor Moon game is changing the region correctly now. Thanks for that. Except this, I guess I've found a little bug with the configuration handling. When I was playing with the Sailor Moon game I went and clicked in the Inputs menu to configure my gamepad for the game. I then clicked in the option to edit the "default game inputs". So I finished my turn in the game and closed the emu without any problem. When I opened Raine again and went to play another game, such as KOF99, I noticed my inputs had changed to as I had it set for Sailor Moon, even though I had "custom inputs" enabled for this game saved in my games.cfg file. I went and tried several other games which also had custom game inputs enabled and they all inherited the Sailor Moon config. Wasn't Raine supposed to preserve the custom inputs already saved in the config file even if you accidentally edit "default game inputs" when running a new unplayed game for the first time? I had a lot of games with custom game inputs, so it's been a pain to edit them all again because of the different config I set for Sailor Moon. Please leave a comment on this when you have time. Thanks again. PS: I always set up a new installation folder when updating Raine. Then I move all backup files to the new version, except raine.cfg, which I set up for every new version. Maybe this could influence in the results I had.
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