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    Kegs v0.71

    By ken_cinder,

    A new version of the AppleII GS emulator running under Windows or Mac OS has been released!


    The following changes have been made:

    - Improved double-hires colors a lot. -dhr140 is no longer the default

    - Airheart relies on the PC going from 0xffff to 0x0000, so I undid the

    change from KEGS v0.54 which allowed PC to overflow to 0x10000.

    This slows KEGS down by about 5%.

    - Fixed X shared memory bug in KEGS v0.70 with fix from Jonathan Stark.


    Official Site

    M1 v0.7.1

    By ken_cinder,

    M1 is a music player of more than 700 arcade games, running under Linux and Windows. It has been developed by the authors of Impact, ZiNc and modeller. Here are the changes:


    - New "m1i" advanced graphical interface for Win32 and Linux.

    - Added Aqua Jack, Ashura Blaster, Asuka & Asuka, Bonze Adventure, Cadash, Daisenpu, Darius, Elevator Action Returns, Exzisus, Fighting Hawk, Galmedes, GoldenEye (pinball), Hit the Ice, Jurassic Park, Kokontouzai Eto Monogatari, Master of Weapons, Maze of Flott, Night Striker, Operation Wolf, Power Wheels, Quiz Sekai wa SHOW by shobai, Rainbow Islands, Rastan, Rival Schools: United by Fate, Ryu Jin, Sel Feena, Silent Dragon, Sonic Blast Man, Star Gladiator 2: Nightmare of Bilstein, Street Fighter EX, Street Fighter EX 2 Plus, Superman, The X-Files (pinball), Top Speed, U.N. Defense Force: Earth Joker, Violence Fight, and Volfied.

    737 total games.

    - Corrected command handling for the ZN QSound games. Tetris is no longer missing songs, for instance.

    - Corrected ROM entries for Metal Hawk to match MAME.

    - Fixed some bad/missing samples in King of Fighters '95.

    - Fixed starting song number for Last Blade and Last Blade 2 to be meaningful.

    - Cleaned up some memory leaks and access to freed blocks thanks to the wonderful free Valgrind 1.0.4.

    - Fixed what I thought was a compiler bug but was really a M1 bug that prevented compiling for generic x86 targets. M1 will now work on Pentium and 486 machines, although few if any of the games will actually run on machines that slow.

    - Restructured the core and core/UI interface to better support graphical frontends such as m1i.

    - Added a -i switch to the command line versions which dumps the ROM info for a game in a format similar to what MAME dumps out. ROM manager tools should be able to use this to auto-create DAT files and the like.


    Official Site


    Thank you Sir Gouken from PlanetEmu for the news.

    BGB V0.86 Released

    By Mag,

    Another great GB/GBC emulator has yet updated with the following changes:


    -added support for japanese pokemon crystal

    -fixed: accessing a word on address $ffff caused AccessViolation.

    -fixed saving of joystick buttons config.

    -Redone code which searches GB screen rectangle in border bitmap.


    For More info or download, Click here: http://www.tomaatnet.nl/~steendijk/bgb/

    NEStron V0.6.5b Released

    By Mag,

    Another NES window (Designed for window) has yet updated again..Here's the following changes:


    -Added turbo/rapidfire

    -Hopefully fixed a few controller bugs.

    -Minor miscellaneous bug fixes.

    -Cooler snow.


    For more info or download, click here: http://nestron.emuunlim.com/main.htm

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