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  1. Tux

    Raine 0.91.7

    Finally updated the opwolf driver, a real update this time, the 1st one in more than 10 years ! - Automatic rom loading - samples live decoding instead of the long static sample list + the hack to insert the sample codes in the rom - the driver is now shorter and uses the mame rom - actually the only difference is the last 68000 rom which was probably badly dumped in the raine version, never found where it creates a problem if it creates one, but it's probably safer to update this romset anyway ! It won't interest a lot of people since this bug survived for so long, but really this code needed some care... !
  2. Tux

    Raine 0.91.8 !

    Glad it's specific to an intel video chip ! By the way you can crash easily this version by changing from opengl to normal blits and then back to opengl, and playing a few seconds each time. Well it's still the deprecated api which shows here, I can't do much about it, it's safer to exit if you want to leave opengl and reload with a different video setting. Yeah I remember you already asked the version number in the tiltle bar... ah yes I added it when a game is loaded, but forgot when there's no game... You are really a version number lover, I guess it's because you keep a few different versions at the same time... oh well... it's done !
  3. Tux

    Raine 0.91.7

    Yeah it's an endless race to try to keep compatibility at the rom level with mame, all that because when they find a newer set, instead of adding it as a new set, they replace the main one by the newest they just found, breaking compatibility with all the sets all the time. Too tiresome. I do it mainly for cps & neogeo, for the others it's from time to time, but very rarely. terraf is a horrible game anyway ! On my side I hate breaking compatibility with existing sets (I mean the ones which worked in previous versions on raine), even if there are utilities to fix that.
  4. Tux

    Raine 0.91.7

    Finally it's a quiet day here and I was curious, so I looked into it. The opwolf in raine uses the z80 rom from opwolfb to emulate the c-chip, so it's a kind of improved bootleg but not exactly the real opwolf, the c-chip is not emulated. The sound problem was not as hard to find as I thought first. There were 7 bytes for the sound commands from 0 to 6, Antiriad tried byte 6 as sound activator, it was byte 4 (as found in mame). This means he never finished stage 1, or didn't care. Also the aiming is a little too high in opwolf (not in opwolfb). So I fixed the sound and the aiming, which are very short fixes. There are hacks everywhere in this driver... anyway ! It's fixed but not released, it's ultra low priority since it's been like that for 20 years, but it will be fixed in next release then.
  5. Tux

    Raine 0.91.7

    minimum curiosity, try emulator inputs in "controls", f11 is a good idea yeah, you could have tried. There might be a problem specific to opwolf, I never really played it. I might check that later, but it's not my kind of game, so it will probably take time ! edit : yeah I could use the cheats to finish quickly the 1st stage, I can confirm the problem, I guess it's the kind of problem without importance for Antiriad since it doesn't impact the playability... This bug has probably been there since 98, and it's the 1st time I hear of it, so I guess there is no emergence to fix it, I might take a look later, but not now...
  6. Tux

    3 bug reports

    Well up to you, I just re-uploaded the 2 raine archives (because the part from sdl which redirects to stdout.txt was in the static part of the lib, so updating just the dll does no good !), and by the way I found a few more sdl patches, mainly security fixes, so re-uploaded dlls32- and dlls64-0.90.7z with an updated SDL.dll inside. Most people don't need to update here, but it's probably better to get these versions for the new downloads. No version number change of course, it's just the patches + the configure options which change for sdl. If your binary creates a stdout.txt file on launch, it's the old version, you can also check from the compilation date in the about dialog...
  7. Tux

    3 bug reports

    Yeah I know it's super annoying but it's the way sdl1.2 with its default configuration works in windows ! Which means that if I build it automatically from linux like any other package, then you get this ! I knew it was like that, but I wanted to be sure you couldn't work with the stdout.txt in this case... I'll update the dlls package today then with a sdl.dll which doesn't do that !
  8. Tux

    Raine 0.91.7

    Well just tried it in windows, 32 & 64 bits, and fullscreen, no problem at all. I don't remember I ever had any audio problem in raine anyway. Similar setup, a ryzen 2700, 8 cores too, and 16 Gb of ram, which is way too much for raine, but I have other uses for that !
  9. Tux

    Raine 0.91.7

    no pops here, afaik, 44 KHz, tried mainly bublbobl. If you have something specific to try... By the way usually sound pops mean heavy cpu load and/or heavy disk usage on the computer...
  10. Tux

    A dos version in 2020... !

    The wonderful world of vesa modes in virtualbox : I made some more research on the topic, I found odd that such a stable dpmi emulation had nothing about vesa. It turns out it was yet another stupid bug from allegro, their mode list scan of vesa modes is broken, and since there is no 320x240 mode by default, I thought there was no mode at all. In fact I couldn't be more wrong ! They have the same support as dosemu, except you can add all the vesa modes you want ! For that you just do : vboxmanage setextradata freedos CustomVideoMode1 320x240x8 to get the 320x240 in 8bpp. And so on... ! (here my virtual machine is called freedos) Wow, virtualbox just got better than dosemu, maybe that's the reason why they take so long to release their 2.0 version ? Hum, maybe they don't have any joystick support ?! By the way I just fixed the bug in allegro with another patch, so you now get the correct list of modes. But I am probably the only one playing with this for now !
  11. Tux

    Raine 0.91.8 !

    The big thing in this release is a fix for the gui display bug in fullscreen, it's not ideal, it currently uses some deprecated api in sdl-1.2, I have tested it only with a windows 10/nvidia system (and linux), so I can only hope it will work everywhere, I'll need some feedback here. The idea is just to try to display the gui in opengl since the bug prevents a proper restoration of the screen to display a non opengl gui. Oh well, just switch to fullscreen, test and report ! Except that : - a dos version ! This is the result of finding a djgpp version of gcc in arch, read about it there : There is only a version using allegro for sound for now because it's the sound driver with the best results with "recent" sound cards, if you really need seal to support some extremely old sound card, post something ! - the status & clones settings of the game selection list are now saved and restored - there is a new cache for the rom directories, it was made mainly for the dos version in an emulator, but it will have an effect everywhere. If you use a rom directory on a removable device, a dvd for example, and you change the dvd while raine is running, the list won't be updated, you'll need to restart raine for that. - the borderless window was updated since it was useless in windows, now it tries to emulate fullscreen, that is, the window is placed at 0,0 with a full size, the idea was to try that against the bug which hides the gui in fullscreen, but it failed, the bug also shows with this kind of window ! I kept it anyway, now when you switch to a borderless window the window is maximized. - some fixes for -romcheck and -rcf, and fixed the archive name for bubbolbr1 Oh yeah, the download section link is now at the top of the screen, in the forum title, but anyway : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
  12. Tux

    Raine 0.91.7

    It's not perfect, it's at the limits and even beyond of what can be done with sdl-1.2 and it shows, it's disabled in linux for fullscreen and borderless fullscreen windows because it creates amazing bugs there, but luckily linux doesn't have any problem with the gui in fullscreen so it's still fine, but you really feel why this api is deprecated here ! I just hope it will work the same in all windows, which is not guaranteed with windows... ! Thanks for the paypal idea, but it's nice to be able to make free things sometimes, and it would require a lot of people to give to make a real difference, so forget it for now, and enjoy the free things !
  13. I found a recent gcc (latest version actually) for dos in arch, so I got curious to see if I could make the dos version to run now... Weirdly I have some trouble with dosbox, raine crashes at launch with it in install_allegro, no idea why, I tried a few dosbox versions and always the same result. With dosemu it's also harder, it had the best results before, now I am obliged to use a pre-version of their 2.0, which is not super stable. Here it works, sound and graphics (well vesa 2.0 linear which is not bad, but no triple buffer at all). Only file accesses are very slow for some reason, so I took a moment to add some basic cache for the rom directories in raine and it's now much faster, it will also benefit a little to the other versions, linux and windows. And it also works in virtualbox, using a freedos boot ! No vesa support at all there, clearly their goal was not to allow some dos games to run, we are stuck in mode-x. There is a working soundblaster 16 emulation though, but only with the allegro sound driver, seal doesn't detect it at all. With that, it's a little slower than dosemu ingame, but much more stable, and what works is working perfectly ! Quite surprising and impressive ! Oh well, it's probably time for a very last raine dos binary then ! (I might make 2, one with the seal audio, the other with the allegro audio).
  14. Tux

    Raine 0.91.7

    No problems with ryzen chipsets, usb and so on. Don't worry I made peace with my win10, I use it only to launch games or test raine from time to time, and it has all its advertising disabled, a restored and usable start menu, in this state it looks very much like win7 actually ! The best option to work around the display bug in fullscreen : disable opengl double buffer ! There is really a problem when leaving opengl using double buffer, so if you remove the option, the problem disappears. I tried a borderless window to emulate fullscreen : bug still here, but with a border it doesn't show ! I tried explicitly turning double buffer off before displaying the gui : still doesn't work ! So the easiest way it to disable double buffer in fullscreen for now ! edit again : I was finally able to fix this display bug by using the idea I got while replying to your post : make the gui displayable in an opengl screen, I was lucky, there was some deprecated functions for that, it was not easy, I had to find what made them deprecated, undocumented stuff making them to behave in strange ways, and opengl double buffer which refuses to be disabled, but finally it works ! I can't release now because I made some more changes elsewhere which need to be improved, but it's a relief to finally have fixed this thing ! It's not even committed to git yet... The gui doesn't look different in opengl, it's just some basic blit function everywhere, but at least now it's never hidden !
  15. Tux

    Raine 0.91.7

    windows7 is usually the best windows, right ? I would have kept it myself, except that updating the machine doesn't leave any choice with some low level drivers impossible to find for new hardware on win7. No idea why your mouse is not captured, never heard or seen that before... ! Notice that in this extreme situation you can use fullscreen, just don't call the gui or if you do and it's not visible, then you can either return to the game with esc or quit with q or alt-f4 (alt-f4 quits without saving the settings). It's not super convenient, but it's very do-able ! I am not sure I'll be able to fix this, but I might try again later, but don't hold your breath, it will take time... !
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