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  1. Do you know there is a "record to wav" option for that ? Why is the shout different ? Good question ! Next question please ? (aren't you supposed to think about love instead of about fighting today ? )
  2. Ok fixed, what annoyed me here is that it was a general incompatibility in the way irqs were handled between mz80 and the mame z80 core we use in the 64 bits version. So I just added some code to make the mame core compatible, our way to handle interrupts is actually easier, you don't have to know how long the irq line must stay active, an irq just becomes pending and is executed as soon as it can be executed. It was inspired by z80 books so it doesn't come from nowhere, and it simplifies things, even if I am sure there are very good reason about accuracy to do this differently. Anyw
  3. Ok, confirmed, it's specific to the 64 bits version again... ditch the 64 bits version ? Well I won't look into this just now, maybe later...
  4. It's a z80 alone for both these games, it's not really powerful, they seem ok to me, at least they always were like that... Compare eventually with the 32 bits version. Pang3 uses a 68000, it's cps1 hardware.
  5. Tux

    Raine 0.91.12

    You can't sorry, it's not supposed to happen at all in fact, as I said your 3 saves are broken and unusable now, and I am like you, I can't reproduce this, if you find a way to do it, I am interested !
  6. the main problem this time is in the 64 bits build, all the kabuki games were broken (pang, super pang, block, pengo, and quite a few cps1 games). Also fixes chasehq and continental circus graphics. chasehq and night striker gain a region switch too. And a last fix (hopefully !) for the sound associations with kof99, a song which never stopped during the intro. That's it ! http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
  7. Thanks for this one, it's specific to the 64 bits build, I was expecting something like that but since I work mainly in the 32 bits build I never found it. All the kabuki games are affected, it's simply because the offset to the decoded area becomes a 64 bits offset for the 64 bits build. I'll release a new binary later today, this bug is here since the 64 bits builds started to appear. Kabuki games include block, pkladies, pang, spang (for the mitchell driver wof, dino, slammast, punisher for the cps1 driver. and pengo, which is probably the 1st game to ever use this. Pa
  8. I played with an old 0.28 in dosbox lately and I can confirm that the old dos version had the right colors (but in 8bpp only, there was not even a setting to display the game in more than 8bpp actually, these were the very old dos days !). But the sound was mostly broken, no wonder it gave me a lot of troubles here, there was some kind of weird bitswap on the sound command, like a protection to make it more complex than what it should be, anyway...
  9. For info there was another bug related to this for "continental circus", the top of the mountain was off by a large amount during the intro demo, alignment problem obviously but which was never reported or found before now, it's fixed too. (the game shares exactly the same hardware).
  10. Oops, sorry I didn't notice their xml files now contained "htmlized" characters like ". It's fixed, and re-uploaded, same version, same name, the file inside the archive is dated February 6th. tnzsb becomes tnzs in next version of raine, to follow the name used in this history file, originally it was already called tnzs but mame decided to call it tnzsb before changing their mind again... !!!! argh !!!! Anyway... ! Notice that a few entries use japanese characters to display the name of the game (koshien for example), you might need to replace Vera.ttf in raine's font
  11. Tux

    Raine 0.91.12

    Hum, might be something specific to windows there then... I'll do more tests later... edit : Tested in win10, 64 bits optimized build, same path as you for loading the neocd game, a version from gametronik I downloaded a few days ago with audio tracks in wav format, everything works perfectly. Except it crashed print_debug in a debug build because the strings become too big when including your path, but there is no such thing in an optimized build, I fixed it anyway. So no idea there, can't reproduce the problem... ! For info for your 3 1st saves the overflow seems to already ha
  12. Found this firefox extension : https://addons.mozilla.org/fr/firefox/addon/dark-background-light-text/ Choose "invert" for this site, and you get something like this :
  13. Finally found it, and fixed it. If you want to know the story behind this : it's a very old hack which was added by Antiriad to compensate the fact that we didn't have any linescroll in the emulator. At the time he even said it was impossible to add some linescroll in raine without rewriting too many things. Well I found a way to add it anyway, but with some real linescroll his hack is creating these black areas on the left and on the right of the screen, I just removed it and now it works flawlessly. There was also another problem creating black lines at the top of the screen when
  14. Tux

    Raine 0.91.12

    I don't have aof3 for neocd anymore, lost a few of my games some years ago. Yeah I know I can redownload it, but it will take time, don't hold your breath ! I redownloaded it, can't reproduce, I just used "game demo" and watched a few stages, no problem to see. Then I tried your savegame, a nice buffer overflow in the 1st one, but it's too late, the harm has already been done. Would you have a incredibly long file name (including the dir) for one of your audio tracks ? It's the most likely cause, just noticed that FILENAME_MAX is a lot smaller in windows, but it's still 260, succeedin
  15. Yeah it was created by Richard Bush, Antiriad, in 1998, that was the old dos days. In 2000 he wanted to give it up but he opened the source, at that time I was interested by a linux version, so I took the Tux name to work on it, except that slowly but surely, everybody gave up, and I was finally the only one left. The big difference is that I didn't work on it like crazy like what Antiriad did, it was more, "when time permits", but I never succeeded to completely stop, I stopped for a few months and always came back to it. Antiriad left but after helping us to port it to windows and
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