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  1. 12 MHz without speed hack, once the speed hack is installed and working as much as it wants (well up to 32 MHz max, but it should never get that high).
  2. It's the old setup, I guess you were not switched to the new one yet, you'll see that later ! Yeah, nice birthday ! but anyway with such an extension it's not a problem anymore... ! The blurry picture in the background is not the best effect, still experimenting with this, but it gives you an idea of the changes !
  3. Reviving an old topic : if you, like me are using "dark reader" and have some troubles with the new gmail style, just open the settings for "dark reader", click on "More...", then choose either "Filter" or "Filter+" for gmail, but then don't forget to remove the news below (x), and then choose "for this site only", because most other sites work fine with the dynamic setting, but the icons of gmail at the top of the screen become invisible if using dynamic. That's all, and the "dark" themes from gmail without "dark reader" leave the background of the mails in white, so they are nice but not really useful, but you can combine them with dark reader by using this setting ! Thanks again to mer-curious for finding this extension !
  4. Oh well it's fixable, but I'll need to investigate for that, I'll probably do it later (if ever rain comes back to France it will vastly increase the chances to see that happening !). And for the warning, those following raine know the real raine remains the 32 bits version, although I thought the 64 bits version was now totally compatible, but raine is all about crazy optimizations and assembler, you loose most of that in the 64 bits version. Don't worry, it will be fixed, but not now...
  5. I tried this, and what a surprise, I can't seem able to reproduce this ! My emu is closer to your left window, I don't know what you found again. It's like you get a constant lag in fps, did you check your fps counter at least here ? (even the profiler, it should show around 90% free cpu on a modern machine). It should display around 59-60 fps too. And you should have a lag in the intro between what you hear and what you see in this case since it's synchronized on an audio track (and we had some trouble to synchronize it precisely if you remember !). Try the 32 bits version eventually, the 64 bits version seems more choppy on this (and I don't know why !). That's why the 32 bits version remains the main version no matter what, you always find unexpected annoyances in the 64 bits one... Yeah from my tests : happens only in 64 bits, absolutely no idea of the cause but it's very probably tricky. And it seems to happen only here, not in the intro ! (which makes me believe it's tricky !). So if it's a problem to you, switch to the 32 bits version, it's the easiest way, I don't want to spend hours on this for now.
  6. Eventually but with all the heat currently around here I am not really motivated to fix problems for now... I'll try to check that later...
  7. Tux

    Raine 0.93.5

    Thanks for the encouragement ! Well I am currently having my worst year ever, after loosing this dog I will probably loose my mother soon, even if it's the result of a long disease so it's not really a surprise. Add to this crazy temperatures, 41°C next Monday... If the world cools down and becomes less crazy, I'll probably try to make some more releases, but for now it's impossible !
  8. Tux

    Raine 0.93.5

    Yeah that's what I use to create the tar.xz file which is automatically posted on the site, it serves as a verification, but thanks for the confirmation anyway ! Expecting temperatures over 35° this week, so I'll try to find a hole somewhere and wait... !
  9. Tux

    Raine 0.93.5

    Ok, this is becoming ridiculous. Change from yesterday : top is an index for displayed items and not for all items, so : - for (index = top; index < nb_items; index++) { + for (index = menu_disp[top]; index < nb_items; index++) { And now change from today : that's all good an nice, except that if the list is empty, then menu_disp becomes undefined, and you can't access menu_disp[] at all. So : - for (index = menu_disp[top]; index < nb_items; index++) { + for (index = (menu_disp ? menu_disp[top] : 0); index < nb_items; index++) { I don't see what else could go wrong in this stupid piece of code anyway. Maybe something else somewhere else, but not here ! Anyway, that's the 0.93.5d then, removed 5a, 5b, and 5c from the server. Sorry I am still not in perfect shape so I am not really in mood to make some large scale tests... so it's a bet, but after so many failures it should work ! http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
  10. Tux

    Raine 0.93.5

    Not so great lately, or I wouldn't have to make a new binary / day ! Yeah I'll make another one soon, probably before tomorrow.
  11. Tux

    Raine 0.93.5

    It's fixed in git, it's a special case for the yesterday's fix, when the list is empty menu_disp becomes unreachable, I didn't even think about that yesterday, which comforts me in the idea to avoid to make any new binary for now. Stupid bug again ! It's irritating !
  12. Tux

    Raine 0.93.5

    Ok ! This I can reproduce ! Well too bad, as I said, no new binary while I am not in perfect shape, so it can be a few days from now. Actually this bug was probably already here in 0.93.5b, except I didn't see it, I never restart from an empty config... Meanwhile working around it is quite easy : just make sure you have non empty roms directory, it's enough and you'll be able to select options without crashing !
  13. Tux

    Raine 0.93.5

    Well you're just unlucky here, I don't know how you can do that, it's related to the length of the games list probably but I just can't reproduce that at all. (even tried the win64 binary). But anyway I would have refused to make another binary in these conditions ! Well I can tell you that running the 64 bits binary with an empty roms directory works for sure, and it works too with a big game list. As I said : no idea how you did that, but if you find a clue, I am interested !
  14. Tux

    Raine 0.93.5

    Ok, so the error was very limited, forgot a variable was linked to menu_disp and not to menu directly, which is normal since this code is almost never changed, I should just have waited longer to check things, blame the covid for that ! So it makes a new binary for a 1 line change only ! Find 0.93.5c there, and sorry ! http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
  15. Tux

    Raine 0.93.5

    Yeah I feared that, the bug with mouse sensitivity forced me to change a function in the core of the gui, which is very dangerous, and I was almost sure there would be a problem... Maybe I should have taken more time to check things. Well I got a cold + some covid from a friend lately, so it's a little hard currently, I'll go and check for this covid a little later. So at least I know where the problem comes from, even if it's not obvious to fix, I'll look into it later. Meanwhile, use the keyboard for the game selection !
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