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  1. Tux

    Raine 0.91.9

    Sorry went too fast to make the binaries, forgot to update the version number for the 64 bits, but if you have the 0.91.10 archive with the exe inside dated october 26th, then you have the right one. I can't tell you about hawk and animal because I don't know the game, but testing with hulk hogan as player 1 (I can recognize him at least !), and animal as player 2 works. I'll try to re-upload the 64 bits exe later, but as I said, it's the right one, just a problem with the version number. (with hh and animal the cheats produce this : poke 1c0607, 0 poke 1c0713, 5 where before they produced poke 1c0607, 5 poke 1c0713, 5 So for me the problem is fixed, now having these chars in the selection is still a hack and so I can't be sure everything works as expected). edit: reuploaded, I didn't bother to change the filename of the archive.
  2. Yes it means the driver has a problem, rubyTexture is the base of this shader, it contains the game bitmap, it's sent for all the frames. I don't get any warning about rubyTexture with my nvidia, so there is definitely something wrong with the way the shader is interpreted by your video driver. 2 choices : just ignore the shaders, you can live without them after all, or find a better video driver... ! And the reason you don't see the message on screen is because it's said it's a warning, the validation succeeds in the end, but if it misses rubyTexture, it misses the main point, the crash could very well be a divide by 0 at this point !
  3. Well it's worth trying a driver update, it shouldn't crash normally even if the video card can't handle it if the driver is well done it just returns an error message which is displayed by raine. 2nd solution : it just doesn't work, doing nothing noticeable on screen. 3rd : yours, never seen before, it crashes -> something is probably wrong somewhere, try to update your driver.
  4. Tux

    Raine 0.91.9

    The mails are not rejected, they go to spam. It's very hard to make them accepted nowdays yeah, but the bright side is that almost no spam goes through. Ok don't worry too much, he didn't describe very well what happened, and didn't come back so you can't do too much about it, but thanks for trying !
  5. That's a good one... You forgot the video card ? I never saw shaders crashing the program so far, usually it works or it doesn't that's all, it's a 1st time here. Well it works here of course, but it's very likely something related to your video card. I'll check later in windows, but since it works in linux here it should also in windows. Also you can try to run the emu from the command line and redirect the output, like this : raine > log when it has closed because of your shader check the log file to see if there is something interesting in it, at the end. edit : yeah no problem for me in windows fullscreen with the crt shader, as expected.
  6. Tux

    A dos version in 2020... !

    Finally I can't test this on real hardware for now, the old computer doesn't have any hard disk anymore and it seems I don't have any working ata hard disk anymore neither ! So game over here, oh well it should work at least, even if it's useful only for these very wide games.
  7. Tux

    Raine 0.91.9

    And the linux binaries are updated, I had forgotten that I had done a nice little script which does everything for me for that, you just launch it from the 32 bits or 64 bits directory, give it the version number you want, and it does all the rest (get the sources from git, compile, update the sha256sum and the version number in the PKGBUILD, upload the binary package and the PKGBUILD file, and finally update the html page !), so it's quite fast to do it finally !
  8. Tux

    Raine 0.91.9

    No problem, I understood you were pissed by the technical pb in the forum, it's ok !
  9. Tux

    Raine 0.91.9

    ok 0.91.10 released with these fixes for windows, I'll try a linux binary tomorrow
  10. Tux

    Raine 0.91.9

    Ah I found the forum was very quiet lately, so it was because of a technical error ?!!! Sorry to learn that... Oh well no wonder there are still things to fix about all these shiny new cheats, too much to test, I'll have a look, but I don't know when, it shouldn't take 10 days though ! ok bug confirmed, I hadn't thought about multiple scripts using a choice from a list like that running at the same time, I'll have to find something, it will take a little time... edit again : it's fixed, I'll have to make a new binary for that, and maybe a linux binary too, the biggest change since 0.91.9 except this one is for linux to be able to run its asm code with the recent change which makes the stack not executable by default. Oh well, not an ideal setup to make a binary right now, it will wait until tomorrow. Thanks for the bug report at least !
  11. Tux

    A dos version in 2020... !

    Yeah I plan to do that too when I get access again to an old 1Ghz pc I have, but for now it's quite far, it will be later. I plan to test with univbe too to check if there are some modes where triple buffer can be enabled, for now the only mode which can work for sure is mode-x 256x240, I am almost sure it's possible in vesa, but maybe univbe is required and I can't test this in an emulator...
  12. I don't know launchbox, what I can say : if you pass the rom file on the command line, it will be seen as a zip file for neocd, which you don't want here. The correct way is to pass the game name on the command line, not the zip file. for aes/mvs, notice you can switch most neogeo games between the 2 if you use something like the unibios, there is a shortcut when you boot the game to decide if you want to boot it in aes or mvs, but anyway... !
  13. This was a hack for version 0.28 but which was not fully understood at the time and which was totally forgotten for all this time, it allows to switch to a given video mode and then make it to display only 1/3 of its lines on screen, excellent for extra wide games like darius. These modes were impossible to select since the vesa modes display only the supported video modes now, and they are not directly supported, it's like a virtual video mode, you need to switch first to a mode with 3x the number of lines you want for it to work... ! So... ! I found this by looking in the code how the triple buffer worked in dos, and found this instead. So I added them back, but I had some trouble to test of course, I wanted to wait until I have access to an old pc to test this on a real screen, but I don't have it available right now. Well I just found that dosemu in linux emulates this perfectly, here is a screenshot : And ingame : Oh yeah cut a part of the title bar on this one, testing a new screenshot tool... Anyway it works great, and it would work on any pc able to switch to 1024x768, so all normal pcs then ! I just added the 3 most standard modes at the end of the list of the standard supported modes, they appear with a "dark " prefix in the list, and are used automatically when loading a game if "auto mode change" is selected, and it's the default. (these standard modes being 640x160, 800x200, and 1024x256, used here by darius). Quite amazing to see such a come back !
  14. Tux

    Graphical Glitch

    There is a post elsewhere in the forum about that, apparently the issue was fixed by a driver update, look for the post for details, it shouldn't be too hard to find there was a picture posted...
  15. Tux

    A dos version in 2020... !

    And finally some "dark modes" as they are called, I added some because I was curious to see if worked in the virtual machine : it doesn't ! I added the 3 most "standard" ones, 640x160 (which uses 640x480), 800x200 (for 800x600), and 1024x256 (for 1024x768), the 3 appear with a prefix "dark " in the list of vesa modes if you already have the corresponding standard vesa mode. For me the screen is changed indeed I see only the upper half of it, so it's not usable, but it was worth testing. I'll leave it for others to test eventually, trying to load darius in there with "auto mode change" selected automatically takes 1024x256. I suppose that when it works the modes are darkened because of the video hacks used to display them. For me it's stretched but not dark... too bad !
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