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  1. Ok, it's fixed for good this time apparently, sorry I had broken the region switch for this game and since I didn't play raine a lot lately I didn't notice, it happened because of mer-curious string changes in the main menu... ! But I should have noticed that anyway. I also fixed the hiscore.dat for soldamj But even in english, I am not sure I completely understand this game, my lines don't always disappear... oh well !!! This means adding the english romset is not necessary, just use the region switch in the main menu to switch to "sodam - america", and the texts turn to english.
  2. ok, it's fixed in git, but I'll try to add this english soldam rom tomorrow then ! (and so you tested soldam already and the speed hack applies without modification ? What a luck ! But I'll see that tomorrow, it's getting late !)
  3. Wow, this is some super old bug, from 2000 at least, I must confess I never played soldam (japenese game so...). You read japenese ? So this is some very old code from Antiriad, I made some tests and found your disappeared layer, it's because it's usually drawn as 16x16 sprites but for this screen specifically, it's drawn with 8x8 sprites, and this was unexpected, the 8x8 sprites are not available ! I'll need to read some more code to see how/if the 8x8 sprites can be generated, it's probably not too complicated, but it's some totally unknown territory here... ! Thanks for the nice things too by the way, and nice to see another arch user !
  4. Yeah I don't use chrome usually neither, I installed it specifically to test here (and that reminds me that I need to uninstall it !). The reason might be an extension I have which allows to bypass most of the captchas "I'm not a robot", privacy pass it's called, it's there : https://privacypass.github.io/ 1st time I see a problem coming from it... And I still don't have ublock origin because it's an old setup and originally it didn't exist, so I still have adblock+ + privacy badger, works great so far even if some say it's not super optimal, so I don't change ! Anyway the 2nd link worked for me too, it was just this stupid countdown of 1 minute for a 5 Mb file which was crazy, you don't have something like that on mega.nz, and probably on most of the other space providers of this kind. But thanks for the comment !
  5. It's curl which is the most annoying with its dependancies, there are a lot of protocols in there which are totally useless in raine, but it's annoying to build it from sources and disable what's not needed, it's much easier to use binary packages but if you do that you get all the dependencies. Well usually I test the dlls by removing all of them in linux (with wine), trying to launch raine until I don't get any message about any missing dlls, yeah I know it's quite annoying to need that many, curse the binary packages... ! It's possible to get rid of a lot of them by building from sources, but it would have to be redone each time an update is needed. Normally these dlls shouldn't be updated except sdl2, but you never know. By the way the latest version of sdl2-image has a problem with our logo (it doesn't support indexed pictures anymore directly and I absolutely need the palette here to make the color animation you can see in the about dialog). So sdl2-image is not updated and will not be updated.
  6. Ok, normally it's fixed, you have a new 32 bits dlls package. To give some more details, this RegLoadMUIStringW function is linked to a new api incompatible with xp, normally the dlls are built without it, but with all the dependencies sometimes something slips by. Here it was libglib-2.0 which was using this, and it's not used directly by raine ! I found an old version to replace it which doesn't have this function, it requires its own libgcc dll, so there are now 2 libgcc dlls in dlls32-0.92x ! Oh well... I won't bother with the 64 bits version unless someone really needs it. Normally you should be able to test that without a new binary since raine doesn't use this function directly. (and I finally noticed your permanent link with 1 minute of wait time, use mega instead of this, it's less crazy, it also contains a libglib-2.0-0.dl which uses this RegLoadMUIW function, so it's quite surprising you can use that ! Anyway the new package should be better). dlls32-0.92x.7z 2022/10/23
  7. I tried with chrome, it tried to force me to install an extension... !!! Total bullshit, I'll avoid this link, I'll try to find something else...
  8. I would have been curious to check your sendspace link, but for I don't know which reason it just doesn't work with my firefox here, the screen flashes briefly and that's all, it's not a popup, it's just a javascript mess apparently... !
  9. I add it for windows only when there's something new inside, if you overwrite your directory with each new release, you have it. It's because the file is quite big, and it's a waste of space if there's nothing new inside. It's in every linux release though, because for linux it's more complex to remove it only sometimes ! edit : also, linux binary versions are not archived, if you want an old linux version you must compile it. In these conditions it's mandatory to include the data files !
  10. Apparently there was a bug with recent versions of SDL2 which prevented it from working with xp. I updated SDL2 to 2.24.1 in the 0.92x dlls packages, you can test that if you want now, but a recompilation of the raine binary might be needed for that, so you'll have to wait for next version. It's worth testing if you are curious anyway ! (I can't test xp here). Also there is a very annoying bug which was fixed apparently which prevented from running the 32 bits executable of raine from a mingw terminal, not tested yet for this one.
  11. Yeah loading the parent is a good idea, it's just surprising nobody thought about it earlier, it's already done for history.dat which has almost the same format so it's strange it wasn't done for command.dat. There are a few examples where it can be useful like 1944d for 1944, and it's only 2 lines to do that, so it's done.
  12. raine -h to see them, assuming you have a good terminal, if you don't see anything, try raine -h > file and look into file.
  13. I don't use dat files but I remember some people did that, using the command line options, so yeah there is a way. It won't produce any dat file directly though, but it can give the information required to create one.
  14. Tux

    Raine 0.94.6

    Well there are interesting cheats sometimes, which extend the possibility by adding options you wouldn't guess, it's worth at least opening the dialog to see what there is inside, really... For mame, oh no, I use their source for information on the hardware, despite the fact that it becomes harder and harder with recent versions, but except that, our code is extremely different, there is only the sound part, and a small part for the eeproms that we have in common (+ the C z80 and the C 6502 for the 64 bits version, well they are modified to work in raine, but they come from an old version of mame). Actually the sound part is even different in their recent versions, but it's not really a problem anymore. Except that our code is really too different for that, even the mentality is quite different, they try to be closer to the electronic board in the original arcade machine, I try to make the code of the original machine work as smoothly as possible, in the end it produces more or less the same result, but it's 2 very different ways to reach it.
  15. Wrong directory, my bad !!! 1st time I did that, I must be tired, it's fixed. I didn't look into releases on github, but 2 binaries to release on 1 site is already enough to make a mistake clearly, so I'll avoid to make things even more complex. It would be nice if there was an automatic way to generate a binary package on github, but with all the dependancies and the fact that it's in windows, it's unlikely.
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