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  1. Tux

    Raine 0.96.2 !

    Earlier than what I thought because of some rather big bug found, but I took the opportunity to fix a few more things : - fixed the hiscore saving for tgm2 / tgm2p (a new @delay command in the hiscore.dat for these 2) - fix a crash when starting acrobatm or any game in the nmk driver actually, and fixed an older bug which prevented these games from starting - Finally added the roms info so that the new sh2 games can be downloaded from internet archive http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
  2. Tux

    Raine 0.96.1

    Good one, 2 bugs in 1 easy test : the crash is because of some test I did for this version which seemed harmless (0.96), it's reverted. But even after that it was impossible to start acrobatm and all the games from the nmk driver actually, it's quite an old bug which dates from between 0.92.6 and 0.93, around January 2022, when the timers became "generic", it forces to be more explicit when initializing this, and these games were forgotten. It's fixed in git, new binary tonight or tomorrow.
  3. Tux

    Raine 0.96.1

    Fixes for the left out bugs from yesterday, plus adding a last game : - fixed the bad ymf278b emulation, sound is normal again for all games using this chip which include the sh2 games - fixed the bad palette for dragon blaze - added s1945ii (including hiscore saving, cheats and there is a new history file). Which should make a much more solid version than the one from yesterday. A word about alpha blending in the psikyosh driver : currently sprites are drawn 1st, which means that if a sprite is drawn with some alpha blending effect over some layers, it won't work, you can see that for example in tgm2, the next game piece to go down is drawn over a black background instead of some alpha blending effect on top of the background layer. The idea was to make an improved version of this driver using directly opengl functions, it would simplify a lot all this alpha blending stuff and the priorities, I had a piece of code I had played with a few years ago, but I lost it ! I am not really motivated for now to restart everything from scratch, so for now I'll leave it as it is, tgm2 is very playable and enjoyable as it is anyway (by the way I thought 1st it was just a commercial tetris accelerating like crazy so that the player can't play for too long, but actually there is a trick, if you survive the big acceleration after some time the game will return to its initial speed after some quite surprising effect... ! So it's not a bad game, it's just a pity they don't explain exactly how it works during attract mode). I could have made a workaround for tgm2 to have the blending effect anyway, but as it is now this would be in software and the blending functions are super slow, so I prefer to leave it as it is now. Probably the last raine version for at least quite a while ! (and there is an optional update for the dlls for this 0.96 version, the dlls32-0.96 and dlls64-0.96 packages are here with an updated sdl2 inside, but it's not mandatory). http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
  4. Tux

    Finally : Raine 0.96 !

    Yeah sorry forgot to update the dlls packages when I added this dll during 0.95.x, if you didn't update from 0.95.x you missed it. I just uploaded dlls32-0.96 and dlls64-0.96 with lua54.dll and an updated sdl2.dll inside, refresh the download page if you don't see them : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html
  5. Tux

    Finally : Raine 0.96 !

    Sound ok for me, tested the 32 bits version (in win10). There is a bug in the ymf278b used for the sh2 games, the sound frequency is bad so if you use 44100 Hz frequency the sound is odd for some games, and totally bad for tgm2 ! It's fixed in git, sorry for that...
  6. Tux

    Finally : Raine 0.96 !

    Useless the 7z format didn't change. And curl works fine afaik I probably forgot to add some links for the new roms oh well... For more precision about 7z, here is the commit of the latest update, 21.06 : https://github.com/zelurker/raine/commit/b0aaa110371229f9f512c53ca7662536a6167d84 It was the 1st update after 11 years ! Actually it still worked so there was no real need to update, but I was curious to see if there was a speed improvement with the update : not at all ! Oh well, finally I kept the update just in case, but so far it's been totally useless, at least it was a lesson for me, don't loose time updating this too often, it's totally useless ! sdl2 was updated in all this time though, bug fixes, I'll probably add it soon.
  7. Wow, this one was hard ! For those who have read the topic about the sh2 version, this is it, except finally there was no serious bug in the sh2 emulator, it was related to the cache read which is very specific to the saturn and which is useless here and which gave me an error very hard to understand, but finally it's over... So in the end the sh2 additions are for the 32 bits version only, as planned. It might be possible to add the sh2 emulator from kronos for the 64 bits version, but I lacked time and motivation to do that lately. It's still possible it will eventually happen in the future, but not guaranteed, in case you didn't notice there are things going on around here which prevent me from doing what I want lately, and it's very possible that I stop raine soon. It was an incredible adventure anyway, I would never have thought that it would have lasted for so long ! To be more precise about the new stuff : gunbird2, strikers 1945 iii, tetris the grand master 2 and 2+, sol divide, and dragon blaze are added and playable. Dragon Blaze has some serious graphical glitches, I didn't emulate everything for the video emulation in this driver, but I decided it has been long enough since the last version and it's really time to release something now. This version uses "gens sh2", which is the sh2 emulator from St├ęphane Dallongeville. The new games have hiscores saving, history, and cheats. Console support for the new sh2 is partial, but it's enough to get all this. Except that the 64 bits version gets what was discussed before summer but never released in a binary form, mostly some text updates from mer-curious, the additions of some samurai shodown clones (samsh5fe & samsh5pf), some surprising fix for the neocd games with a width of 320 (most neocd games have a with of 304 pixels), sgemf region bytes and the region clones are removed for this game, and the console mode script for sgemf from ffman1985, all this has been in git since june, but if you don't compile it's the 1st official binary release. Of course all this is also in the 32 bits version, but the 32 bits version is the only one getting the sh2 stuff since it's in x86 assembly language. http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html linux builds updated, the 32 bits version obliged me to make a 0.96.0a because of a stupid bug in xgettext which refuses to accept an utf8 character in an input file when it should, and the 64 bits build obliged me to make a 0.96.0b because gens_sh2 was not correctly disabled for the 64 bits build in linux ! What a mess, but anyway everything is updated now.
  8. Ok thanks ! Notice I don't want to do anything about the saturn though, the idea is just to find a usable sh2 emulator... By the way I am french too, and the author of gens sh2 is french too, St├ęphane Dalongeville... so many french people attracted to emulation ! I'll probably go there soon !
  9. Sorry not interested at all by 3d graphics, I leave that to others. For neogeo64 I don't know anything about that. For Kronos it might be worth sending a message, I know it's almost impossible for gens, the cpu emulator itself was released 20 years ago (!), so expecting a fast reply would be crazy. About extracting stuff from mame : mame is a good source of information about drivers, to see how a driver works, but for extracting the code... the author of musashi, the 68k emulator now used in raine for 64 bits re-released an old version he had on github from before its merge in mame rather than try to extract what his project had become from mame ! That tells quite a lot about how hard it can be ! (I contributed quite a few patches adapted from mame to improve this github version before merging it in raine).
  10. I've been thinking about the sh2 in raine for quite some years now, but I finally got a binary which starts to work. The motivation is simple : there are quite a few modern arcade games which use this cpu, and it's an interesting one, what the 68k cpus could look like if they had evolved towards the risc family of cpus. For now my choice was to use the gens sh2 emulator from there : http://www.gens.me/downloads.shtml It's a pure x86 asm emulator like in the old raine days, but the criteria of choice was that it's the only one which is open source and usable directly with some documentation and no need to extract the emulator from a big project, it's really the only one of its kind in this category. After a few expected problems I was able to add "gunbird 2" and "strikers 1945 iii", which are fully playable, but in 32 bits only then. Now the surprise is that I have some serious bugs with some more sh2 games, like tetris grand master 2, no sound at all, and the game hangs when the music is supposed to start. At first I thought it was a problem with the sound chip emulation, but after a long investigation, it's not. In this case, it's a problem in the sh2 emulation. Fixing it would probably be impossible, or I'd have to be very lucky, the 1st big problem is to find the instruction causing this, and since it doesn't crash but just has a bad behavior it's not going to be easy at all. So now I am wondering : should I release this 32 bits binary anyway now ? I think it's not a bad idea anyway, even if I later change the sh2 emulation used... There is a big heat wave here anyway for now, so I'll wait until the temperature cools down to decide, but comments welcome anyway ! If I change the sh2 emulation, my next choice would either be kronos, yabause (these 2 are actually related), or mame. 1st choice would probably be kronos, there is a "simple" sh2 emulator in it, with a more advanced one, the simple one would allow to at least test the games with problems. The version in mame might not be so hard to extract, not sure about it really, things can get really messy in mame.
  11. Errr, maybe for Italians, but for them only !
  12. Oh there were tools for that, html2pdf but it was made before the web became crazy and it was mainly for simple web design. Might work with zzap though, after all it's still some quite old html too. But I am sure you prefer to revise it at the same time and change a few things manually instead of having something automatic do it !
  13. There is no pc driver, the auto detection problem is in linux only since kernel 5.16 or so, so if you boot only windows it will always be recognized as an xbox controller. And even for me, if I want the xbox controller the only reliable method is to boot windows 1st, then reboot in linux, too bad they didn't include something to force this auto detection to something... ! It's annoying, but it's just that, annoying, you can work around it.
  14. Yeah that's the way fb is working, I stay away from them now too... !
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