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  1. Tux

    Zelda... !

    Not related at all to raine, but for those who missed the news, zelda (a link to the past, the snes version) was recently reverse engineered, that is the rom was converted back to some C source, which is quite a feat, clearly the people who did that really loved that game to spend so much time on it. It produces some impressive result, take a look there : https://games.slashdot.org/story/23/02/05/0225219/legend-of-zelda-a-link-to-the-past-reverse-engineered-for-linux-switch-mac-and-windows (and follow the links to the github site, for linux I compiled the thing in a matter of minutes, it's very small in today standards). And sorry but lately I have been spending a lot of time on heroes3 (https://heroes3wog.net/heroes-3-launcher-download/) I discovered that I missed a whole part of this game some 20 years ago, and I am doing some catching up ! It's amazing how this game remains so good after all this time !
  2. 1 point for a way to display this with hands on a game controller, now not sure a scrolling line would be great, it comes from mame and sometimes it's a message on many lines, so watching the whole thing scroll would not be super nice anyway... !
  3. F2 save, F3 switch save state number, F4 load or you can look at raine controls in inputs, assuming you use the english version.
  4. Just click on the line one day... ! why do you think it's flashing ? To be clicked !!! But there was an error here that I didn't notice from the conversion from sdl1, the bg color of the text has become green instead of blue, it's a common bug in the color conversions, it's fixed in git.
  5. Quite impressive job, congrats !
  6. Well raine is full of tricks to try to preserve it as much as possible, normally it survives a game reset, even a game load (loading a save state), and sometimes the test mode (but not always, depending on the way the ram is initialized or not). It's saved only when you quit raine or load another game, so if you go to test mode, and it's not detected because of a fancy ram initialization and then quit or load another game, you destroy the hiscore file. Sorry I can't do much about that... ! edit : all this pushed me to update the very old code for this turbo key, it was still trying to display the fps as an int when returning to limited speed when it's been a double for quite a few years already, so the display was very wrong. Now it's correct, and it also displays the average fps reached while the turbo key was pressed (I reach more than 4000 fps during the sfad demo and with a debug build, but it's the assembler version, but it's really too fast at this level !). And finally it automatically disables the opengl double buffer while the turbo key is pressed, so now you can finally use this key without changing anything in the video settings !
  7. You are still very bad, I played a while with the turbo key (del), requires to disable double buffer in opengl rendering otherwise it's blocked by the vbl, but once it works it really goes too fast, half a second press and the demo has already done 1 loop ! Anyway finally reached 2 hiscore tables, they look fine to me except the weird C head for the guy on the right for the 1st picture. I think I am going to ignore your posts for a while... ! I attach 2 screenshots of the 2 hiscore tables... edit : after some short thinking, if it's the contents of your hiscore table which looks weird, you might have corrupted unwillingly your hiscore file for this game while experimenting with your scripts. Try to delete the sfad.hi file in the savedata directory (then restart raine of course). But if that's indeed your problem, next time at least post a screenshot it will save me a lot of time !
  8. You are really very bad at reporting problems, was it with sf2 ? probably not since its settings are by dipswitches, so I don't even know which game you are talking about !!! If it's around the save screen, a savegame could be handy so that it can be reproduced quickly... ! sfad because of your other post ? No japanese language there, I checked the scores anyway, no problem to see. So I just don't know !
  9. More details about this crash ? Related to your poke or not ?
  10. You should know that cps2 roms are encrypted, it forces to separate data from code, I can't even say where your poke goes without checking the code, it must use at the same time a part which is encrypted and one which is decrypted, don't remember which is which. You can use the pheonix edition versions which are decrypted as a workaround.
  11. For sf2 it's simply dipswitches, nothing to see in the test mode for that.
  12. it's pretty self explanatory, see at the bottom of the page, up or down to navigate the menu, button 1 to select entries, what you want is system configuration, then make your changes, then exit (it tells to use 1p start to return to previous menu) then exit, it will save the settings to the eeprom automatically. You just need to read. Some games use a test mod like this instead of dipswitches. Of course here it's for a qsound cps1 game and these games don't have dipswitches, just a test mode. For the non qsound games, they have dipswitches !
  13. Test mode (u key by default), which I tend to call "service mode" but apparently "service mode" is for when you start a game without inserting a coin, anyway, u key !
  14. Of course not, it just changes the loaded rom image, you would need to save explicitely the file for that... ! Also notice that if you do the same patch for neocd, then it's not rom anymore, the code is loaded from cd to ram, but since the ram has the same address as the neogeo rom some patches are compatible.
  15. $8d5d is the real rom, not a copy, poke works because it's handy to be able to patch region bytes, but you can easily crash a game if you poke randomly to rom. But clearly you know what you're doing ! Much better with some user comments. If you want, you can take a look at scripts/neocd/ssrpg.txt for an example of a script which uses variables to make things clearer (which avoids to add comments).
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