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  1. Tux

    Raine 0.90...

    Quite an oddity indeed, usually ports are not emulations (except in some recent pc ports where they even sometimes leave the rom on the disk ! But usually it's an adaptation of the source code, usually by an external company, so it weird that the saturn had some emulation bug... anyway ! I don't know about these music boxes, sorry, I am not a big fan of this bubsymph, and really not an expert of it. But don't expect raine to have some perfect emulation of taitof3 video priorities anytime soon, they are much more complex than usual priorities and use some special video effects to hide things at the same time, for now I don't even understand how it works exactly ! Thanks yes, I hadn't noticed for the line scroll, even on the screen with the text just before the game starts, it's quite slow for now so I hadn't noticed (maybe it should be faster, this thing is still experimental there...). By cloud I guess you mean the kind of hole where you see the sky and it appears from there, yeah it looks like the same sky as the one with the text at the start of the game. Might be an easy way to fix this line scroll, I might take another look later, thanks ! (and I noticed we don't have any cheats for this game, and that the console is full of bugs when trying to search something from the 68020... no surprise, it was never used before... sigh !). Thanks anyway ! edit : after looking, it's not a line scroll effect but just a normal scrolling, too bad for me. I added a script to be able to go to level 10 in bubblem, this effect where the boss appears is some alpha blending effect which gives me a lot of troubles and which is not emulated for now. It's playable though. And it gave me the opportunity to fix a few things in the console, the biggest problem related to a recent glibc change in linux ironically.
  2. Tux

    Raine 0.90...

    Ok, I'll put bf, not sure the ghosts are really slowing down in the tunnels, but the 3 (actually 4 !) parts added in the 2nd level of mspac6m look better this way, I wonder if they have a usefulness ? I couldn't find any... I forgot where I got the rom from, it's been quite a few years already, there doesn't seem to be any update available anyway. The odd part is that in hbmame they call this rom mspac6m2 apparently, well the 2 is a correction of the 1 there is not much use to keep a buggy set then, but it's not me who decided to rename the rom as mspac6m, I found it like that. Here is a screenshot of what I talk about, the wire-frame looking parts. I think I got the rom from a site about rom hacks, but not sure.
  3. Tux

    Raine 0.90...

    0xff normally ? I returned 0, in this one, but after that tried with ff and this time the pills flash ! Don't understand why you have no maze, if it's a rom problem it should at least complain about some crcs problem... I'll double check this, thanks for the help anyway ! I confirm, couldn't reproduce your "no maze" effect, tried a new game from scratch using this very same windows version, no problem. Fixed the non flashing pills, ff works fine. Fixed the ghosts disappearing too fast when entering tunnels, funny I never noticed that, it's right that usually when you take this kind of tunnel you look more at what is at the exit than how you disappear in it ! No new binary this time, too small fixes...
  4. Tux

    Raine 0.90...

    Fixed (raine.h only, I keep the config file raine32-sdl.cfg for compatibility). It was a bug in the video C functions, I didn't have a lot of opportunities to test them, so it could affect a lot of games actually, all sprites which are not 16x16 and which use flip (x or y) are affected. Fixed anyway. 2 things here, the buggy look of the level is the way it is, the most annoying point in my opinion are the invisible super pills, the ones that normally blink, here they show at the start of the level, then disappear but are still there... Also the moving bonuses can pass through walls sometimes ! Maybe I shouldn't have kept this one, but I was curious... it's playable anyway. And your crash seems to happen only in windows, it's a read outside the rom limits, but I wonder how windows does its allocations, normally such a read should land in the gfx zone and so return a value without crashing anything, that's what happens in linux. Go figure... anyway it's fixed too, this kind of read affect mspacman and its clones, plus pacman25 (from the comments about it). Seems the normal behavior for this driver to me. You push the stick before reaching the turn and release it only when the turn is done, it's a special handling, but you get used to it very quickly and it feels natural after a very short while. Since the controls are not related to any special irq or anything like that, it's unlikely they could be improved, but it's not a problem for me at least. Some clones like xenrev are playing with this, making some zones where it's especially difficult to turn, I don't find that fun at all ! Yeah I just upgraded the binary to 0.90.2, you can try again to find some bugs if you feel lucky ! Your mspacman bug was not actually specific to this particular 64 bits build, it was very probably in earlier versions too but happened only in windows and you had to reach the 2nd level, so nobody reported it ! I won't fix any long standing bug though like video priorities in some taito f3 games, their priorities seem linked to some alpha blending effect, it's horribly complex !
  5. Tux

    Raine 0.90...

    Thanks for the testing, tried puckman and didn't notice any problem, I'll have another look. For raine32 yeah I changed just the name of the exe, not the rest.
  6. Tux

    Raine 0.90...

    Thanks, yeah that's the problem with the ultra secure ftp, you don't always get very clear messages. Yeah I am not on my usual connection, and I can't configure the connection differently for now, I'll test that again later but meanwhile mega will do !
  7. Tux

    Raine 0.90...

    After some hesitation, here are the links for this windows 0.90 64 bits version : https://mega.nz/#!nJVVVIyR!GG454XCE6ewkjIll7j-_SHZUPcUXyWXDsN33OIo1Sdk and it requires some dlls here : https://mega.nz/#!iU1xnIxb!jBJW6tOdsHKVWXFnrh371apmyt9-TcHB5IrkszcmOTM For those who forgot the sorry state of fullscreen in windows like me, it's still the case, when returning to the gui sometimes you see nothing, and it might even crash when returning to the gui. So it's highly advised to stick to windowed mode. The links are on mega because for some reason I don't know, my credentials on 1emulation don't work anymore, I get "530 incorrect login", the fastest solution is to use mega instead for now. Those downloading this can help to test things. Normally everything is working, but I might have missed some drivers. The big news except the new cpu emulators is the support for internet archive roms with curl, which means raine will try to download a rom from internet archive if it's not available on disk. A lot of things are missing, it's not done for collectors who want everything, but it's much better than the very few roms which are really free (f3demo and f2demo, that's all ?). Here you have all the neogeo roms, some cps roms, and a few roms like 64street. drivers updates : - pbobble2 becomes pbobble2o, and add pbobble2 v2.30 (I didn't see any improvement to this one and I even wonder if it's really a newer version). - bubsymph & bubsymphu disappear and are replaced by the region switch for bublbob2 which is much nicer for me. Also : the old bublbob2 which was version 2.50 becomes bublbob2o add the new v2.60 as bublbob2 add the prototype as bublbob2p (it's an interesting prototype for once, it's like bublbobl but with the 68020 features). The pixel layer emulation is redone because of this game in taito f3, you get better colors, and some experimental strange line scroll effect, afaik it's only visible in the buble boble 2 prototype, the values are strange I should look into it some more later. - syvalion was fixed, its mouse control was broken, making it almost unplayable - more cpu power to arkanoid2, just to make it more fun when the screen is covered with balls... ! - prevent rodland & megablast to crash when loaded There was a fix for garou in neocd which was reverted because it was creating to many problems elsewhere. Problem is I lost the details of the garou bug (and the savegame), so I tried a few things, for me it works but I can't be sure. - hiscore.dat : the new mame format is also supported (but the old one too, and at the same time !), and it tries to detect when its area is cleared (after a reset or service mode for example, and can survive it now). Planned : I might try to switch to sdl2 for windows users and their fullscreen problem, but sdl2 is not an evolution of sdl1.2, it's more a new lib which happens to have a very few things in common with sdl1.2. Which means that if I add support for that, it will be like a revolution, I'll have to get rid of a lot of things and eventually re-add them later differently. So it will be a big mess. For now no promise. If you get the source for this release from github, it now uses Musashi as a git submodule, which means the Musashi dir arrives empty from github. The makefile will update it to use my Musashi mirror, just make sure you have git in your path and everything should be automatic. EDIT : just got an idea of a perl script which helped me to find about 25 games broken with musashi and easily fixable, so updated the binary with this, and here is 0.90.1 (don't expect any other update this fast !)
  8. Tux

    Raine 0.90...

    Hum, the windows version is ready, but fullscreen support in SDL-1.2 is really broken if you change the video mode on the fly to set some flags like what raine does. It works perfectly in linux, in windows when you quit a fs game to the gui, you don't see anything. I tried a fix by forcing closing the video subsystem and re-initializing it, it works, but if you return to the game and to the gui a few times it finally crashes the emulator ! So I think I'll take some more to see all that... the obvious solution is to switch to sdl2, but switching is a real pain for raine, too many things are low level and would need to be rewritten or simply dropped. The "normal blits" don't make a lot of sense in sdl2, the yuv overlays are different, almost only opengl is ok. The other solution is to just ignore windows, what I do most of the time, but it might be worth doing some more investigation this time...
  9. Tux

    Raine 0.90...

    Yeah but the idea was excellent at this time with arcades everywhere, now of course it's much harder to do ! I am doing the initial testing and I already fixed a few bugs, probably the most serious ones, after this I'll release a 64 bits binary to get some help for the testing !
  10. Tux

    Raine 0.90...

    Finally building raine in 64 bits or for any architecture is possible ! More than 1 year to do this, after a long period of hesitation, switching to 64 bits or another architecture means doing without assembler, and raine is almost all assembler ! But finally after playing with musashi for a while, I decided it was worth a try, and here is a final binary... Well it has quite a few fixes too, even some drivers updates, and the bubble bobble 2 prototype which is interesting in my opinion. Even a fix for fullscreen which was still using some code from the old dos days, it escaped from me for all this time... Now fullscreen always uses the full screen resolution instead of choosing some strange resolutions sometimes. But the big change is the addition of the 3 pure C cpu cores. The 32 bit binary and all its asm is still supported of course, you choose what you want by editing the makefile, it's just a matter of uncommenting what you want, if you choose NO_ASM, and you are on a 64 bit system, then you get this 64 bits binary without any asm. Still some tests to do, and trying to build it for windows, I built only for linux so far, and it will be my first 64 bit build for windows (I'd prefer to avoid it, but I'll try it anyway !).
  11. Tux

    Command line commands

    Not sure, there were quite a lot of commits to git this year, but a lot of them would be unnoticeable by end users, mostly rewriting stuff to be shorter, more readable. I'd like to have some kind of universal pure C raine which would become portable to any platform before completely stopping, but the road is long, I added the 68020 by using musashi this year, and it might be possible to use it for the 68000 too so it's not impossible, but it's long... !
  12. Tux

    Command line commands

    raine -h and if your console eats command outputs as it's often the case in windows raine -h > log and look inside the log file !
  13. Just built a binary with curl support inside for windows, for once I used the binaries from the curl site because it's impossible to build curl with my current cross compiler, and it saved me the hassle to reinstall the whole mingw system in windows (plus compiling curl is really complex). The page is here : https://curl.haxx.se/windows/ just copy the include and lib dirs to the same directories, the dlls where they are needed, you'll need also the openssl archive listed below curl, and voila, it works. I was ready to make curl support optional because of the complexity of building it, but thanks to this, it remains easy !
  14. It's exaggerated to call this "os", it's still linux the os here, just take one of thes live distributions about games, change the contents to add raine + some roms, and you're done. I'd suggest using the latest git version too... !
  15. Mainly because they change all the time in mame, and it's tiresome to follow... ! I always thought the main set should be the oldest one, and any newer set should have another name, this way you keep compatibility with the old sets, and those who want to try the newest one still can. But it's too late for that ! Anyway they seem to have all the neogeo roms, some cps1 (except the clones then). Those notably missing : puckman and bubble bobble (but they have puzzle bobble, arcade and neogeo). It's not ideal for someone who wants everything of course, but it can be convenient for the casual gamer...
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