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About This File

Jnes is a NES emulator for Windows and Android platforms.


Its emulation capabilities include graphics, sound, controllers, zapper, and many memory mapping boards found in most USA games and a few popular Japanese boards adding international delight. Jnes boasts an intuitive user interface with instant saves and movie recording to making playing NES games more enjoyable. One of the coolest features is the included database of Pro-Action-Replay and Game Genie cheats, courtesy of Gent.


Jnes supports Kaillera for online gaming. There is also a forum at Emutalk for talking about Jnes with a larger community of users.

What's New in Version 1.1.1


  • bugfix: editing par codes
  • bugfix: saving settings on exit
  • bugfix: proper handling of 6502 B-flag
  • bugfix: megaman audio artifacts
  • bugfix: zelda intro scrolling
  • bugfix: ninja gaiden 2 train level
  • bugfix: tmnt1 technodrome crash
  • bugfix: apu envelope resets correctly now
  • bugfix: vrc6 phase was broken
  • improved ppu sprite0 emulation
  • dpcm and triangle channels should decay better
  • added mapper vrc6b

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