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Were Back! :D

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After almost 4 days of continuing stress, we finally fixed 1Emulation v2.5! A big special thanks to: Miskie, Lloyd, John W. Fisher, Jr., ForceX, Ryder, and of course Disoblige, and his Smart Brother... DreamNid. If I missed anyone else, please forgive me since we got help from a ton of people.


Also in further news the Torrent Tracker is here! A feature of v3.0, here for v2.5! Only for LEGAL purposes, however it'll have a nice stash of great emulation resources. Also our new downloads section is up. We'll start adding downloads to Torrent Tracker and Downloads section tomorrow. Also we'll be adding the Arcade Mod very soon. Were hope to fix the emoticons some tike this week as well so we have a compatible set for the new default skin (what you see now).


If you encounter any problems, please PM them to me.

Otherwise, enjoy 1Emulation v2.5! :thumbsup1:

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