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Were Back! :D

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I have to agree with LSD on this one. The old interface was pretty unique. Now the board looks like another of those 1921212115 other phpbb/invasion board clones. Bring it back, pls.


The SGOrange skin? I don't even think that's compatible with IPB 2.0.


If this skin is hard on your eyes (I don't see how since dark backgrounds are always easier), then go to the bottom of the page and switch to Invision Default Skin.


And the arcade will be back soon. They didn't install it with the second upgrade to try to diagnose the problem.

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Great to see were back online :afro:


Oh I think there maybe a bug on where you can warn another member.

It looks like I can give myself a warning but no other member.You should not be able to warn yourself.

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...Looks like the new board still has some bugs... I mean you can give warnings to other members? Where's the fun in that?

Yeah, there is more stuff needed to be done.


Regular standup job  props from me and yamazaki  makes me proud to be a member of the number    1 EMULATION fourm


Thanks very nice to hear. :afro:

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Is there plans to introduce a cool them like the new one, but with white backgrounds and black text, it's just that I find the high contrast of the white text on black backgrounds kills my eyes :D


Oh, and the Invision board default theme is okay, but misses the cool 1emulation logos. :afro:

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awesome, totally awsome, great job!


My only complaints are the topic separaters are a bit fat so a 1 line topic is taking up 3 lines so it looks kinda weird, but ill get used to it i guess.


Yeah, everything is pushed down. Maybe using a smaller logo might alleviate that somewhat. :afro:

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