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What do you guys (gals) look like?

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Looks ? well I can tell you, one.. I'm a friggin foreigner, two.. yea asian there ye go, and three, why the hell do you need to know when a picture worth a thousand posts :P

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*thinks of something*




how many here are hispanic


*raises hand*

/me unraised hand

Not me of course. :P

Looks like Weirdy is in the minority. :lol:


Wait, I'm there too, just in a different category.

He maybe hispanic, but he ain't a guy O_o


Trust me, he lie about his appearence, he's obvioiusly hot underneath that avatar :angry: refer to as Weirdy, the meat slob !!!!111 :angry:


(^ good example of drunk posting :angry:)


*** WINNERS DONT DO DRUG *** (capcom)

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Well, everyone has their own reasons doing like that...... Possibly they are shy? :D:lol:

Not that one asian playing Counter Strike.

I play Hacker-Strike.

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lol ok..i thought i was the only asia.n...


and i have a powerful position too..look at my picture.. ;)

No one said you are the only Asian here in this forum..... Me and others are also asians but most of them are hiding their own identity in the dark. Except you are talking about one country to another. :P

i didn't say i was the only asian in here..i just "thought" i was..


but i guess there are lot more asians than i thought..

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