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What do you guys (gals) look like?

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What do I look like? I look like a cross between Kim Dong Hwan and Kim Jae Hoon, I look exactly like Kim Kaphwan.

so your asian??!??!..


pls say you are..


i feel like im the only asian in 1emu... :rofl:

The only Asian? You are not the only Asian. Hell, technically I'm Asian since I'm Indian.


And I'm assuming that guy on SNK's website is him...and I don't think it looks like Kim or his sons. But then again, that picture has been filterized.

Magnis, K'dash, and Me are all asian.


We all have powerful positions... :lol:

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Looks like he's wearing tighty whities...I bet that guy kisses him at the end.

No he just hugged him out of respect after the fight, since he just toppled a legend. It's not tighty whities cock master, they are tights fighter wear so there opponent has nothing to grab onto. Like say if someone is going for a submission hold allot of clothing can give you more grip.

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lol ok..i thought i was the only asia.n...


and i have a powerful position too..look at my picture.. :P

No one said you are the only Asian here in this forum..... Me and others are also asians but most of them are hiding their own identity in the dark. Except you are talking about one country to another. :lol:

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*thinks of something*




how many here are hispanic


*raises hand*

/me unraised hand

Not me of course. :P

Looks like Weirdy is in the minority. :lol:


Wait, I'm there too, just in a different category.

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