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you guys know when anbu-aone stopped subbing naruto together?

i believe that was bout 5 weeks ago. right when the one hour episode consisting of 95-96. pretty much had inner problems which caused delay of release, they had budeting problems or sumthin....anyways...i dont mind. i download from anime-heaven first jus to watch the anime since they release it pretty quick and has decent subbing. then i download off anbu for my collection =)


courtesy of anbu's official website, this was pretty much their press release refering to the break up.


Q: Why did you split up with AONE on the joint for Naruto?

A: Well, I suppose that's the biggest question that everyone has. A simple question, but one which doesn't have a simple answer. Let's start off with some facts. When we started out with Naruto, we worked with certain members from AONE. As time went on, some were replaced. However, in more recent episodes, the turnover rate increased dramatically. It came to a point where we wouldn't know who was timing, typesetting, and sometimes encoding a particular episode.... after the translation and editing had already been completed. I'm not exactly giving away anything, all you need to do is look at the credits for each episode and I'm sure you'll find the timing and typesetting credits changed a lot in more recent episodes.


This high turnover rate caused many miscommunications and went on until communication was, to put it bluntly, almost nonexistent. All this combined to cause a number of delays in the release of Naruto. Naruto release times began to fluctuate wildly. Sometimes coming out two or three days after airing, sometimes stretching out to seven days.


We at ANBU wanted more stability and felt this could no longer be achieved with AONE. Hence, we finally decided to terminate the joint with them. Our goal now is to provide a quality episode of Naruto in a reasonable amount of time. When you log on to our website or channel, we would like for you to see "Naruto episode xx released" at the same time of the day. We know how people love to get online, let's say on a Friday, and expect to see "Naruto episode xx released". We want people to say, "Hey, it's Friday! I need to go get Naruto now!" This is our goal.


(BTW , you have no idea how annoying it can be to see someone coming into the channel and asking, "Is Naruto XX out yet?" or just do a @find Naruto XX when a simple check of the topic/website shows the ep is obviously NOT out yet. It doesn't seem so bad until you factor in the fact thousands of people do this EVERY week. Week in and week out. If you're wondering why some of our rules and ops are so draconian, there's a start right there. Ah, but I digress.)


Also coming into play was the fact that AONE continues to sub series which are quite obviously licensed. Again, not giving away anything, one look at their projects is all you'll need to confirm this. While we feel they can sub whatever they wish to sub, the ANBU/AONE association has become so interlinked because of Naruto that we are sometimes confused as a single group. Under the circumstances, we felt it was better for all involved parties to have a clean break. That was a rather longwinded explanation, so I hope you got through it all.

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