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  1. +T+ Post to alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo
  2. Spitfie, http://www.newzbin.com/browse/post/740967/ http://www.newzbin.com/browse/post/741679/ Search for Big Ass
  3. AstraWeb has 1.3 million headers and 14 day retention. Normal people not needed more I'm very happy with astra, 10$ for 25GB without using limit, I can download 25gigs in 3mounths for examle, or 10$ for Unnlimited (600Kbit/s) or 15$ Unlimited without speed limit.
  4. funkyfella Because I'm not need each day download, I will download 25GB maybe only in two mounths...maybe in future I will change to unlimited. I'm noob in usenet, previosly only used eMule and Bittorent, currently this services is too slow for me, because I have limited upload speed, only 128Kbit/s and I can't fill all uplink only with P2P services. I'm read today Wofl's Tutorial - http://www.alt-bin.com/ng.txt , its VERY helpfull and very easy readable ))
  5. ShastaOrange, Sorry, that I trouble you. When I switched today to AstraWeb, I see that all posts is complete and available, not need to repost. I buy 25GB plan for 10$ and I'm happy I have max download speed 512Kbit/s in my country and this offer is best for me. Our local ISP not provided binary news services. Sorry for my bad English.. I'm Latvian
  6. I'm used usenetmonster.com , today switched from this suck to astraweb. Do not use usenetmonster, only 2 days retention for xbox images
  7. ShastaOrange, Can you repost part01, part03, part08, part09, part10, part13, part14 from DiscB and BAED3extra.part01.rar ? QuickPAR say me that "Need 155 more blocks"
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