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Big Ass Emu Disc 3 - Arcade - Released


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i believe they are still trying to get the raiden games working on mame


That game is so cool, you can always use the psx emulator to play that version of raiden 1&2 on the xbox but like 2 has slowdowns. One does too but not as much.



I played the one on pcsx, thats a different game


raiden 1,2


The arcade list


1. Raiden Fighters

2. Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive

3. Raiden Fighters Jet





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Just wanted to say Thank You to ShastaOrange for these discs - totally awesome!


I've got a question about the non-working roms that were weeded out from the mame collection. Were roms that ran out of memory also not included in the disc or just the straight out non-working ones?


The reason I ask is that I am getting a memory upgrade and am interested in seeing what games the 128mb can load and play compared to stock memory.


Any ideas anyone?



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he mostly got rid of the games that won't run well at all even with the 64MB upgrade.


some like the tekken's, soul edge, soul calibur, sf ex's and any other big 3d game are out and none of the chd games since those also work bad on xbox.


zero5 Raiden Fighters series is a spin off of the original Raiden :rolleyes:



Raiden II

Raiden DX

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Hi all,I'm new of this forum and I've a problem with this ISO.


I've download it and burn it(I've try NERO and Alchol120%).


When I put the DVD on my XBOX DVD seems boot...but XBOX freeze on XBOX logo...I have this problem also with U64x...


I've an old Xbox and also an old MOD,but I Don't know the model :rolleyes:


THX in advice!

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well for u64x you can't play it from a disc, you need to add it to your hdd as thats the only way that will run.


i've burnt all the iso's without a prob but you might wanna try extracting it and patch the xbe (i suggest using qwix for both) and see if that works.


if not, then i suggest using different media to burn it (riteks or verbatims are recomended)

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Badablek of fbaxxx official forum say me:


FBAxxx generates dat files for both Romcenter and ClrMamePro, and if you don't use dummy dats (or real dats generated) and burn them on the DVD with FBAxxx, then it tries to write them, but as it's on a DVD, it can't write them and the Xbox crashes.


Ok now the problem is:i've not connection between PC and XBOX,there is another way to run this disk?

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