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  1. hey...where i can download it?
  2. thx Thraxen,no prob,i've succefully patched fraxxx,unfurtunately my (old modded) xbox freeze on xbox logo (like old fbaxxx but not for old fbaxxx pro)
  3. someone can help me with a patch? source: any target: 271-m1c.bin crc f5515629 thx in advance!
  4. Some roms like: Big striker,hyper duel (world) are unavailable...can Hk fix it?
  5. Great work...but no DAT for romcenter?
  6. no prob prican,i just remove link on my banner
  7. Prican just remove link,and just here someone help me
  8. sorry i've lost the bios list again...can someone help me?
  9. Another grat question: Complete romset is over 4.7gb(full DVD),right?
  10. Stupid question. The last version of FBA PRO by T + is ever in fist post of this topic?
  11. Nobody can help me please?I want to make a single DVD with all mame d0x 1.1 working roms
  12. Fine...unfortunately is MINE 1 april day joke
  13. Can someone post a list of NO WORKING ROMS on MAME dox 1.1?Thx in advance!
  14. It's off line...Prican'll not appreciate this post
  15. Someone have: 1)a list of " NO WORKING" roms 2)a list of BIOS requires in Mame doX1.1 Thx in advance!
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