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not really good-bye, more like later


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well I won't be around much anymore so I just wanted to say later to everyone here at 1emu, special shoutouts to the IRC guys! B)


I am starting a new career and will be on the road alot. I may be around this weekend but I leave for training on monday morning. after that it will be real hit or miss. I'll check in on IRC and here whenever I get a chance but I don't know how often that will be.


next time one of those big rigs cuts you off on the freeway don't cuss em out cuz it might be me. :ph34r:

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Don't worry- there's a big conspiracy where truckers all have auto-driving AI. You'll have plenty of time to check the forums on the road! :ph34r:


Seriously though, good luck on your new job and it won't be the same round here without you :(


Bye! B)

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