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How Many Times Do You Usually Die In A Game?


How many times do you usually die in a game  

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how about Unreal ?? i die about 3-7 when i play da computers but i haven't played online before

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When its a FPS, I honestly barely ever die lol. And I never use cheats!


Other games are different. I cannot, for the life of me, play RTS games. I die (loose) all the time. The only one I have completed is Starcraft. I am stuck on the last mission on the Terran camapign in Brood War - those Uber Ultralisks keep killing me! Grrr!

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In order for me to complete these following games, these are the average amount of continues I use throughout in the arcades:


Metal Slug 1 - 3 cont

Metal Slug 2 and X- 10cont

Metal Slug 3 - 35 cont

Metal Slug 4 - 30 cont

Marvel vs. Capcom 1 & 2 - NEVER

Street Fighter series - mostly 1 or 2

Time Crisises series - 3 cont

Crisis Zone - 2 cont

House of the Dead - 4 cont

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I hate cheats, my friend abuses them. Never cheat to beat a game for the first time!


I barely die in most games, unless its a game where theres some sticky situation with a save point rite before it... or if you're trying to attempt something, but I don't usually die much...

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