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  1. Sorry to ask but what are de differences between mameox and mamedox?
  2. Try the 1964 emulator that comes with surreal64, is suppossed to work there, check here: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=260140 Jet Force Gemini Emulator Version: Surreal 1.0 Rom Version: Unknown Rom Settings: Unknown Comments: None 1964, Works with no major glitches or texture problems. Project 64, Not Tested UltraHLE, Not Tested Anyway get surrealxxx wich is the latest version, just google with it.
  3. Yesp, lucky of me they put it on the newsgroup on monday, haha, how lucky.
  4. Hi, Did you finally find the emu? i just did some google and found it, wasn't so hard, i'm just stuck converting the chd to img, i managed to extract the raw with chmad that comes with mame but still stuck converting the file.
  5. They might come some day with a console of their own if they manage to monopolize the sport market, anyway, i don´t play EA sports games from long time ago, i used to like fifa but not the latest one 2k4 and 2k5.
  6. Try online games, i was loosing interest in games too, now i´m hooked to dead or alive ultimate, also, don´t read reviews it might let down yours expectations.
  7. Corrupted files is normal thet´s why you use the par2 files that comes with it, use quickpar for the par2 files, no more problems.
  8. Man you should think b4 writting, i guess these days noboday likes americans cause of Bush, don´t you think? btw, i guess Napoleon won many wars.
  9. You guys worry to much for nothing, start using newsgroup is the fastest way and you get everything, ask your some modderator here, they sure know, i´ve been using it for more than a year and not need of suprnova anymore.
  10. I had fun with the game actually is one of the harddest game i ever beated, even hardder than Ninja Gaiden, but tue, the anime is more of the same, but i found episode 2 funny, episode 1 was boring.
  11. Has anyone seen it yet? I managed to get 3 episodes and it seem funny.
  12. Have you guys seen that show?, i just downloaded the other day, it only has 8 epsds but i couldn´t stop laughing with my friends, it has some good points, i guess it was cancelled
  13. Yes i saw the movie, starcrossed or something like that, sorry for my english, but i found JL a really interesting cartoon, instead, JL:U is a joke, a you said, that episode where Batman sings well i´ll have to wait to see what happens, to early to give an opinion.
  14. Don't like the ide, more characters means less Batman, Superman etc, i liked JL season 2, why the change now?
  15. Can someone explainme the differencess between this 2 shows? is JL:U a continew od JL? .......
  16. btw, the one i had was the Magnavox Odyssey 400
  17. Yes i do but in Spain, not here with me, i love katanas, it feels so good when you grab one in your hands. I thought he was talking about the Magnavox Oddysee. you mean Magnavox Odyssey, funny there is katana call oddysee wich has some budas painted in the blade with some gold inscriptions on it, about the console i used to have it, i bought on ebay 2 years ago but when i switched on after a few uses it suddenly stopped so i sold it for 10$ and i think it was 10$ for S&H.
  18. Yes i do but in Spain, not here with me, i love katanas, it feels so good when you grab one in your hands.
  19. I collect Katanas, Soul of chogokin, Star trek stuffs and video games but mostly consoles i got consoles that you have not idea that they existed, well i don´t have a neo geo because it´s too expensive still.
  20. Hahaha North America.... Anyway is Haiti, i just don't understand how people have such of mediocre quality of life!?, man..... Now i understand why these people run to NA or Europe, i'm just so tired of this crap hole....
  21. Some wanna be country called Dominican Republic, somewhere lost in the caribbean, i had to move here for some time.
  22. The fuc.... country where i live, only 5 hours of electricity at day thanks god this saturday i'm going back to civilization again
  23. Anyway what is the village all about?
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