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How Many Times Do You Usually Die In A Game?


How many times do you usually die in a game  

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Can't believe we never had this topic before


For me Its usually 3-5


But I guess it depends on the game


I mean in Online Gaming, Everyone dies 10+ unless you hack

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Never!  I am teh uber leet gawd!~~

You use Cheats!!! :lol:

"Cheat to Win"


I usually don't actually, when it's all you do, you get naturally good.

It is fun to use cheats sometimes though, I refer to them as god's firebolts.

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I depends on too many variables for me to make even an educated guess.

nah ur just too embarassed to say how many times you die :lol:

Damn, you saw through my poor attempt to mask my un-l33t skillz. :lol:


Actually, in CS I die quite a bit since the game go on for so long even the best players die more than 10 times.


But in other FPS games that have a kill limit of 20 or 30, I don't die more than 10 times. But it really depends on too many variables, like how l33t the other people are and their connection speed, etc. etc. etc.

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