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Best Character In Kof

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is kof 2003 playable on killera?

I Think It Is, I Don't See Why Not.

And For Charaters:

  • K'
  • Robert
  • Mai
  • Iori
  • Ralf

Thats About It.

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is kof 2003 playable on killera?

Hacked version of Mame or Kawaks 1.48dev would work I would help finding kawaks 1.48dev, but since it's a leaked emu, it's bad to even ask.

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so how do u get kof 2003 to work on kawaks 1.48 ? please help me i am willing to kick some ass on anyone here much thanks

Note: The Kawaks 1.48 dev, not the original 1.48

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hm... well as far as the regular characters go, I'd have to say Iori's at the top. his supers have gotten a few updates in the past years and they've been just great. when you look at his style, he's meant to play as the opposite of Kyo, which does make sense, and whenever I personally am in a jam, playing Iori will usually get me out of it.


Kyo is close behind there, I just wish that SNK would make their minds up on what moves to give him when. for two whole years (2001 - 2002) he only had the orochinagi and then that God Dust HSDM, which can be very hard to pull off on a sidewinder (thank god I got a better controller) or an arcade joystick. I like the 121 style one though, (that one punch super) and some of his moves from 1999 really rocked. they didn't stay though :lol:


K' = BAD ASS. it was awesome to see him and the new heroes team in 1999, it showed everybody that things were really gonna change in KOF, and that they were gonna KICK ASS :lol:. another great character that sorrrta loses his power as the years pass. the chain driver used to do SO much damage, but now they've balanced it out at about 50%. it's still an awesome move though. a REALLY awesome move.


the new heroes in 2003 are really neat... but I wonder what'll happen to ash; or if Lin will come back into play again. he was awesome in 2000, and Duo comes from the same clan as him. next year I expect Lin's brother (Ron I think) to be the last boss, and maybe by 2005... who knows... ASH..... I wouldn't be terribly surprised.


I'd like to see more of Adel, but I'd like to see him on a team as a regular character next year. when you defeat him in 2003 it seems to be a logical step. he's a far better sportsman than his father and maybe him and his sister could have an integral role in this new saga.


bosses? Goenitz was crazy, but he got boring by the time SNK put him in their dream match (SVC). The best of the best has to be Rugal. his eye is where the whole orochi mess started. (another reason why I wanna see more of adel, his fighting style is so akin to his father's). following closely on Rugal's heels I'd say are Igniz, Krizalid, and Mukai.


there's my take. peace

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mmmm....it depends on the year...


in 94 - 96: it was the art of fighting and fatal fury teams only


in 97 - 99: Kyo Kyo Kyo!!!, Iori, Takuma, k, Shingo, Daimon, Kim, Yamazaki, Robert, normal and super Yashiro(98), KOF Andy + Fatal fury Andy(98), Terry and Joe


2000: Kyo, Shingo, K, Takuma and Iori (The rest of the characte's moves and combos changed too much)


2001 - 2003: Kyo, Terry, Iori, Takuma (Only in 2001), Shingo, Andy


My absolute favourite character of all time: Kyo Kusanagi, Takuma Sakazaki as a second choice :lol:

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