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Well from what I can tell. He looks more like a guy in the rejected art.

Time for the Stupid Question of the Day™... Is Duo Lon a guy or a girl?

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Benimaru is questionable about being Gay.


But apparently girls in Japan like guys like Ash O.o


I'm...slightly confused.

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Since when anything from Japan made perfect sense? This is why I'm so interested in the country and the culture it upholds. :lol:

Nipponese have very a different idea of what a hunk should look like compared to the west. Just look at any picture of a Japanese pop/TV idol like Takeshi Kaneshiro to see what I mean.

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couldnt tell a lot from the pic either. he just seems more vampirically gothic looking than what he is.


also, i thought Benimaru is gay from the beginning?

hehe, yeah like that ramon guy in kof2001 :lol:

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